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Medium Goal - Silver Cup

Location:Santa Maria Polo Club, Sotogrande
Dates:02-Aug-2010 to 15-Aug-2010


A. Van Gils0
Z. Van Gils0
T. Pieres7
H. Pieres4
Ayala Esperanza
K. Korst1
M. Iturraspe5
A. Taranco6
J. Zobel0
El Roasario
A. Penafiel1
J. Penafiel2
S. Ulloa6
P. Berazadi3
Ilovka-El Corzo
P. Mora1
T.F. Fernandez-Llorente Jr.4
T.F. Fernandez-Llorente7
C. Pallares0
La Corchuela
L. Fernandez-Ordas1
C. Nordheimer4
P. Ciesa5
P. Roemmers2
La Monerie
N. Khan0
G. Charloux3
C. Bernal6
C. Lucena3
Santa Quiteria
J.M. Entrecanales1
P. Soria5
P. Neves5
G. Entrecanales1
Sapphire Networks
K. Atrak1
M. Gomez4
S. Cernadas6
L. Isola1
Scapa-John Smith
M. Redding2
J. Griguoli4
M. Inchauspe5
G. Aguirre1
Tacones Seguriber
J. Olazabal1
A. Aznar1
P. Doringnac6
I. Domecq4
J. Zavalia1
I. Garrahan4
C. Solari6
C. McKinney1

Schedule and results

Times of matches are subject to change. Please check time and venue with the host club
Monday 2 August, 5.30pmWoodchester7vs14Scapa-John Smith
Monday 2 August, 7pmAnaconda10vs11Sapphire Networks
Monday 2 August, 7pmLa Monerie9vs13Ayala Esperanza
Tuesday 3 August, 5.30pmLa Corchuela8vs11El Roasario
Wednesday 4 August, 5.30pmSanta Quiteria14vs9Ilovka-El Corzo
Thursday 5 August, 5.30pmAnaconda7vs13La Monerie
Thursday 5 August, 5.30pmSapphire Networks6vs13Ayala Esperanza
Thursday 5 August, 7pmLa Corchuela10vs13Woodchester
Thursday 5 August, 7pmEl Roasario5vs13Scapa-John Smith
Sunday 8 August, 5.30pmScapa-John Smith7vs8La Corchuela
Sunday 8 August, 7pmSanta Quiteria13vs10Tacones Seguriber
Monday 9 August, 5.30pmWoodchester14vs12El Roasario
Tuesday 10 August, 5.30pmIlovka-El Corzo11vs12Tacones Seguriber
Tuesday 10 August, 7pmSapphire Networks11vs10La Monerie
Tuesday 10 August, 7pmAnaconda10vs9Ayala Esperanza
Thursday 12 August, 5.30pmAnaconda-vs-Ilovka-El Corzo
Round Semi-finals
Friday 13 August, 5.30pmWoodchester8vs12Ayala Esperanza
Round Semi-finals
Friday 13 August, 7pmScapa-John Smith10vs9Santa Quiteria
Round Semi-finals
Friday 13 August, 5.30pmTacones Seguriber10vs7La Monerie
Round Semi-finals
Friday 13 August, 7pmEl Roasario13vs12Sapphire Networks
Round Subsidiary final
Sunday 15 August, 5.30pmTacones Seguriber11vs14El Roasario
Round Subsidiary final
Sunday 15 August, 7pmIlovka-El Corzo11vs10La Corchuela
Round Final
Sunday 15 August, 7pmAyala Esperanza7vs6Scapa-John Smith

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Latest Classified

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