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Thu 21st Jun 2018

What’s Happening in the British Season

The news from across the country

The British summer season is in full swing, with tournaments taking place across the country this week.

Yesterday, Wednesday 20 June, the 15 goal OUT-SOURCING Royal Windsor Cup Quarter Finals took place at Guards Polo Club, with eight teams battling it out for the coveted positions in Friday’s Semi Finals. Park Place and HB Glebe Farm began the Quarter Finals proceedings, with the former coming out the victors 7-5. La Dolfina, with both world-number-one Adolfo Cambiaso and his son Poroto on the team, followed suit, defeating Kildare 13-8. Emlor Polo Team secured their spot in the Semi Finals with a 10-8 win against Shalimar and Armis Snake Bite narrowly safeguarded their place in the Semis with a 9-8 win against King Power. 
Friday’s play will see Park Place take on Armis Snake Bite in the 11am Semi Final, followed by La Dolfina versus Emlor Polo Team at 3pm. The OUT-SOURCING Royal Windsor Cup Final is scheduled to take place at 3pm on Sunday 24 June and is set to be live broadcast on the Guards Polo Club website here. The Finals day is historically attended by HM The Queen and will conclude with a British Driving Society Show parade in front of The Royal Box. The Club is open to non-members, with a selection of tickets available, whilst members will have free access to the Club on the day as well as a special rate for Clubhouse hospitality.
Alongside The OUT-SOURCING Royal Windsor Cup, The Hildon Archie David is underway, with play continuing today. Today’s matches are as follows:
3pm: Tashan Polo vs Nipas
3pm: Tex8n Polo vs Union Polo Team
3pm: Los Alquimistas vs Taittinger
4.15pm: Snake Bite vs Tempest
4.15pm: Shoreline vs White Crane
The Final is scheduled to take place on Sunday 24 June at 3pm.
Down in Gloucestershire, Cirencester Park Polo Club is hosting The Warwickshire Cup, with the qualifying match taking place today at 10am. Les Lions will take on El Remanso to find out who will come up against Monterosso in Sunday’s Final. Following Sunday’s Final on The Cotswold International Polo Day, two high goal ladies’ teams will take to The Ivy Ground for The Kings Head Hotel Ladies International at 5pm, between Flannels England and the All Africa team. Tickets for The Cotswold International Polo Day can be found here.
Alongside The Cotswold International Polo Day, the Club is also hosting The Apsley Cup, which kicked off last Friday. There are 18 teams entered, with the Final scheduled to take place on Sunday 1 July. 
At Beaufort Polo Club, The Justerini & Brooks Prince of Wales Cup gets underway today, with the first match between Coppid Owls and Confido today at 3.30pm. Play will continue for the rest of this week, with the Final taking place at 3pm on Saturday 30 June. 
This weekend will also see the following Finals:
Saturday 23 June:
Cirencester – Wilson Trophy (8)
Sunday 24 June:
Cirencester – Meadow Cup (6)
Kirtlington – Brooke House Trophy (6)
White Waltham – Madeva Polo Tournament (4)
Cheshire – Demetriadi Cup (4)
Tidworth – Grenadier Cup (0 & 2)
Silver Leys – The Terry Bone President’s Cup (0 & -2)
Cheshire – Henbury Cup (0)
New Forest – Kings Garn Cup (0)
Taunton – Ethiopian Shield (0)
Robin Hood – Conservative Cup (Open)
The OUT-SOURCING Royal Windsor Cup Semi Final Teams:
Park Place (15): Jeronimo Del Carril (6), Andrey Borodin (0 – substituted by Charlie Tighe), Chris Mackenzie (7) & Jimbo Fewster (2)
Armis Snake Bite (15): Matt Perry (5), David Asbhy (3), Max Kirchhoff (0) & James Beim (7)
Emlor Polo Team (15): Spencer McCarthy (1), Marcos Araya (6), José Ramon Araya (3) & Nacho Gonzalez (5)
La Dolfina (15): Kian Hall (2), Adolfo Cambiaso (10), Josh Cork (2) & ‘Poroto’ Cambiaso (1)
The Warwickshire Cup Teams (with 22 goal handicaps):
Les Lions (22): Max Gottschalk (0), Joaquín Pittaligua (7), Guillermo Terrera (8) & Jaime García Huidobro (7)
El Remanso (22): Ollie Cudmore (6), James Harper (6), James Beim (6) & Charlie Hanbury (4)
Monterosso (22): Santiago Toccalino (8), Alessandro Bazzoni (0), Ignacio Toccalino (8) & Juan Martin Zubia (6)
The Kings Head Hotel Ladies International Teams:
Flannels England (22): Rosanna Turk (3), Milly Hine (4), Lottie Lamacraft (5) & Nina Clarkin (10)
All Africa (22): Sally Jellis (6), Izzy Parson (6), Tiki Brown (4) & Tiva Gross (6)
Photograph: The Final of the 15 goal OUT-SOURCING Royal Windsor Cup will take place at Guards Polo Club this Sunday 24 June. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com

Mon 18th Jun 2018

Third Time’s the Charm for La Indiana

The Cartier Queen’s Cup Final

Yesterday, Sunday 17 June, polo aficionados from across the land gathered at Guards Polo Club for their highlight tournament of the season, The Cartier Queen’s Cup Final. It was set to be a battle of wills, as two-time Finalists La Indiana took on high goal newbies, Park Place for the coveted prize. 

From the first throw-in, it was a ferocious game. Within the first two minutes, Park Place’s 10 goal powerhouse, Hilario Ulloa was on the floor, having collided with La Indiana’s Alec White. Fortunately, Ulloa quickly regained his composure, getting back in the saddle to continue the match with White taking a two minute break in the sin bin for his misdemeanour. Meanwhile, Juan Britos put Park Place on the scoreboard, converting a penalty for dangerous play, which was quickly answered by Facundo Pieres, converting a penalty of his own. The teams ended the first chukka with one goal apiece. 
The second chukka was no less dramatic, as the teams jostled for possession up and down the field. Halfway through the chukka, Park Place patron and Captain Andrey Borodin had a major collision with La Indiana’s Nic Roldan, falling from his horse, seriously injured. He was taken off the field by an ambulance and substituted by young Charlie Tighe, who has been training with Park Place throughout the winter and has played a number of games for the team during The OUT-SOURCING Royal Windsor Cup, whilst Nic Roldan took his turn in the sin bin for the collision. Park Place didn’t seem too disrupted by the injury substitution but struggled to take advantage of the now three-a-side La Indiana. Pieres and Ulloa each scored a goal to once again tie the teams at the beginning of the third chukka. 
Park Place found some of their earlier form in the third chukka, as Britos converted a penalty, then flew upfield from the throw-in for another goal. Following a goal from the combination play of Michael Bickford and the now returned Roldan, Ulloa made it 5-3 with a huge pass upfront that was intended for another player, but ultimately found its way through the posts and Tommy Beresford extended the gap even further to 6-3, having dribbled the ball through everyone! As the clock ticked down to half-time, Roldan placed a final goal through the posts to make the score 6-4 going into the break.
La Indiana, following a stern team talk during the break, came back with a vengeance in the fourth chukka. Pieres and Roldan evened the scoreboard, 6-6, with ease, with little in response from Park Place. At this point, the game was anyone’s and as the teams scored another goal apiece in the fifth chukka, one from the 0 goal substitute Tighe to a goal from Pieres, the crowd were left wondering whether this would be the first match in the 2018 Cartier Queen’s Cup tournament to go into extra time. As one of the commentators, Glenn Gilmore coined, “The Ding Dong Battle”, continued into the sixth chukka, La Indiana took the lead for the first time in the match, as Pieres broke through the Park Place ranks at phenomenal speed to bring the score to 8-7. Park Place were then awarded a 40 yard penalty, but as the whistle blew for the penalty, unexpectedly, during pony changes two minutes prior to the end of the match, Michael Bickford received treatment at the far end of the field, which some felt, whether necessary or not, interrupted the flow of the pivotal final moments of the game. The penalty was taken by Britos, which Pieres, showing his full 10 goal power, saved on the end of his stick in the goalmouth, and fired it upfield to the waiting Roldan and White. Ulloa saved the ball in front of goal, but following two unforced errors, which saw him mishit not once, but twice, Pieres seized the opportunity and dancing through his opponents, he trickled the ball through the goal to win The Cartier Queen’s Cup Final for La Indiana, 9-7. For his exceptional play, Pieres was presented with the Most Valuable Player award. His famous mare, Cube, who he played twice in the match, was presented with The Cartier Queen’s Cup Best Playing Pony rug for the second time in her career, following the same honour in 2015. 
HM The Queen and Cartier’s Laurent Feniou presented La Indiana with the trophy and the players with their prizes, courtesy of Cartier. Bickford said after the match, “For me this is the most special Cup. We’ve participated three years in a row and this was our lucky year. It was amazing to be presented with the Cup by HM The Queen also, who reminded me that we now have to win it next year!”
In the Subsidiary Final, Emlor defeated Talandracas 12-9 to take home The Cartier Trophy and 19-year-old James McCarthy was presented with the Most Valuable Player award by HM The Queen as well as the trophy on behalf of his team. 
The Cartier Queen’s Cup Final Teams:
La Indiana (22): Michael Bickford (1), Alec White (4), Nic Roldan (7) & Facundo Pieres (10)
Park Place (22): Andrey Borodin (0 – substituted by Charlie Tighe), Juan Britos (7), Hilario Ulloa (10) & Tommy Beresford (5)
Photograph: La Indiana were presented with The Cartier Queen’s Cup by HM The Queen at Guards Polo Club on Sunday 17 June. By Polo Times

Fri 15th Jun 2018

The King Power Gold Cup for The British Open Polo Championship

The draw is announced

On Monday 11 June, players, patrons and guests gathered at Cowdray House for the draw of The King Power Gold Cup for The British Open Polo Championship, due to commence on Tuesday 26 June at Cowdray Park Polo Club. 

This year will see the return of last year’s finalists El Remanso, with the same all-Brit line-up, as well as Michael Bickford’s La Indiana, fresh from their continuing success in The Cartier Queen’s Cup at Guards Polo Club, with this season’s new addition, Facundo Pieres. Past winner, Jean-François Decaux and his La Bamba de Areco side will also be returning for the 2018 competition alongside age-old rivals, RH Polo. 
Talandracas will also return this year, with Edouardo Carmignac’s son, Hugues jointly at the helm with his father alongside his brand new line-up as well as Alessandro Bazzoni’s Monterosso with only one new addition this year, in the form of Juan Martín Zubia. 
Harald Link and his Thai Polo team will return to the Cowdray grounds this year. A number of the players have recently played The Cartier Queen’s Cup tournament with Max Gottschalk’s Les Lions, so are ready and set for the Midhurst-based tournament. Spencer McCarthy’s Emlor, with team regular and long-time friend Nacho Gonzalez, will also take to the field this year. 
This year will also see a Gold Cup first for Andrey Borodin’s Park Place who, as we publish this news, are through to the Final of The Cartier Queen’s Cup, and Alshair Fiyaz’s Alfi Investments. Bob Jornayvaz’s Valiente side will rise again after their Queen’s Cup Semi Final loss, to compete for The King Power Gold Cup and finally Corinne Ricard’s Murus Sanctus will return to the competition again, fielding this year’s only female player. 
The draw saw the four Cartier Queen’s Cup Semi Finalists placed at the head of the four leagues, with a representative of each team entering then drawing a place within the leagues. 
Play commences on Tuesday 26 June, with the Quarter Finals scheduled for the 14 – 15 July, the Semi Finals on Wednesday 18 July and The King Power Gold Cup Final on Sunday 22 July. For more information, please click here.
The King Power Gold Cup Teams:
League A:
Park Place (22): Andrey Borodin (0), Tommy Beresford (5), Juan Britos (7) & Hilario Ulloa (10)
Talandracas (22): Edouard/Hugues Carmignac (0), Alejandro Muzzio (7), Julian ‘Negro’ de Lusaretta (7) & Francisco Elizalde (8)
RH Polo (22): Ben Soleimani (0), Martín Podesta (5), Guillermo ‘Sapo’ Caset (9) & Rodrigo de Andrade (8)
League B:
La Bamba de Areco (22): Jean François Decaux (0), Byron Watson (3), David ‘Pelon’ Stiring (9) & Juan Martín Nero (10)
Monterosso (22): Alessandro Bazzoni (0), Juan Martín Zubia (6), Ignacio Toccalino (8) & Santiago Toccalino (8)
Murus Sanctus (22): Corinne Ricard (0), Ed Hitchman (4), Facundo Sola (8) & Gonzalito Pieres (10)
League C:
Valiente (22): Bob Jornayvaz (1), Hugo Lewis (4), Christian ‘Magoo’ Laprida (7) & Adolfo Cambiaso (10)
Alfi Investments (22): Alshair Fiyaz (0), Jack Hyde (4), Polito Pieres (9) & Nico Pieres (9)
Thai Polo (22): Harald Link (0), Guillermo Terrera (8), Joaquin Pittaluga (7) & Jaime Huidobro  (7)
League D:
La Indiana (22): Michael Bickford (1), Alec White (4), Nic Roldan (7) & Facundo Pieres (10)
El Remanso (22): Charlie Hanbury (4), Ollie Cudmore (6), James Beim (6) & James Harper (7)
Emlor (22): Spencer McCarthy (0), Agustin ‘Tincho’ Merlos (9), Diego Cavanagh (8) & Nacho Gonzalez (5)
Photograph: On Monday 11 June, the draw was decided for the upcoming King Power Gold Cup for The British Open Polo Championship. Courtesy of Cowdray Park Polo Club

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