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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Hipico Militar San Jorge, ArgentinaCampeonato Abierto del Club Militar San Jorge15 - 2028-Aug08-Sep
St Tropez, FranceSt Tropez Gold Cup15 goal01-Sep10-Sep
TBCMetropolotanos High-Goal21 - 2408-Sep08-Sep
Jockey Club, ArgentinaJockey Club Open - CANCELLEDOpen12-Sep24-Sep
Tortugas, ArgentinaTortugas OpenOpen26-Sep14-Oct
High 18 Goal    
GuardsDuke of Wellington’s Trophy12 - 1621-Aug02-Sep
Other High Goal    
CowdraySilver Jubilee Cup20 - 2429-Aug02-Sep
Medium 12 Goal    
CirencesterCheltenham Cup8 - 1221-Aug02-Sep
RCBPC8-12 Goal Championship8 - 1228-Aug09-Sep
GuardsAutumn Nations - Kerry Packer *10 - 1201-Sep16-Sep
BeaufortThe Westonbirt Arboretum Cup7 - 1206-Sep16-Sep
CowdrayAutumn League8 - 1210-Sep23-Sep
Medium 10 Goal    
RCBPCThe Lambourne Trophy*7 - 1010-Sep16-Sep
Low 8 Goal    
DundeeAyton Castle Tournament (Ayton Castle)4 - 801-Sep02-Sep
RLSThe Ferring Cup*4 - 801-Sep02-Sep
CirencesterGouldsmith Bowl4 - 808-Sep16-Sep
DundeeRandox International Polo Tournament8 Goal08-Sep09-Sep
Low 6 Goal    
CirencesterKingscote Cup0 - 616-Aug01-Sep
ChesterThe Dee Tournament*4 - 628-Aug01-Sep
BeaufortThe Sidebottom Cup0 - 631-Aug09-Sep
FifieldHornero Cup*4 - 601-Sep02-Sep
HurtwoodSeptember Cup*4 - 601-Sep02-Sep
Woolmers ParkMWB Business Exchange Polo Challenge0 - 601-Sep02-Sep
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament2 - 602-Sep03-Sep
RCBPC4 - 6 Goal Trophy*4 - 604-Sep09-Sep
KirtlingtonBrook House Trophy*4 - 607-Sep09-Sep
ChesterSummer Finale*4 - 611-Sep15-Sep
KneppMichaelmas Cup0 - 613-Sep16-Sep
FifieldSeptember Trophy4 - 615-Sep16-Sep
RLSThe Farewell Trophy*2 - 622-Sep23-Sep
Low 4 Goal    
KneppKCPC Cup0 - 430-Aug02-Sep
HurtwoodSeptember Cup*0 - 401-Sep02-Sep
IngleshamPlough Inn Cup0 - 401-Sep02-Sep
CheshireThe Lovatt Claret Jug*2 - 407-Sep09-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships2 - 408-Sep08-Sep
BeaufortThe Solitaire Salver*0 - 408-Sep16-Sep
EpsomThe NATO Cup0 - 408-Sep09-Sep
IngleshamAutumn Plate0 - 408-Sep09-Sep
RLSThe San Antonio Tournament*0 - 408-Sep09-Sep
SuffolkRaging Bull Tournament-4 - 408-Sep09-Sep
SussexDe Vere Homes0 - 408-Sep09-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup*0 - 408-Sep09-Sep
KirtlingtonChairmans Trophy*0 - 412-Sep16-Sep
RLSThe Warwickshire Gold Cup*0 - 413-Sep16-Sep
BeverleyTickton Hall Trophy Tournament*0 - 415-Sep16-Sep
Binfield HeathChairmans Cup0 - 415-Sep16-Sep
CambridgeNewmarket Challenge0 - 415-Sep16-Sep
Taunton ValeAden Visit Cup0 - 415-Sep16-Sep
Woolmers ParkBank Machine Plate0 - 415-Sep16-Sep
RCBPC0 - 4 Goal Trophy*0 - 425-Sep30-Sep
KneppFarewell Trophy0 - 427-Sep30-Sep
DundeeThe Virginian Tournament0 - 429-Sep30-Sep
Low 3 Goal    
KirtlingtonJames Budgett Trophy*0 - 330-Aug02-Sep
HamBilly Walsh Autumn Tournament*0 - 315-Sep23-Sep
Low 2 Goal    
RLSThe Lord Chamberlain Cup-2 - 201-Sep02-Sep
SussexAdvies Private Clients Trophy-2 - 201-Sep02-Sep
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-2 - 201-Sep02-Sep
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament-2 - 202-Sep03-Sep
CirencesterAssociates Trophy-2 - 206-Sep16-Sep
KneppInstone Air-2 - 206-Sep09-Sep
KirtlingtonDashwood Trophy*-2 - 207-Sep09-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships0 - 208-Sep08-Sep
BrightlingTri Tournament-2 - 208-Sep09-Sep
HurtwoodStable Challenge*0 - 208-Sep09-Sep
LongdoleLongdole 2 Goal-2 - 208-Sep09-Sep
Silver LeysJackson Trophy*-2 - 208-Sep09-Sep
W WycombeLakeside Cup*0 - 208-Sep09-Sep
DundeePerth Autumn Tournament-2 - 215-Sep16-Sep
EpsomSt Francis Day Cup-2 - 215-Sep16-Sep
FifieldSeptember Trophy-2 - 215-Sep16-Sep
Inglesham2 Goal Tournament-2 - 215-Sep16-Sep
SussexEnd of Season "Handycup"-2 to 215-Sep16-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-2 - 215-Sep16-Sep
KneppSmith & Williamson Cup-2 - 220-Sep23-Sep
Inglesham-4 - 2 Goal Tournament-4 - 222-Sep23-Sep
RLSThe Farewell Trophy*-2 - 222-Sep23-Sep
Inglesham-4 - 2 Goal Tournament-4 - 229-Sep30-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-2 - 229-Sep30-Sep
Low 0 Goal & Below    
Binfield HeathCorney & Barrow Cup-4 - 001-Jun02-Sep
DundeeMountbatten Gold Cup-4 - 001-Sep02-Sep
OrchardJohn Stranger-4 - 001-Sep02-Sep
SuffolkAutumn Coffee Tournament-4 - 001-Sep02-Sep
Woolmers ParkMWB Business Exchange Polo Challenge-4 - 001-Sep02-Sep
SussexAdvies Private Clients Trophy-6 - -201-Sep02-Sep
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-6 - -201-Sep02-Sep
ToulstonLadies Tournament-6 - -201-Sep02-Sep
Vale of YorkPrestige Plate-6 - -201-Sep02-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-2 - 008-Sep08-Sep
Asthall FarmLow Goal Masters-4 - 008-Sep08-Sep
OrchardFarewell Trophy-4 - 008-Sep08-Sep
RLSThe Argentine Cup-4 - 008-Sep09-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup-4 - 008-Sep09-Sep
W WycombeLakeside Cup*-4 - 008-Sep09-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-4 - -208-Sep08-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-6 - -408-Sep08-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-8 - -608-Sep08-Sep
FifieldLow Goal Fifield Challenges*-6 - -208-Sep09-Sep
HurtwoodStable Challenge*-6 - -208-Sep09-Sep
Silver LeysJackson Bowl*-6 - -208-Sep09-Sep
SussexDe Vere Homes-6 - -208-Sep09-Sep
KirtlingtonAutumn Plate*-4 - 012-Sep16-Sep
RLSThe Silchar Trophy-4 - 013-Sep16-Sep
AscotAscot Park Trophy-2 - 015-Sep16-Sep
HeathfieldCoolmint Cup-6 - 015-Sep16-Sep
HurtwoodThe Farewell Cup0 Goal15-Sep16-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 2-6 - 015-Sep16-Sep
Woolmers ParkBank Machine Plate-4 - 015-Sep16-Sep
BeverleyTickton Hall Trophy Tournament*-6 - -215-Sep16-Sep
CambridgeSalon des Refusés-6 - -215-Sep16-Sep
FHMFalcon Equine Feeds Tournament-8 - -215-Sep15-Sep
SussexEnd of Season "Handycup"-6 - -215-Sep16-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-6 - -215-Sep16-Sep
Vale of YorkStride Electrical Plate Final-6 - -219-Sep19-Sep
Binfield HeathFarewell Tournament-4 - 022-Sep23-Sep
DundeePerth Farewell Tournament-4 - 022-Sep23-Sep
FifieldEnd of Season Challenge*-4 - 022-Sep23-Sep
AscotRangitiki Trophy-4 - -222-Sep23-Sep
W WycombeFarewell Cup-6 - -422-Sep23-Sep
W WycombeFarewell Cup-8 - -622-Sep23-Sep
WicklowChallenge Cup-8 - -222-Sep23-Sep
FifieldLast Chance Trophy*-4 - 028-Sep01-Oct
FifieldLast Chance Trophy-8 - -628-Sep01-Oct
Offchurch BuryThe Prancing Ponies Trophy-4 - 029-Sep30-Sep
Asthall FarmCopa del Moorea-8 - -429-Sep29-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-6 - -229-Sep30-Sep
Schools & Universities    
EdinburghSUPA Scottish Challenge CupOpen22-Sep23-Sep
RCBPCThe Ladies Tournament-2 - 025-Aug02-Sep
TidworthGrooms Tournament*Open07-Sep07-Sep
FifieldOdosan 1485Open08-Sep09-Sep
Haggis FarmPolo Ball Bowel Cancer Charity MatchInvitational08-Sep09-Sep
Druids LodgeClock Tower Trophy*Open15-Sep16-Sep
SussexGrooms Revenge-Farewell TournamentOpen22-Sep23-Sep
HeathfieldThe September CupOpen29-Sep30-Sep

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