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Dollar Cup

Dates:11-May-2009 to 25-May-2009
Handicap:8 - 12
Comment:Victor Ludorum tournament


Division Group A
Barton Lodge
Tony Pidgley1
Peter Webb5
Ollie Taylor4
Philip Tempro1
Clinton McCarthy0
Jonny Good5
Nacho Gonzales6
Spencer McCarthy1
Nick Pepper3
Jock Mackay4
Adrian Wade5
Andre Fattal0
Division Group B
Cowdray/ Wintershall
Lilia Pearson0
Ben Turner4
Glen Gilmore7
Edward Hutley1
Irongate/ Red Dogs
James Scott Hopkins1
James Harper6
Kelvin Johnson4
Evelyn Williams2
Hasheim Arouzi0
Shaun Brokensha2
Rob Archibald6
Roddy Matthews4
Division Group C
La Golondrina
Paul Oberschneider0
Diego Cavanagh6
Sam Hopkinson6
Max Seccombe0
Maiz Dulce
Peter Barfoot0
Will Emerson4
Joaquin Pittaluga6
Martin Brown2
Martin Young0
Ed Magor3
Guillermo Cuitino6
Manuel Toccalino3
Division Group D
12 Oaks/ Lost Boys
Charlie Wooldridge1
Howard Smith4
Gaston Laulhe7
Stefan Sund0
Clarita Polo Team
Clare Mathias0
Chris Mathias1
Juan Ruiz Guinazu5
Tommy Wilson6
Virginia Hoare-1
Angus McKelvie4
Derreck Bratley5
Alan Kent4
Division Group E
Jaeger Le Coultre
Clare Milford Haven0
Gareth Evans5
Bautista Sorzana6
George Hill1
Loro Piana
Celine Charloux0
James Rome2
Augustin Nero6
Andres James0
Starseed Omega Nuts
Tim Dobson-1
Henry Brett6
Jamie Le Hardy5
Oliver Browne1
Division Group F
Momin Sheikh0
Max Charlton3
Roddy Williams5
Juracy Santos4
Cold Smoke/ Hurlingham Media
Jack Richardson2
Roderick Vere Nicoll2
Ruki Bailleu7
Michael Bickford1
Mei Kwai Lu
Rachael Bartels0
Lucas White3
Santiago Gaztambide7
Tim Warde2

Schedule and results

Times of matches are subject to change. Please check time and venue with the host club
Friday 15 May 3pmRiver9vs1Cowdray/ Wintershall
Monday 11 May 1pmEmlor7vs3Irongate/ Red Dogs
Monday 11 May 2pmLa Golondrina7vs6Clarita Polo Team
Monday 11 May 3.30pmMaiz Dulce6vs3Hollycombe
Monday 11 May 3.30pmMayado5vs312 Oaks/ Lost Boys
Monday 11 May 4.30Loro Piana5vs3BHC
Tuesday 12 May 3pmJaeger Le Coultre4vs2Mei Kwai Lu
Tuesday 12 May 4pmStarseed Omega Nuts6.5vs4Cold Smoke/ Hurlingham Media
Wednesday 13 May 2.30pmMayado4vs6Clarita Polo Team
Wednesday 13 May 4pmBarton Lodge9vs10Irongate/ Red Dogs
Wednesday 13 may 5pmLa Golondrina7vs6Hollycombe
Thursday 14 May 3pmRiver6vs7Turquoise
Thursday 14 May 3pmMei Kwai Lu5vs9Loro Piana
Thursday 14 May 4pmMaiz Dulce6vs412 Oaks/ Lost Boys
Friday 15 May 4pmMayado6vs7Hollycombe
Saturday 16 May 3pmStarseed Omega Nuts8.5vs3BHC
Saturday 16 May 4pmJaeger Le Coultre6vs7Cold Smoke/ Hurlingham Media
Sunday 17 May 3pmBarton Lodge4vs5Turquoise
Sunday 17 May 4pmLoro Piana5vs6Cold Smoke/ Hurlingham Media
Monday 18 May 1pmStarseed Omega Nuts7.5vs4Mei Kwai Lu
Monday 18 May 4pmEmlor8vs6Cowdray/ Wintershall
Monday 18 May 4pmLa Golondrina9vs512 Oaks/ Lost Boys
Monday 18 May 5pmMaiz Dulce3vs4Clarita Polo Team
Monday 18 May 5pmJaeger Le Coultre6vs4BHC
Tuesday 19 May 4pmEmlor5vs6Turquoise
Tuesday 19 May 5pmRiver6vs2Irongate/ Red Dogs
Tuesday 19 May 5pmBarton Lodge6vs5.5Cowdray/ Wintershall
Thursday 21 May 3.15pmRiver3vs4Loro Piana
Thursday 21 May 4.15pmLa Golondrina4vs8Emlor
Thursday 21 May 4.15pmStarseed Omega Nuts6.5vs5Maiz Dulce
Thursday 21 May 5.15pmTurquoise5vs6Jaeger Le Coultre
Saturday 23 May 3pmEmlor11.5vs7Loro Piana
Saturday 23 May 3pmStarseed Omega Nuts4.5vs8Jaeger Le Coultre
Saturday 23 May 4pmClarita Polo Team6vs5Barton Lodge
Saturday 23 May 4pmCold Smoke/ Hurlingham Media4vs2Mayado
Round Subsidiary Final
Monday 25 May 4pmClarita Polo Team6vs5Cold Smoke/ Hurlingham Media
Round Final
Monday 25 3pmJaeger Le Coultre8vs6.5Emlor

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