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French Open

Location:Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, France
Dates:01-Sep-2012 to 16-Sep-2012


Jean-Marc Tyberg0
Martin Joaquin3
Clemente Zavaleta6
Juan Ruiz Guinazu7
Body Minute
Jean-Christophe David0
Edouard Pan4
Tomas Reinoso5
James Beim7
Cheval des Andes
Gaeten Charloux3
Ian Gallienne1
Critian Bernal6
Juan Ambroggio6
In the Wings
Andre Fabre0
Florent Garaud2
Chris Mackenzie5
Pancho Bensadon9
Marquard Media La Victoire
Thomas Rinderknecht0
Santiago Irastorza5
Juan Chavanne5
Martin Aguerre5
Patrick Eisenchteter0
Luke Tomlinson7
Thibaut Guillemin3
Mark Tomlinson7
Murus Sanctus
Corrine Ricard0
Pablo Llorente5
Felipe Llorente3
Alejandro Agote8
Royal Barriere Deauville
Alexandre Starkman1
Dario Musso7
Claudio Musso3
Pierre-Henri N'Goumou5
Sainte Mesme
Birger Strom1
Robert Strom3
Christian Nordheimer6
Alejo Taranco7
Tom Tailor
Uwe Schroder0
Edouardo Anca6
Gaston Maiquez6
Juan Gonzalez4

Schedule and results

Times of matches are subject to change. Please check time and venue with the host club
Friday 31 August, 5pmIn the Wings12vs6Marquard Media La Victoire
Saturday 1 September, 3pmTom Tailor2vs8Royal Barriere Deauville
Saturday 1 September, 4.30pmBlackstorm13vs8Body Minute
Sunday 2 September, 5.15pmMungo10vs9.5Marquard Media La Victoire
Monday 3 September, 12pmIn the Wings9vs10Tom Tailor
Monday 3 September, 4pmCheval des Andes5vs11Body Minute
Thursday 6 September, 2pmRoyal Barriere Deauville5vs8Mungo
Thursday 6 September, 3.30pmBody Minute9.5vs7Sainte Mesme
Thursday 6 September, 5pmBlackstorm7vs7Cheval des Andes
Friday 7 September, 5pmTom Tailor5vs8Marquard Media La Victoire
Saturday 8 September, 3.30pmSainte Mesme7vs9.5Cheval des Andes
Saturday 8 September, 5pmIn the Wings6vs5Royal Barriere Deauville
Sunday 9 September, 2pmMungo8vs8.5Tom Tailor
Sunday 9 September, 4pmRoyal Barriere Deauville-vs-Marquard Media La Victoire
Sunday 9 September, 6pmSainte Mesme9vs9Blackstorm
Tuesday 11 September, 12pmIn the Wings8.5vs8Mungo
Tuesday 11 SeptemberBody Minute7vs7Cheval des Andes
Tuesday 11 SeptemberBlackstorm9vs4Sainte Mesme
Round Semi-finals
Thursday 13 SeptemberTom Tailor8vs9Body Minute
Thursday 13 SeptemberBlackstorm7vs9In the Wings
Round Final
Sunday 16 SeptemberIn the Wings9vs14Body Minute
Round Subsidiary final
Sunday 16 SeptemberMarquard Media La Victoire6.5vs8Cheval des Andes

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Latest Classified

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