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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
CowdrayCowdray Test Match (TBC)Open14-May14-May
High 22 Goal    
CirencesterCirencester 0 - 40 Goal Tournament0 - 4028-Apr08-May
RCBPCThe Prince of Wales Trophy 17-22 07-May14-May
Guards Polo Club, WindsorCartier Queens Cup17-2217-May11-Jun
High 18 Goal    
CowdrayDuke of Sutherland's Cup15 - 1815-May05-Jun
Medium 15 Goal    
GuardsQueen Mother's Centenary Cup12 - 15 29-Apr15-May
CowdrayCicero Cup12 - 1517-May04-Jun
CowdrayBryan Bethell Cup12 - 1530-May11-Jun
GuardsRoyal Windsor Cup12 - 1530-May19-Jun
GuardsMountbatten Cup12 - 1530-May19-Jun
Medium 12 Goal    
CoworthValerie Halford Memorial Trophy8 - 1221-Apr07-May
Cowdray Park Polo clubDollar Cup8-1209-May29-May
Emsworth12 Goal Tournament12 Goal20-May05-Jun
PangbourneThe Thai Polo Berkshire Trophy8 - 1224-May12-Jun
RCBPCThe John Prestwich Trophy8 - 1230-May11-Jun
Medium 10 Goal    
PangbourneThe Engelfield Trophy6 - 1014-May29-May
Low 8 Goal    
Emsworth8 Goal Tournament8 Goal30-Apr01-May
KirtlingtonThe Fewster Cup6 - 804-May08-May
BeaufortThe Badminton Cup4 - 804-May15-May
GuardsCommittee Cup4 - 808-May22-May
CirencesterGerald Balding Cup4 - 816-May30-May
RCBPC4 - 8 Goal Open Tournament4 - 817-May22-May
Low 6 Goal    
GuardsSpring Tournament2 - 619-Apr08-May
KirtlingtonThe Management Cup4 - 611-May15-May
Binfield HeathMargaret Duvall 6 Goal4 - 614-May15-May
DBPCThe Stoneythorpe Cup2 - 617-May22-May
BeaufortKernow Cup0 - 617-May29-May
HurtwoodLola's Trophy4 - 619-May23-May
CirencesterCommittee Cup0 - 624-May05-Jun
KirtlingtonKirtlington Cup4 - 625-May30-May
Binfield HeathMay Tournament4 - 628-May29-May
Beaufort Polo ClubThe Euardo Rojas Lanusse Cup2-631-May11-Jun
Low 4 Goal    
KirtlingtonThe Spring Cup2 - 427-Apr02-May
BurningfoldHambledon 4 Goal0 - 404-May08-May
DundeeSpring Tournament0 - 407-May08-May
EdgeworthThe 4 Goal Shield0 - 407-May08-May
PangbourneThe Spring Cup0 - 407-May15-May
BeaufortLa Ema Polo Mallet0 - 410-May21-May
Cirencestera'Brassard Trophy0 - 410-May22-May
Cambridge CountyCambridge County May Cup0 - 414-May15-May
CheshireCheshire Champion Cup0 - 414-May15-May
KirtlingtonJames Budgett Trophy2 - 418-May22-May
SuffolkGraceland Tournament-4 - 421-May22-May
TidworthCholderton Cup0 - 421-May22-May
RCBPCThe Polo Managers Trophy0 - 426-May30-May
Cambridge CountyHyde Pacific Tournament0 - 428-May29-May
Vaux ParkMay Tournament0 - 428-May29-May
Lacey GreenThe Revolution Cup0 - 428-May30-May
Low 2 Goal    
RugbyThe Patera Cup-2 - 230-Apr01-May
TidworthKingsett Cup-2 - 230-Apr01-May
CirencesterTyro Cup-2 - 230-Apr08-May
KirtlingtonMackenzie Hill Cup0 - 204-May08-May
Binfield HeathThe Coppid Cup-2 - 207-May08-May
CheshireVladivar Cup0 - 207-May08-May
Druids LodgeAspiga Trophy 1 - 207-May08-May
Longdole2 Goal Tournament-2 - 207-May08-May
SuffolkMad May Hare Tournament-4 - 207-May08-May
TidworthQueen's Royal Hussars' Cup-2 - 207-May08-May
HurtwoodBluebell Trophy0 - 212-May15-May
Lacey GreenThe May Cup0 - 213-May14-May
EdgeworthField Barn Cup0 - 214-May15-May
HamHam House Tournament-2 - 214-May15-May
Knepp CastleDragons Plate 2 Goal Tournament0 - 214-May15-May
TauntonChairman's Cup0 - 214-May15-May
TidworthMaddison Cup0 - 214-May15-May
Vaux ParkSpring Challenge-2 - 214-May15-May
GuardsThe Labrador Trophy0 - 214-May29-May
BurningfoldLoxwood Cup-2 - 218-May22-May
White WalthamSpring Cup0 - 221-May22-May
HurtwoodHavilland Cup0 - 226-May30-May
CheshireDearnford Hall Trophy0 - 228-May29-May
EdgeworthEdgeworth Challenge0 - 228-May29-May
HamMixed Doubles-2 - 228-May29-May
New ForestSpring Tournament (County Galway)-2 - 228-May29-May
New ForestLittle Poet Cup-2 - 228-May29-May
Westcroft ParkWestcroft Park Cup-2 - 228-May29-May
White WalthamCoronation Cup0 - 228-May29-May
Low 1 Goal    
RutlandThe Rutland Cup-1 - 107-May08-May
RutlandThe Bronze Horse-1 - 128-May29-May
Low 0 Goal & Below    
BurningfoldBurnt Hill Cup-2 - 027-Apr01-May
KirtlingtonRagley Cup-4 - 029-Apr02-May
New ForestChaplin Cup-6 - -230-Apr01-May
RugbyThe Primavera Cup-6 - -230-Apr01-May
TauntonSpring Tournament-4 - -230-Apr01-May
TidworthKingsett Cup -6 - -230-Apr01-May
Binfield HeathThe May Cup-4 - 030-Apr01-May
Knepp Castle0 Goal Tournament-2 - 030-Apr01-May
RutlandThe Spring Cup-4 - 030-Apr01-May
HurtwoodColin's Cup-4 - 005-May08-May
Druids LodgeSalisbury Cup-2 - 007-May03-Jul
RutlandTwidale Cup-6 - -207-May08-May
Silver LeysThe May Cup-4 - -207-May08-May
TidworthQueen's Royal Hussars Cup-6 - -207-May08-May
Silver LeysThe May Cup-2 - 007-May08-May
TauntonCommittee Cup-4 - 007-May08-May
White RosePresidents Cup-4 - 007-May08-May
White WalthamRecoleta Memorial Cup-2 - 007-May08-May
Wicklow50/50 Tournament (Cosimo Cup)0 Goal07-May08-May
Lacey GreenThe May Cup-4 - 013-May14-May
New ForestDunlop Cup-4 - -214-May15-May
Cambridge CountyFrolic May Cup-4 - 014-May15-May
EastwoodPolo Manager's Trophy-2 - 014-May15-May
TidworthMaddison Cup-4 - 014-May15-May
Westcroft ParkSpring Cup-2 - 014-May15-May
White WalthamCarlitos Polo Tournament-2 - 014-May15-May
Offchurch BurySpring Forward Cup-8 - -421-May22-May
Silver LeysBlue Ribbon Cup-4 - -221-May22-May
TidworthCholderton Cup-6 - -221-May22-May
West WycombeSpring Shield -4 - -221-May22-May
BlueysThe Farriers Cup-4 - 021-May22-May
DBPCThe Southam Trophy-4 - 021-May22-May
EdgeworthThe -2 to 0 Tournament-2 - 021-May22-May
New ForestChairmanship Cup-4 - 021-May22-May
Offchurch BurySpring Forward Cup-4 - 021-May22-May
Silver LeysBlue Ribband Cup-2 - 021-May22-May
TauntonHatchmoor Boomerang Cup-4 - 021-May22-May
West WycombeSpring Shield -2 - 021-May22-May
White RoseYeo 2 x 2-4 - 021-May22-May
WicklowFriends and Family Tournament-4 - 021-May22-May
KirtlingtonSonara Classic-4 - 027-May30-May
FHMPolo Splice Tournament-8 - -428-May28-May
TidworthAlmost Best of British -6 - -228-May28-May
RugbyThe Toft Shield-6 - -228-May29-May
TidworthAlmost Best of British -2 - 028-May28-May
Binfield HeathMay Tournament-4 - 028-May29-May
Cambridge CountyHyde Pacific Tournament-4 - 028-May29-May
Knepp Castle0 Goal Tournament-2 - 028-May29-May
New ForestSpring Tournament (County Galway)-4 - 028-May29-May
New ForestLittle Poet Cup-4 - 028-May29-May
RugbyFaraday Cup-4 - 028-May29-May
Lacey GreenThe Revolution Cup-4 - 028-May30-May
TauntonWeston-Super-Mare Trophy-4 - 028-May30-May
Combined Services    
TidworthMilitary Ladies Tournament Open02-May02-May
TidworthRN Sacher CupOpen02-May02-May
TidworthDuke of York Cup (RN v RAF)Open29-May29-May
Schools and Universities    
LongdoleNational Junior Schools TournamentOpen15-May15-May
RugbySUPA Team Britain Trials (Senior Schools)Invitation24-May24-May
TidworthMilitary Ladies TournamentOpen02-May02-May
Lacey GreenWomen's Natonal CupOpen20-May21-May
Druids LodgeSpring Trophy (Spring League Finals)Open30-Apr26-Jun
New ForestMawaz Khan Cup: NFPC Vs Millfield SchoolOpen07-May08-May
West WycombeWelcome CupOpen07-May08-May
PangbourneThe West Berkshire Schools Exhibition TrophyOpen28-May30-May
BeaufortPrep Schools and Colts TournamentOpen29-May29-May
TidworthBest of British under 25sOpen29-May29-May
TidworthRoyal Artillery CupOpen30-May30-May

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