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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
High 22 Goal    
GuardsThe Vivari Queen's Cup17 - 2221-May17-Jun
RCBPCThe Prince of Wales Trophy17 - 2221-May16-Jun
High 18 Goal    
CoworthIndian Empire Shield15 - 1808-May25-May
BeaufortThe Meade Cup*0 - 1812-May20-May
CowdrayDuke of Sutherland’s Cup15 - 1826-May03-Jun
Other High Goal    
HurtwoodPolo Masters*30 - 4013-May13-May
KirtlingtonHigh Goal Charity TrophyOpen19-May19-May
HurtwoodKuoni World Class Polo Cup*Open27-May27-May
Medium 15 Goal    
GuardsQueen Mother’s Centenary Cup*12 - 1504-May20-May
BeaufortThe Arthur Lucas Cup12 - 1529-May10-Jun
Medium 12 Goal    
RLSThe RLS 12 Goal Cup*8 - 1212-May13-May
CowdrayDollar Cup8 - 1214-May27-May
RCBPCThe John Prestwich Trophy8 - 1228-May10-Jun
Low 8 Goal    
BeaufortThe Badminton Cup4 - 802-May13-May
CirencesterGerald Balding Cup4 - 815-May03-Jun
GuardsCommittee Cup*4 - 815-May03-Jun
RCBPCRCBPC 4-8 Goal*4 - 816-May28-May
AscotInnerwick Challenge Cup4 - 831-May03-Jun
KirtlingtonThe Meyrick Cup4 - 831-May03-Jun
Low 6 Goal    
KirtlingtonThe Management Cup*0 - 610-May13-May
Druids LodgeCopra Cup4 - 612-May13-May
RLSThe Southam Trophy*2 - 617-May20-May
BeaufortThe Spring Cup0 - 619-May28-May
FifieldSpring Challenge Cup*4 - 619-May20-May
Woolmers ParkWoolmers Park Cup0 - 619-May20-May
KirtlingtonSeeneys Tournament0 - 624-May28-May
EdinburghEdinburgh Spring Tournament0 - 626-May27-May
HurtwoodBluebell Trophy*0 - 626-May28-May
Inglesham6 Goal Tournament2 - 626-May28-May
Low 4 Goal    
KirtlingtonThe May Cup*0 - 403-May06-May
BeaufortThe "La Ema" Polo Mallet0 - 404-May06-May
EpsomSt George's Cup0 - 405-May07-May
Inglesham4 Goal Tournament0 - 405-May07-May
RLSThe Quartly Cup*0 - 405-May06-May
Woolmers ParkChairmans Cup0 - 405-May06-May
HurtwoodLola's Trophy*0 - 411-May13-May
FifieldBennett Cup*0 - 412-May13-May
RutlandThe Rutland Cup0 - 412-May13-May
SuffolkMad May Hare Tournament-4 - 412-May13-May
IngleshamRoxtons Polo Cup0 - 419-May20-May
Sussex4 Goal Four Play0 - 419-May20-May
KneppWhitsun Trophy0 - 424-May28-May
CheshireThe Nick Holland Cup*2 - 426-May28-May
Haggis FarmWard Howard Rowlett Cup0 - 426-May27-May
TidworthCholderton Cup*0 - 426-May27-May
KneppTLC Property0 - 431-May03-Jun
Low 2 Goal    
KneppOpening Tournament-2 - 203-May07-May
TidworthQueen's Royal Hussars' Cup-2 - 205-May06-May
Binfield HeathThe May Cup-2 - 212-May13-May
IngleshamInglesham 2 Goal Tournament-2 - 212-May13-May
RLSThe May Cup*0 - 212-May13-May
Silver LeysMonta Cup*-2 - 212-May13-May
SussexPolo Splice Tournament-2 to 212-May13-May
TidworthHarry Maddison Cup-2 - 212-May13-May
KirtlingtonThe Continental Cup*-4 - 217-May20-May
KneppThe May Cup-2 - 217-May20-May
EdgeworthField Barn Cup0 - 219-May20-May
EpsomAdmirals Cup-2 - 219-May20-May
FifieldSpring Challenge Cup*-2 - 219-May20-May
HurtwoodJubilee Trophy*0 - 219-May20-May
TidworthDruids Lodge Trophy-2 - 219-May20-May
ToulstonSpring Cup-2 - 219-May20-May
HamDavid Healy Intra-Club Tournament*-2 - 224-May27-May
KirtlingtonRagley Cup*0 - 225-May28-May
AscotWaterloo Cup-2 - 226-May28-May
LongdoleLongdole 2 Goal0 - 226-May27-May
RLSThe Weymouth Trophy*0 - 226-May27-May
Taunton ValeJellalabad Cup*-2 - 226-May27-May
Low 0 Goal & Below    
HurtwoodCasey's Cup*-2 - 005-May06-May
RLSThe Genesis Trophy-4 - 005-May06-May
Woolmers ParkChairman's Cup-2 - 005-May06-May
TidworthQueen's Royal Hussars Cup-6 - -205-May06-May
Vale of YorkRAF Cranwell v VYPC-6 - -205-May06-May
SussexNubile Novices-6 - -407-May07-May
KirtlingtonSpring Tournament*-4 - 012-May13-May
Offchurch BuryThe Spring Forward Cup-4 - 012-May13-May
Silver LeysMonta Plate*-4 - 012-May13-May
Taunton ValeWarm-Up Cup*-4 - 012-May13-May
TidworthHarry Maddison Cup-4 - 012-May13-May
W WycombeWelcome Cup-4 - 012-May13-May
RutlandTwidale Cup-6 - -212-May13-May
SussexPolo Splice Tournament-6 - -212-May13-May
W WycombeWelcome Cup-6 - -412-May13-May
Binfield HeathThe Coppid Cup-2 - 019-May20-May
DundeePerth Spring Tournament-4 - 019-May20-May
HurtwoodJubilee Trophy*-4 - 019-May20-May
RLSThe Gentlemans May Challenge-4 - 019-May20-May
Taunton ValeChairman's Cup-4 - 019-May20-May
W WycombeSpring Shield*-2 - 019-May20-May
Woolmers ParkWoolmers Park Cup-4 - 019-May20-May
AscotKitchen Grace Amateur Trophy-4 - -219-May20-May
Asthall FarmIris Walker Memorial Trophy-6 - -219-May19-May
TidworthDruids Lodge Trophy-6 - -219-May20-May
ToulstonBorder Fame Trophy-6 - -219-May20-May
W WycombeSpring Shield*-4 - -219-May20-May
SussexNubile Novices-6 - -420-May20-May
FifieldDocklands Solicitors LLP*-4 - 026-May27-May
Haggis FarmWard Howard Rowlett Cup-6 - 026-May27-May
HeathfieldBicester Country Club 'Day Out' Cup-4 - 026-May27-May
IngleshamRoxtons Polo 0 Goal Series-6 - 026-May28-May
RutlandHorsefeeds Bowl-4 - 026-May28-May
SussexMixed Doubles-4 - 026-May27-May
TidworthCholderton Cup-4 - 026-May27-May
FHMPolo Splice Tournament-8 - -226-May26-May
Vale of YorkTiger Trophy-6 - -226-May27-May
RLSThe National 0 Goal Festival-4 - 026-May03-Jun
SussexNubile Novices-6 - -428-May28-May
Young England    
TBCJohn Cowdray TrialOpen12-May12-May
Schools & Universities    
RLSOxford University v Chairman's SelectInvitational05-May05-May
SuffolkSuffolk Polo Club v Cambridge University Polo ClubInvitational10-May10-May
RLSOxford University v Old BluesInvitational27-May27-May
RLSThe Ladies May Challenge*-6 - -219-May20-May
RutlandLadies 50 50-4 - 026-May28-May
SussexBlind Date Lucky DipOpen05-May06-May
CambridgeHenry Cecil Guineas MatchOpen19-May20-May
CambridgeStrawberry PlateOpen19-May20-May
SuffolkExhibition Match and Charity PartyOpen26-May26-May

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Latest Classified

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