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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
BeaufortBeaufort Test MatchOpen19-Jun19-Jun
High 22 Goal    
GuardsThe Queen's Cup17 - 2218-May13-Jun
RCBPCThe Prince of Wales Trophy17 - 2205-Jun12-Jun
CowdrayVeuve Clicquot Gold Cup - British OpenOpen/20-2222-Jun18-Jul
High 18 Goal    
CowdrayDuke of Sutherland’s Cup15 - 1822-May11-Jun
CirencesterCirencester Park 18 Goal Tournament15 - 1815-Jun27-Jun
GuardsAsia Cup18 Goal26-Jun26-Jun
BeaufortThe Duke of Beaufort's Cup15 - 1829-Jun11-Jul
Medium 15 Goal    
BeaufortThe Arthur Lucas Cup12 - 1518-May05-Jun
GuardsRoyal Windsor Cup12 - 1528-May20-Jun
GuardsMountbatten Cup12 - 1528-May20-Jun
RCBPCThe Eduardo Moore Tournament12 - 1522-Jun04-Jul
RLSThe Meltdown Challenge Cup12 - 1525-Jun27-Jun
Medium 12 Goal    
RCBPCThe John Prestwich Trophy8 - 1225-May06-Jun
ChesterThe Coutts International8 - 1204-Jun05-Jun
RLSThe Warwickshire Polo Centenary Cup8 - 1204-Jun06-Jun
CirencesterThe Queen Mother Trophy8 - 1215-Jun04-Jul
HurtwoodBoscawen Cup12 Goal16-Jun27-Jun
GuardsPhoenician Cup6 - 1226-Jun11-Jul
Medium 10 Goal    
KirtlingtonArlington Cup6 - 1008-Jun13-Jun
RCBPC7 - 10 Goal Tournament7 - 1015-Jun20-Jun
BeverleyThe Yorkshire Nations Cup8 - 1026-Jun27-Jun
Low 8 Goal    
BeaufortThe Eduardo Rojas Lanusse Cup4 - 831-May13-Jun
GuardsThe Meyado Archie David Cup4 - 801-Jun27-Jun
Vaux ParkLahore Cup4 - 805-Jun06-Jun
GuardsThe Archie David Cup810-Jun27-Jun
BurningfoldBurningfold 8 goal4 - 817-Jun20-Jun
RLSThe Ginger Hunt Challenge4 - 818-Jun20-Jun
KirtlingtonThe Kirtlington Tournament4 - 822-Jun27-Jun
EdgeworthIsa Trophy4 - 826-Jun27-Jun
CheshireNational 8 Goal ChampionshipsOpen/4-829-Jun04-Jul
KirtlingtonThe Meyrick Cup4 - 829-Jun04-Jul
Low 6 Goal    
RCBPC4 - 6 Goal Trophy4 - 601-Jun01-Jun
CheshireWirral Ladies Cup4 - 602-Jun06-Jun
Druids LodgeJune Trophy4 - 605-Jun06-Jun
KneppClub Tournament0 - 605-Jun06-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Nenuphar Trophy2 - 612-Jun13-Jun
Edgeworth6 Goal Championship0 - 612-Jun13-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Nenuphar Trophy2 - 612-Jun13-Jun
KirtlingtonDent Cup0 - 615-Jun20-Jun
ChesterCharity Trophy4 - 618-Jun18-Jun
Vaux ParkMains Trophy4 - 619-Jun20-Jun
Tidworth9th Lancers Cup4 - 623-Jun27-Jun
Binfield HeathPhillimore Trophy4 - 626-Jun27-Jun
RugbyThe Spring Hill Bronze2 - 626-Jun27-Jun
Low 4 Goal    
BurningfoldBurnt Hill Cup0 - 403-Jun06-Jun
RLSThe Ian Potter Memorial Trophy0 - 405-Jun06-Jun
RutlandThe Colonel Gilks Trophy0 - 405-Jun06-Jun
Silver LeysBlue Ribband Cup0 - 405-Jun06-Jun
Taunton ValeFriar Park Trophy0 - 405-Jun06-Jun
TidworthQueen's Royal Irish Hussars Cup0 - 405-Jun06-Jun
RLSThe Midsummer Tournament0 - 411-Jun13-Jun
CambridgeGreenheath Tournament0 - 412-Jun13-Jun
FrolicFen Tiger Tournament0 - 412-Jun13-Jun
Druids LodgeCopra Cup3 - 412-Jun13-Jun
New ForestKuseyo Memorial Trophy0 - 412-Jun13-Jun
St. AlbansThe Centurion Cup0 - 412-Jun13-Jun
Vaux ParkSponsors Tournament0 - 412-Jun13-Jun
White RoseThe Summit Cup0 - 412-Jun13-Jun
HurtwoodCody's Challenge2 - 415-Jun20-Jun
Lacey GreenSummer Tournament0 - 419-Jun20-Jun
KirtlingtonGroundsmans Cup0 - 422-Jun27-Jun
KneppLorenz Consultancy Cup0 - 424-Jun27-Jun
Tidworth10th Hussars' Cup0 - 424-Jun27-Jun
RLSThe Birthday Trophy0 - 425-Jun27-Jun
Haggis FarmTanker Trophy0 - 426-Jun27-Jun
Low 3 Goal    
KirtlingtonMackenzie Hill Cup-1 - 302-Jun06-Jun
Low 2 Goal    
GuardsThe Labrador Trophy0 - 221-May12-Jun
BeverleyRB 2000 Tournament-2 - 229-May01-Jun
HurtwoodBremont Watch Trophy-2 - 201-Jun13-Jun
AscotVikings Trophy0 - 205-Jun06-Jun
Lynt Cash Tournament £1000 Prize-2-205-Jun06-Jun
BeverleySpanky Bowl-2 - 205-Jun06-Jun
Binfield HeathCommittee Cup-2 - 205-Jun06-Jun
BarcombeThe Spring Cup-2 - 205-Jun06-Jun
EdgeworthEdgeworth Challenge0 - 205-Jun06-Jun
RLSThe Stoneythorpe Trophy-2 - 205-Jun06-Jun
RugbyThe Rose Cup-2 - 205-Jun06-Jun
KirtlingtonBen Jonson Trophy-2 - 208-Jun13-Jun
EpsomFathers Day Cup-2 - 212-Jun13-Jun
KneppClub Tournament0 - 212-Jun13-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Nenuphar Trophy0 - 212-Jun13-Jun
SussexComtec Challenge Trophy-2 - 212-Jun13-Jun
Wicklow2 Goal-2 - 217-Jun20-Jun
HamPetersham Bowl Intra-Club Challenge-2 - 217-Jun20-Jun
RLSThe RLS 2 Goal Tournament-2 - 218-Jun20-Jun
BeaufortThe Novices Cup-2 - 219-Jun04-Jul
Longdole2 Goal0 - 219-Jun20-Jun
BarcombeThe House Cup-2 - 219-Jun20-Jun
CheshireHeaton Bowl-2 - 219-Jun20-Jun
Druids LodgeThe Midsummer Trophy1 - 219-Jun20-Jun
EpsomVictory Day Cup-2 - 219-Jun20-Jun
TidworthGrenadier Cup0 - 219-Jun20-Jun
Coworth ParkCoworth Ladies International Championships0-2 goal21-Jun27-Jun
Lynt Roxtons Trophy-2 - 226-Jun27-Jun
Dedham ValeDedham Vale Plate-2 - 226-Jun27-Jun
RutlandSeavill Bowl-2 - 226-Jun27-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Widmer Trophy0 - 226-Jun27-Jun
LongdoleStroud Farm Services 2 Goal-2 - 226-Jun27-Jun
SuffolkCandesic Flaming June Tournament-4 - 226-Jun27-Jun
SussexSquare Peg Challenge Trophy-2 - 226-Jun27-Jun
Vaux ParkChallenge Cup0 - 226-Jun27-Jun
W WycombeChairman's Cup, WWPPC Festival0 - 226-Jun27-Jun
KirtlingtonOmi Garner-2 - 229-Jun04-Jul
Low 0 Goal & Below    
Vaux ParkSmarties Cup-4 - -222-May06-Jun
BeverleyRB 2000 Tournament-6 - -229-May01-Jun
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 005-Jun06-Jun
RugbyThe Turnock Rogers Cup-4 - 005-Jun06-Jun
RutlandCollie Cup-4 - 005-Jun06-Jun
Silver LeysBlue Ribband Cup-2 - 005-Jun06-Jun
BeverleySpanky Bowl-6 - -205-Jun06-Jun
Silver LeysBlue Ribband Cup-6 - -205-Jun06-Jun
TidworthQueen's Royal Irish Hussars' Cup-6 - -205-Jun06-Jun
Vale of YorkKatie Stride Cup-6 - -205-Jun06-Jun
RLSThe Equinox Special-4 - 011-Jun13-Jun
CambridgeGreenheath Tournament-4 - 012-Jun13-Jun
FrolicFen Tiger Tournament-4 - 012-Jun13-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Nenuphar Trophy-6 - 012-Jun13-Jun
New ForestFellowship Cup-2 - 012-Jun13-Jun
St. AlbansThe Centurion Cup-6 - 012-Jun13-Jun
Taunton ValeThe Friendship Cup-4 - 012-Jun13-Jun
TidworthMixed Doubles-2 - 012-Jun13-Jun
W WycombeAmateur Challenge Cup-2 - 012-Jun13-Jun
SussexComtec Challenge-6 - -212-Jun13-Jun
Vale of YorkPatrington Cup-6 - -212-Jun13-Jun
TidworthMixed Doubles-6 - -312-Jun13-Jun
W WycombeAmateur Challenge Cup-6 - -212-Jun13-Jun
Vale of YorkDoncaster Races Challenge-6 - -213-Jun13-Jun
KirtlingtonAmateur Tournament-6 - 015-Jun20-Jun
AscotThe Muriel Trophy-2 - 019-Jun20-Jun
Binfield HeathBorough Marsh Farm-4 - 019-Jun20-Jun
TidworthGrenadier Cup-4 - 019-Jun20-Jun
Lacey GreenSummer Tournament-6 - 019-Jun20-Jun
Sussex3-A-Side Novices-6 - -219-Jun19-Jun
MoyneMoyne Polo Midsummer Invitational-2 - 020-Jun20-Jun
RLSIXL Cup-4 - 025-Jun27-Jun
HurtwoodColin's Cup-5 - -125-Jun27-Jun
TidworthQueens Royal Lancers Cup-4 - 025-Jun27-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Widmer Trphy-4 - 026-Jun27-Jun
New ForestKing Garns Cup: Mixed Doubles-2 - 026-Jun27-Jun
RugbyThe Why Not Cup-4 - 026-Jun27-Jun
W WycombeChairman's Cup, WWPPC Festival-6 - 026-Jun27-Jun
AscotRichmond Horse Cup-4 - -226-Jun27-Jun
RutlandPB Solicitors Cup-6 - -226-Jun27-Jun
SussexSquare Peg Challenge Claymore-6 - -226-Jun27-Jun
TidworthPresidents Cup-6 - -326-Jun27-Jun
FHMStickhedz Trophy-8 - -426-Jun26-Jun
Young England    
BeaufortYoung England MatchOpen19-Jun19-Jun
Combined Services    
RMASHeritage Open DayOpen20-Jun20-Jun
Schools & Universities    
GuardsOxford v Cambridge Old Blues MatchOpen05-Jun05-Jun
GuardsOld Etonians v Old HarroviansOpen05-Jun05-Jun
GuardsEton v HarrowOpen05-Jun05-Jun
HurtwoodSmall Faces Challenge (Under 18)Open05-Jun06-Jun
KirlingtonThe Varsity MatchOpen06-Jun06-Jun
KirtlingtonOxford v Cambridge Old Blues MatchOpen06-Jun06-Jun
MillfieldNational Girls' Schools TournamentOpen06-Jun06-Jun
HurtwoodSal Oppenheim British Junior Cup 18 & UnderOpen06-Jun11-Jun
HurtwoodSal Oppenheim British Junior Cup 15 & UnderOpen06-Jun11-Jun
Offchurch BuryAkuma National Universities TournamentOpen11-Jun13-Jun
TBCSUPA Nations CupOpen19-Jun20-Jun
RugbySUPA National Schools Under 16Open20-Jun20-Jun
LongdoleSUPA National Schools Intermediate TournamentOpen20-Jun20-Jun
LongdoleSUPA National Senior Schools TournamentOpen20-Jun20-Jun
LongdoleNational Senior Schools TournamentOpen27-Jun27-Jun
Taunton ValeLadies TournamentOpen19-Jun20-Jun
TidworthMixed Doubles-2 - 019-Jun20-Jun
TidworthMixed Doubles-6 - -319-Jun20-Jun
Vale of YorkGranger Appleyard Ladies Tournament-6 - -219-Jun20-Jun
Coworth Park Ladies International Championships2 Goal 21-Jun27-Jun
Silver LeysLadies Tournament-6 - 026-Jun27-Jun
BeaufortPrep Schools and Colts TournamentOpen06-Jun06-Jun
RLSThe Burma Bowl (by invitation)Open11-Jun13-Jun
LongdoleDalwhinnie CrookOpen12-Jun12-Jun
White CupSummit Polo CupOpen12-Jun13-Jun
HamChildline "Polo at Sundown"Open19-Jun19-Jun
White RoseThe Castle Howard Polo CupOpen27-Jun27-Jun

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