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Harrison Cup

Dates:21-Jul-2014 to 02-Aug-2014
Handicap:12 - 15


Juan Jose de Alba2
Satnam Dhillon6
Mikey Henderson4
Grant Collett3
BHC Polo
Momin Sheikh0
Alex White4
Oli Hipwood5
Hissam Ali Hyder6
Black Eagles
Jonathan Munro Ford0
Jonny Good5
Chris Hyde6
Roddy Williams4
Cadenza Juniors
Charlie Pidgley-1
Zac Hagedoorn3
Max Charlton6
Richard Le Poer5
Chris Mathias1
German Llorens4
Dave Allen5
George Meyrick5
Cowdray Vikings
George Pearson1
Ollie Cudmore4
Will Emerson5
Peter Webb5
Edward Banner-Eve1
Spencer McCarthy2
Rob Archibald6
Nacho Gonzalez6
Emlor Black
James McCarthy0
Manuel Plaza de Ayala6
Manuel Fernandez-Llorente6
Freddie Horne3
Ferne Park
Jonathan Rothermere0
Joaquin Pittaluga7
Federico von Potobsky6
Tomas Beresford2
Four Quarters Orange
Simon Arber0
Bradley Mallet4
Jack Richardson5
Tom Morley6
Golden Falcons
Khalid Badr-El-Din0
Ed Hitchman5
James Harper6
Miguel Gutierrez3
John Kent2
Bautista Sorzana6
Santiago Gaztambide6
Charlie McCowen1

Schedule and results

Times of matches are subject to change. Please check time and venue with the host club
Monday 21 July: 13 00Black Eagles12vs11Emlor Black
Monday 21 July: 13 00Four Quarters Orange7vs8Emlor
Monday 21 July: 14 30Clarita5vs8.5Golden Falcons
Tuesday 22 July: 14 00Cadenza Juniors11.5vs8Balvanera
Wednesday 23 July: 13 00Cowdray Vikings9vs8Four Quarters Orange
Wednesday 23 July: 14 30Black Eagles9vs10Clarita
Wednesday 23 July: 16 00Ferne Park7vs9Emlor
Thursday 24 July: 13 00Lamrei8vs9Balvanera
Thursday 24 July: 14 30Cadenza Juniors9.5vs9BHC Polo
Friday 25 July: 12 00Ferne Park8vs6Cowdray Vikings
Friday 25 July: 13 30Black Eagles10vs5.5Golden Falcons
Sunday 27 July: 15 00Lamrei6vs5BHC Polo
Monday 28 July: 15 30Clarita5vs7Emlor Black
Monday 28 July: 17 00Ferne Park6vs5Four Quarters Orange
Tuesday 29 July: 13 00BHC Polo11vs10Balvanera
Tuesday 29 July: 14 30Golden Falcons5.5vs12Emlor Black
Tuesday 29 July: 16 00Cowdray Vikings11vs8Emlor
Tuesday 29 July: 16 00Cadenza Juniors10.5vs8Lamrei
Round Semi Final
Thursday 31 July: 14 00Cadenza Juniors6.5vs6Emlor Black
Round Semi Final
Thursday 31 May: 15 30Cowdray Vikings10vs9Black Eagles
Round Maidensgrove Final
Saturday 2 August: 12 00Emlor6vs10BHC Polo
Round Harrison Cup Final
Saturday 2 August: 15 00Cowdray Vikings4vs8.5Cadenza Juniors
Round Aotea Final
Saturday 2 August: 16 30Balvanera4vs10Ferne Park

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Latest Classified

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