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Thu 21st Jul 2016

Buckmaster Final Decided

Junior HPA Championships Feature in International Schedule


Two lucky teams of youngsters will be taking to the grounds at Guards Polo Club in 48 hours to play the Final of the Buckmaster Junior HPA Championships. The Buckmaster is one of three sections within the HPA Junior Championship series, which also includes Hipwood and the newly added Rocksavage sections. Buckmaster, the highest handicapped section, features teams with handicaps of 1 or 2 goals. The highest handicapped player in this year’s edition of the tournament is Cruz Novillo Astrada rated at 2 goals. Emlor Juniors with a line-up of James McCarthy, Terence Lent, Robert Fleming and Charles Cooney, have steamed through the league rounds after a rocky start after a draw against Oxford Polo, but they went on to defeat Surrey Union and a formidable line-up from La Aguada Juniors.

They will be playing Longdole with a line-up of Tommy Severn, Oscar Luard, Hugo Taylor and Luke Wiles. Longdole have also sailed through the initial rounds defeating La Aguada Juniors in their first round before a close shave, only winning by half a point, against Oxford Polo; but a convincing win against Surrey Union sealed the deal for their place in the Final.

The Final will be played at 11am at Guards Polo Club as part of the Royal Salute Coronation Cup International programme. Polo Times are also proud to be providing a Polo Times Best Playing Pony Award. To see all the results and team lists for the Buckmaster Junior HPA Championships please click here.


Photograph: 2015 winners Emlor Juniors with runners-up El Remanso Juniors at Cowdray Park Polo Club. By Lucy Wilson

Tue 19th Jul 2016

Keep it cool

Polo Times’ top tips for hot horses


With the hottest days this year upon us, it is important to think about how to keep your ponies cool at home, on the way to polo and pre-and post-polo. Aside from being uncomfortable, this warm weather can cause overheating which, if not spotted, can be fatal for ponies or cause long-term damage. Polo Times has caught up with Guards Polo Club’s onsite vet and welfare officer, Holly Baird to offer some helpful hints for hot horses. Holly commented that her all-time top tip would be, “To consider cooling ponies by showering them on arrival at the ground, especially if the journey has been long and they have raised a sweat. They will be refreshed before they play and the risk of heat exhaustion will be reduced”.


How to spot a pony struggling with heat stress:


1. Rapid respiratory rate

2. Increased body temperature

3. Profuse sweating

4. Ataxia (unsteadiness on feet)

5. Agitation, represented by: head shaking, tail swishing and scratching at the ground. Some ponies will display uncharacteristic aggression such as striking out or kicking.


If severe, or left untreated, these signs can progress to the point where the horse collapses. If you do notice these signs then you should call your vet and, while you are waiting for them to come, try and cool your pony down with repeated hosing or with buckets of water in the absence of a hose. Try and get them to a shaded area if they will walk. When you vet arrives they may recommend intravenous fluid and electrolyte therapy and/or electrolytes and water via stomach tube. 


Points for prevention:


Between chukkas 

Ponies that are to play in more than one chukka should be quickly refreshed in order for them to recover adequately to perform in a second chukka. If you or your groom has time in-between chukkas, remove the saddle and bridle before sponging with cool water and walking around. If time is an issue then girths should be well loosened and nosebands released and the skin sponged around the tack.  Cool water, applied where blood vessels course close to the skin (ie on the neck and between the hind legs), as well as sponging water into the ponies mouth are effective ways to refresh hot ponies quickly.


After playing

Once ponies have finished playing the best thing to do is take all their tack off and shower the whole pony down as quickly as possible. As soon as the ponies have stopped blowing they should be offered cool water from a fresh bucket.  Allow them frequent small sips of water during the recovery period.  Allow them to quench their thirst fully before they are loaded onto the lorries to return to your stables.


Before playing

If it is especially hot, or you have travelled a great distance to polo, consider cooling horses on arrival, before playing.  A quick shower with cool water, followed by sweat scraping is sufficient to revive hot ponies so they can begin the chukka refreshed.


Holly also points out that you should, “Bring your own water buckets. Do not allow ponies to drink from communal troughs as they are rarely hygienically cleaned and carry the saliva and sweat of every pony which has already put its muzzle in the water, which is a potential source of infection and disease.”


Don’t forget about your other four-legged friends of the canine variety; travelling in trucks and cars will be hot for them and they will also need shade and plenty of water when they go to polo.


Photograph: Washing down ponies before, during and after polo will help to prevent heat stress. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com

Tue 19th Jul 2016

High Goal Handicaps

Juan Martin Nero Goes to Ten

The handicap changes agreed at the No 1 Meeting (22 goal) held on Monday 18 July 2016 are listed below. There have only been six players raised in handicap including Hugo Lewis who was the only English player, he not only reached the Final of The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup, but won it with the King Power Foxes team. Having been raised from 2 to 3 goals, it will leave him out of the team for next year's British 22 goal if King power Foxes were to play the same line-up as Gonzalito, Facundo and Tal have all remained on the same handicaps. The most obvious change in the list is the return of Juan Martin Nero’s 10 goal status. Nero’s handicap dropped at the end of the 2015 British season after Zacara failed to win any of the top titles. His lower handicap meant he was snapped up by Dubai for the 2016 season who went on to win The Cartier Queen’s Cup. La Indiana’s number four player Julian de Lusarreta, Most Valuable Player in The Cartier Queen’s Cup has also been raised from 6 to 7 goals after a solid season of excellent play in all the outings for La Indiana. English players James Beim and Luke Tomlinson have both been lowered from 7 to 6 goals whilst a quartet of overseas players have been lowered from 9 to 8 goals. Youngsters Jose Araya and Kian Hall have also not escaped the handicap committee’s keen eye as they have both gone up however Ollie Cork, and Charles Cooney have been carried forward to the next meeting in August before their high goal futures will be decided.


Handicaps raised:  

Juan Martin Nero                  9 to 10           

Julian de Lusarreta               6 to 7 

Alejo de Tarenco Stirling      6 to 7 

Hugo Lewis                            2 to 3 

Jose Ramon Araya                 1 to 2 

Kian Hall                                1 to 2 


Handicaps lowered:

Alfredo Capella                      9 to 8 

Rodrigo de Andrade             9 to 8 

Eduardo Novillo Astrada      9 to 8 

Nicolas Pieres                        9 to 8 

James Beim                            7 to 6 

Luke Tomlinson                     7 to 6 


Removal of brackets:

Robert Jornayvaz (Jr)           (1) to 1          


Handicaps to be reviewed at the next meeting on 23 August 2016

Juan Jose de Alba                  3          CF

Jacob Daniels                         3          CF       

Ollie Cork                               1          CF

Guy Schwarzenbach             1          CF       

Charles Cooney                     0          CF       

Alex Webb                             0          CF

CF = Carried Forward to the next meeting


These changes are subject to ratification by the Stewards after the No 3 Meeting being held on Monday 5 September 2016 and will be effective 1 January 2017.


Photograph: Juan Martin Nero during The 2016 Cartier Queen’s Cup. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com


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