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Thu 8th Aug 2019

Sotogrande in Full Swing

Plenty of polo action

Sotogrande in Full Swing


Plenty of polo action


Yesterday was full of action at Santa María Polo Club with a flurry of matches across all three handicap levels.

In The Copa de Plata Isolas (4-6 goal) there were three matches with La Esperanza defeating Brunei 14-8, Bronze Cup finalists Rhone Hill defeating La Isla Iridike 10-4, Isolas losing out 12-6 to Santa Quiteria and La Clarita defeating Finca Monasterio 7-5. The low goal action will continue on Saturday 10 August with Isolas vs La Clarita, Finca Monasterio vs Santa Quiteria, La Esperanza vs Rhone Hill & La Isla Iridike vs Brunei.

Yesterday also saw two matches in The Royal Bliss Copa de Plata (12-14 goal) with a 13-8 win for Brunei over Esso and La Esperanza Cotton House securing an 11-7 win against Jolly Roger. The medium goal action continues today with Royal Salute vs HB La Mangosta and Bronze Cup winners Ayala vs Sainte Mesme. Tomororw, Friday 9 August will see Jolly Roger vs Esso & La Esperanza Cotton House and on Saturday 10 August there will be two further matches, Sainte Mesme vs Royal Salute & Ayala vs HB La Mangosta.

The Royal Bliss Copa de Plata (20 goal) has been underway since last week and teams are nearing the Semi Final stages which begin on Wednesday 14 August. Before then, there are still four qualifying matches to be played to decide the semi finalists. So far, Brunei are the only team to have won both their matches, will their success continue tomorrow against Dos Lunas? Also, tomorrow MB Polo will face Bardon and on Sunday spectators will be treated to a double high goal billing with MB Polo vs Dos Lunas and Brunei vs La Indiana. 


The Copa de Plata Isolas (4-6 goal) Teams:

La Esperanza (6):Fernando de Infiesta (0), Pascual Alvarez (1), Yago Espinosa (2) & Rosendo Torreguitar (3)

Rhone Hill (6):Patrick Heffron (0), Nicholas Lopez Fuentes (3), Gonzalo Lopez Vargas (4) & Jemima Heffron (-1)

Isolas (6):Daniel Entrecanales (0), Pablo mora Figuero (0), Diogo Gallego (5) & Lawrence Isola (1)

La Clarita (6):Claire Mathias (0), Max Hutchinson (3), Freddie Horne (3) & Chris Mathias (0)

Santa Quiteria (6):Jose M. Entrecanales (0), Gonzalo Entrecanales (2), Jose Entrecanales (2) & Jaime Serra (2)

La Isla Iridike (6):Kaveh Atrak (1), Aristide Faggionato (1), Mario Gomez (3) & Pedro Beca (1)

Brunei (6):Hazaimi Mahari (1), Faird Abdullah (1), Lucas Fernandez (4) & Alicia Gariador (0)

Finca Monasterio (5): Liselotte Reijrink (-1), Daniel Gariador (2), Patricio Neves (4) & Denis Connolly (0)


The Royal Bliss Copa de Plata (12-14 goal) Teams: 

Brunei (14):HRH Princess Azemah (0), Matias Gonzalez (3), Guillermo Willington (7) & Benjamin Panelo (4)

HB La Mangosta (14): Gregory Touret (0), Nicolas Ruiz Guiñazu (4), Juan Ambroggio (6) & Sebastian Pailloncy (4)

Esso (14):Gabriel Aguirre (0), Gonzalo Bernal (3), Francisco Menendez (6) & Cristian Bernal (5)

Sainte Mesme (14):Robert Strom (4), Segundo Condesse (3), Clemente Zavaleta (7) & Birger Strom (0)

Royal Salute (14):Rafael Cabezas (0), Jamie Le Hardy (4), Diogo Gallego (5) & Malcolm Borwick (5)

Ayala (14):Iñigo Zobel (0), Mackenzie Weisz (3), Lucas James (7) & Santiago Gomez Romero

Le Esperanza Cotton House (14):Kevin Korst (1), Pablo Llorente (6), Pelayo Berazadi (5) & Jose Trenor (2)

Jolly Roger (14):Nicolas Johanson (0), Rufino Bensadon (5), Francisco Bensadon (7) & Ignacio Domecq (2)


The Royal Bliss Copa de Plata (20 goal) Teams:

Bardon (20):Andras Tambor (0), Matías Machado (4), Rodrigo Andrade (8) & Santiago Laborde (7)

La Indiana (20):Michael Bickford (2), Jimbo Fewster (3), Gonzalo Pieres (9) & Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (6)

Brunei (19):HRH Bahar Jefri (1), Camilo Castagnola (5), Juan Martín Nero (10) & Santiago Stirling (3)

Dos Lunas (19):Luis Domecq (1), Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (5), Martín Iturraspe (5) & Joaquín Pittaluga (8)

MB Polo (20):HRH Mateen Bolkiah (0), Tomás Panelo (4), Pablo Mac Donough (10) & Tommy Beresford (6)


Photograph: Jolly Roger vs Cotton House in The Copa de Plata Isolas (12-14 goal). By Snoopy Productions/Santa María Polo Club


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