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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
GuardsInternational - Guards (The Royal Salute Coronation Cup)Open23-Jul23-Jul
St. Ann Polo Club, Drax Hall, JamaicaFamily - Low Goal4 goal12-Jul16-Jul
St. Ann Polo Club, Drax Hall, JamaicaFamily - High Goal 10 goal21-Jul23-Jul
High 22 Goal    
Cowdray Park Polo clubJaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup - British Open20-2221-Jun17-Jul
CirencesterCirencester 26 Goal (Gloucestershire Cup)24 - 2619-Jul21-Jul
High 18 Goal    
Coworth Park Polo Club/ Guards Polo ClubIndian Empire Shield15-1828-Jun16-Jul
CowdrayChallenge Cup15 - 1818-Jul31-Jul
Medium 16 Goal    
GuardsDuke of Cornwall12 - 1630-Jul21-Aug
Medium 15 Goal    
PangbourneThe Caballus Challenge Cup12 - 1521-Jun10-Jul
GuardsCoworth Park Challenge12 - 1521-Jun03-Jul
RCBPCThe Eduardo Moore Tournament12-1525-Jun09-Jul
CowdrayHarrison Cup12 - 1518-Jul30-Jul
Medium 12 Goal    
GuardsPhoenician Cup6 - 1223-Jun10-Jul
CirencesterThe Queen Mother Trophy (Cirencester 12 Goal Ch'ship)8 - 1227-Jun10-Jul
RanelaghLifeBook 12 Goal Trophy10 - 1228-Jun03-Jul
Emsworth12 Goal Gold Cup12 Goal13-Jul24-Jul
Pangbourne Polo ClubThe Pangbourne Commonwealth Cup8-12 goal 29-Jul07-Aug
Medium 10 Goal    
CirencesterThe Town Cup7 - 1005-Jul16-Jul
GuardsSocial Cup6 - 1012-Jul24-Jul
BeaufortThe Bat Cup0 - 1015-Jul24-Jul
BeaufortThe Babdown Cup0 - 1030-Jul07-Aug
Low 8 Goal    
RCBPCThe Julian and Howard Hipwood Trophy4 - 828-Jun16-Jul
Druids LodgeBalaclava Trophy6 - 802-Jul02-Jul
Emsworth8 Goal Tournament8 Goal02-Jul03-Jul
PangbourneThe Polofix Challenge Cup4 - 802-Jul10-Jul
KirtlingtonThe Oxfordshire Bowl4 - 810-Jul14-Aug
CowdrayHolden White Challenge Cup4 - 818-Jul31-Jul
GuardsTown & County Championship4 - 819-Jul07-Aug
KirtlingtonKirtlington Summer Cup6 - 820-Jul24-Jul
Binfield HeathSummer Festival8 Goal24-Jul24-Jul
CirencesterHumphrey Guiness Plate4 - 825-Jul31-Jul
CirencesterWilson Trophy4 - 830-Jul07-Aug
Low 6 Goal    
PangbourneThe Summer Cup2 - 625-Jun03-Jul
CirencesterNon-Playing Members Trophy0 - 628-Jun10-Jul
KirtlingtonBrooke House Trophy4 - 629-Jun03-Jul
RugbyThe Spring Hill Bronze2 - 602-Jul03-Jul
CheshireJunior County Cup2 - 604-Jul10-Jul
Binfield HeathPhillimore Trophy4 - 609-Jul10-Jul
DBPCThe Fine & Country Dallas Burston Warwickshire Gold Cup2 - 609-Jul10-Jul
BurningfoldBurningfold 6 Goal Cup2 - 609-Jul24-Jul
KirtlingtonDent Cup4 - 613-Jul17-Jul
Emsworth6 Goal Silver Cup6 Goal13-Jul24-Jul
RCBPC6 Goal Open Tournament4 - 6 14-Jul17-Jul
HurtwoodFestival of Surrey4 - 615-Jul17-Jul
Cambridge County Polo ClubThe Cavendish Cup2-618-Jul24-Jul
CirencesterDoug Brown Cup0 - 619-Jul31-Jul
Wicklow0 - 6 Goal Tournament0 - 621-Jul24-Jul
Kirtlington Park Polo ClubBudgett Everett Trophy2-628-Jul07-Aug
RCBPC4 - 6 Goal Open Tournament4 - 6 28-Jul31-Jul
TauntonHouldsworth Cup2 - 628-Jul31-Jul
Low 4 Goal    
BeaufortThe Richard Underwood Cup0 - 416-Jun03-Jul
HamSummer Tournament0 - 426-Jun03-Jul
GuardsRoberts Cup0 - 428-Jun10-Jul
HurtwoodCodys Challenge0 - 401-Jul03-Jul
Cambridge CountyTimba Tournament0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
TauntonThe Aden Visit Cup2 - 402-Jul03-Jul
KirtlingtonHunter Jones Cup2 - 406-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Ambassadors Cup2 - 409-Jul10-Jul
Vaux Park4 Goal Tournament0 - 409-Jul10-Jul
BeaufortThe Henderson Rosebowl0 - 415-Jul30-Jul
GuardsThe Crawford Cup0 - 415-Jul31-Jul
Cambridge CountyFendown Dustup Tournament0 - 416-Jul17-Jul
EdgeworthThe 4 Goal Cup0 - 416-Jul17-Jul
Lacey GreenThe 4 Goal Championships0 - 419-Jul30-Jul
KirtlingtonGibbs Cup0 - 420-Jul24-Jul
DundeeSummer Cup0 - 422-Jul24-Jul
Knepp Castle4 Goal Tournament2 - 422-Jul24-Jul
Westcroft ParkThe Westley Green Farm Trophy2 - 430-Jul31-Jul
Low 2 Goal    
BurningfoldTillington 2 Goal0 - 229-Jun03-Jul
KirtlingtonBlack Sheep Trophy0 - 229-Jun03-Jul
Binfield HeathMixed Tournament0 - 202-Jul03-Jul
EdgeworthMidsummer Plate0 - 202-Jul03-Jul
Knepp Castle2 Goal Tournament0 - 202-Jul03-Jul
TidworthDouglas Nugent Cup0 - 202-Jul03-Jul
Westcroft ParkBolebrook Cup-2 - 202-Jul03-Jul
Silver LeysSilver Leys Cup0 - 205-Jul10-Jul
BeaufortThe Novices Cup-2 - 205-Jul16-Jul
BurningfoldBurningfold 2 Goal0 - 206-Jul10-Jul
Druids LodgeEmerson Trophy1 - 209-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Ambassadors Cup0 - 209-Jul10-Jul
LongdoleThe Zimbabwe Spur-2 - 209-Jul10-Jul
SuffolkWhitby Pigeon Fanciers-4 - 209-Jul10-Jul
KirtlingtonDashwood Trophy0 - 213-Jul17-Jul
TauntonOrchard Portman Trophy-2 - 216-Jul17-Jul
CirencesterR J Polo Tournament-2 - 216-Jul31-Jul
HurtwoodStable Challenge2 Goal20-Jul24-Jul
MoynePatrons Trophy0 - 222-Jul24-Jul
West WycombeCountryside Cup-2 - 223-Jul24-Jul
White WalthamThe Benelux Polo Tournament-2 - 223-Jul24-Jul
BurningfoldCherry Tree 2 Goal-2 - 227-Jul31-Jul
Binfield HeathJuly Tournament-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
CheshireJean Kewley Trophy0 - 230-Jul31-Jul
Knepp CastlePolo Escape 2 Goal Tournament0 - 230-Jul31-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Cup0 - 230-Jul31-Jul
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy0 - 230-Jul31-Jul
Low 1 Goal    
RutlandThe Tony Gilks Trophy-1 - 116-Jul17-Jul
RutlandThe CA Hartopp Trophy-1 - 130-Jul31-Jul
Low 0 Goal & Below    
Druids LodgeSalisbury Cup-2 - 007-May03-Jul
White WalthamAmateur League Cup-2 - 001-Jun27-Jul
TauntonPollard Cup-6 - -402-Jul03-Jul
BlueysMembers Cup-2 - 002-Jul03-Jul
Cambridge CountyTimba Tournament-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
New ForestRudkin Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
RugbyThe Turnock Rogers Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
TidworthDouglas Nugent Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
White WalthamDon Carlos de la SERNA Memorial Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
Silver LeysSilver Leys Cup-4 - -205-Jul10-Jul
Silver LeysSilver Leys Cup-2 - 005-Jul10-Jul
HurtwoodCasey's Cup-2 - 007-Jul10-Jul
Druids LodgeWolverest Cup-2 - 009-Jul04-Sep
White RoseLow Goal Tournament -7 - -609-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Ambassadors Cup-8 - -409-Jul10-Jul
DBPCThe Lexington Cup-4 - 009-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Ambassadors Cup-4 - 009-Jul10-Jul
New ForestParkinson Cup-4 - 009-Jul10-Jul
RutlandPreston Lodge Bowl-4 - 009-Jul10-Jul
TauntonThe Dubai Trophy-2 - 009-Jul10-Jul
White WalthamThe Arena Polo Challenge Trophy-2 - 009-Jul10-Jul
TidworthManlein Cup-6 - -210-Jul10-Jul
TidworthManlein Cup-2 - 010-Jul10-Jul
Knepp CastleChairmans Trophy-2 - 015-Jul16-Jul
RutlandBelvoir Cup-6 - -216-Jul17-Jul
New ForestEllisdawe Cup-2 - 016-Jul16-Jul
Cambridge CountyFendown Dustup Tournament-4 - 016-Jul17-Jul
EastwoodEastwood Challenge Cup-2 - 016-Jul17-Jul
Westcroft ParkThe Chobham Challenge-2 - 016-Jul17-Jul
White WalthamTai Tai Tournament -4 - 016-Jul17-Jul
Silver LeysMid Summer Cup-4 - -222-Jul24-Jul
MoynePatrons Trophy -2 - 022-Jul24-Jul
Silver LeysMid Summer Cup-2 - 022-Jul24-Jul
Offchurch BuryThe Silver Plate-8 - -423-Jul24-Jul
RugbyThe Kangaroo Challenge-6 - -223-Jul24-Jul
West WycombeCountryside Cup-6 - -223-Jul24-Jul
Offchurch BuryThe Silver Plate-4 - 023-Jul24-Jul
FHMLa Julia Challenge Trophy-8 - -424-Jul24-Jul
CheshireJaguar Shield-4 - -124-Jul24-Jul
New ForestClitherow Cup: NFPC Vs Tidworth-2 - 024-Jul24-Jul
HurtwoodErin's Plate-2 - 028-Jul31-Jul
RutlandSandicliffe Cup-6 - -230-Jul31-Jul
EdgeworthClinton's Trophy-2 - 030-Jul31-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament-4 - 030-Jul31-Jul
Longdole0 Goal Tournament-6 - 030-Jul31-Jul
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-4 - 030-Jul31-Jul
White WalthamThe Cedar Polo Trophy-2 - 030-Jul31-Jul
Combined Services    
TidworthRundle Cup (RN v ARMY) & ICOA Trophy (CSPA v RSA)Open09-Jul09-Jul
GuardsFinals - Inter-Regimental & United Services Cup (CSPA v RSA)Open10-Jul10-Jul
KirtlingtonRupert Thorneloe Memorial TrophyOpen16-Jul16-Jul
TidworthCaptains and SubalternsOpen16-Jul17-Jul
TidworthSassoon Cup (Army v RAF)Open24-Jul24-Jul
Schools and Universities    
TBASUPA International Polo Festival - Gold CupOpen30-Jun02-Jul
Multiple LocationsRocksavage Junior HPAOpen08-Jul03-Aug
Multiple LocationsBuckmaster Junior HPAOpen08-Jul23-Jul
Multiple LocationsHipwood Junior HPAOPEN11-Jul04-Aug
Pony Club    
Vaux ParkPony Club TournamentOpen11-Jul11-Jul
TauntonPony Club TournamentOpen12-Jul12-Jul
FramptonPony Club TournamentOpen14-Jul14-Jul
SuffolkPony Club TournamentOpen16-Jul16-Jul
KirtlingtonPony Club TournamentOpen19-Jul19-Jul
EpsomPony Club TournamentOpen20-Jul20-Jul
HurtwoodPony Club TournamentOpen22-Jul22-Jul
CirencesterQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen25-Jul26-Jul
LongdoleQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen27-Jul28-Jul
Lacey Green2nd International Women's TournamentOpen02-Jul03-Jul
CowdrayBritish Ladies ChampionshipsOpen08-Jul16-Jul
Knepp CastleInternational Ladies TournamentOpen09-Jul10-Jul
CirencesterThe International Ladies12 - 1819-Jul24-Jul
BeaufortThe Beaufort Ladies Tournament12 - 1829-Jul06-Aug
White RoseLadies Tournament-6 - -230-Jul30-Jul
New ForestWomens Festival-8 - 1230-Jul31-Jul
Druids LodgeDruids Summer League (Midsummer Trophy)Open03-Jul28-Aug
PangbourneThe International Potrillos Invitational CupOpen04-Jul18-Jul
PooleBritish Beach Polo ChampionshipsOpen08-Jul09-Jul
West WycombeSponsor's CupOpen09-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenLacey Green Kids ChampionshipOpen12-Jul17-Jul
Vaux ParkFrogmary Trophy TournamentOpen16-Jul17-Jul
RutlandEscalina CupOpen21-Jul21-Jul
TidworthFamily ChallengeOpen24-Jul24-Jul

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Latest Classified

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