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Cowdray Park Gold Cup - British Open

Location:Cowdray (01730 813257)
Dates:28-Jun-2008 to 20-Jul-2008


Division League 1
Atlantic Capital
Adrian Kirby1
Nico Pieres6
Lucas Criado9
Malcolm Borwick6
Tony Pidgley1
Alejandro Muzzio8
John Paul Clarkin8
Santiago Laborde5
Lechuza Caracas
Victor Vargas1
Marcos di Paola8
Guillermo Aguero7
Tomas Garcia del Rio6
Loro Piana
David Sterling8
Alfio Marchini2
Juan Martin Nero10
Jamie Peel2
Division League 2
Brittany Polo Club
Jean Francois Decaux1
Julio Arellano8
Miguel Novillo Astrada9
Juan Ambroggio5
Bucking Broncos
Clare Milford Haven0
Christian Laprida7
Matias MacDonough8
Bautista Sorzana6
Charlie Hanbury2
Jamie Huidobro8
Lolo Castagnola9
Mario Gomez3
Ahmad Aboughazale0
Pepe Heguy8
Milo Fernandez Araujo8
Hilario Ulloa7
Division League 3
Apes Hill Club Barbados
Ed Hitchman3
Mark Tomlinson7
Luke Tomlinson7
Tom Morley5
George Milford Haven1
Santiago Chavanne8
Pablo MacDonough9
John Fisher4
Edouard Carmignac0
Guillermo Terrera7
Alejandro Agote8
Ignacio Toccalino7
Spencer Young0
Francisco Bensadon8
Gonzalo Von Wernich7
Nicolas Espain7
Division League 4
Ali Albwardy0
Henry Fisher3
Adolfo Cambiaso10
Piki Diaz Alberdi8
Max Routledge2
Gonzalito Pieres9
Facundo Pieres10
Tom Barrack1
Jason Stowe0
Lucas Monteverde8
Bautista Heguy9
Gareth Evans5
Les Lions
Marcus Araya4
Ignacio Heguy9
Eduardo Heguy9
Joachim Gottschalk0
Division League 5
Lucas James6
Gaston Laulhe7
Marcos Heguy9
Stefano Marsaglia0
Martyn Ratcliffe0
Ruki Baillieu7
Augustin Merlos9
James Beim6
Les Lions 2
Ignus du Plessis5
Ignacio Novillo Astrada8
Mario Gonzalez8
Max Gottschalk1
Lyndon Lea0
Javier Novillo Astrada9
Eduardo Novillo Astrada9
Tom de Bruin4

Schedule and results

Times of matches are subject to change. Please check time and venue with the host club
Saturday 28 June, 3.00pm (Smith Ryland Cup)Broncos13vs7Yindarra
Saturday 28 June, 5.00pmApes Hill Club Barbados10vs6Talandracas
Sunday 29 June, 12.00pmLes Lions12vs13Geebung
Sunday 29 June, 3.00pmDubai11vs13Ellerston
Sunday 29 June, 5.00pmAzzurra13vs11
Tuesday 1 July, 2.00pmAtlantic Capital9vs12Cadenza
Tuesday 1 July, 2.00pmLoro Piana13vs8Lechuza Caracas
Wednesday 2 July, 2.00pmSumaya12vs8Bucking Broncos
Wednesday 2 July, 3.00pmLovelocks9vs10Brittany Polo Club
Wednesday 2 July, 5.00pmLes Lions 28vs7Grayshurst
Round Second Round
Thursday 3 July, 2.00pm (Win Match 1 v Win Match 2)Broncos12vs7Apes Hill Club Barbados
Thursday 3 July, 4.00pm (Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 2)Yindarra10vs11Talandracas
Friday 4 July, 2.00pm (Win Match 3 v Win Match 4)Geebung7vs11Ellerston
Friday 4 July, 4.00pm (Loser Match 3 v Loser Match 4)Les Lions13vs12Dubai
Saturday 5 July, 1.00pm (Loser Match 6 v Loser Match 7)Atlantic Capital9vs16Lechuza Caracas
Saturday 5 July, 3.00pm (Loser Match 5 v Loser Match 10)11vs6Grayshurst
Saturday 5 July, 5.00pm (Win Match 6 v Win Match 7)Cadenza6vs7Loro Piana
Sunday 6 July, 12.30pm (Win Match 5 v Win Match 10)Azzurra9vs10Les Lions 2
Sunday 6 July, 3.00pm (Win Match 8 v Win Match 9)Sumaya8vs10Brittany Polo Club
Sunday 6 July, 5.00pm (Loser Match 8 v Loser Match 9)Bucking Broncos12vs14Lovelocks
Round Third Round
Monday, 7 July, TBA (League 3 v League 3)Apes Hill Club Barbados13vs12Yindarra
Monday 7 July, TBA (League 3 v League 3 )Broncos8vs6Talandracas
Tuesday 8 July, TBA (League 4 v League 4)Ellerston11vs6Les Lions
Tuesday 8 July, TBA (Leagu 4 v League 4)Geebung14vs12Dubai
Thursday 10 July, 11am (League 2 v League 2)Loro Piana15vs4Atlantic Capital
Thursday 10 July, 1pm (League 2 v League 2)Bucking Broncos12vs11Brittany Polo Club
Thursday 10 July, 3pm (League 5 v League 5)Azzurra9vs10Grayshurst
Thursday 10 July, 4pm (League 5 v League 5)8vs7Les Lions 2
Thursday 10 July, 5pm (League 1 v League 1)Lechuza Caracas11vs12Cadenza
Thursday 10 July, 5pm (League 1 v League 1)Lovelocks9vs10Sumaya
Sunday 13 July, 11.00am(Tatham Semi)Dubai4vs6Yindarra
Round Gold Cup Quarter Final
Sunday 13 July, 3pmBroncos12vs13Sumaya
Round Gold Cup Quarter Final
Sunday 13 July, 5pmEllerston12vs11Cadenza
Monday 14 July, 11.00am (Ashton Semi)Geebung-vs-Lechuza Caracas
Monday 14 July, 11.00am(Jack Gannon Semi)Grayshurst10vs6Talandracas
Round Gold Cup Quarter Final
Monday 14 July. 1pmLoro Piana9vs7Les Lions 2
Round Gold Cup Quarter Final
Monday 14 July. 3pm9vs10Brittany Polo Club
Round Ashton Silver Semi
Tuesday 15 July, 2.00pmApes Hill Club Barbados9vs10Lovelocks
Round Tatham CupSemi
Wednesday 16 July, 4.00pmBucking Broncos16vs10Atlantic Capital
Round Jack Gannon Semi
Sunday 13 July (revised time)Azzurra5vs8Les Lions
Round Gold Cup Semi Final (win match A v Win match D)
Thursday 17 July, 12.00pmLoro Piana14vs10Brittany Polo Club
Round Gold Cup Semi Final (win match B v Win match C)
Thursday 17 July, 4.00pmSumaya11vs14Ellerston
Round Final Tatham Cup
Saturday 19 July, 1.00pmBucking Broncos13vs11Yindarra
Round Final Ashton Cup
Saturday 19 July, 3.00pmLovelocks10vs9Lechuza Caracas
Round Final Jack Gannon Cup
Saturday 19 July, 5.00pmLes Lions9vs11Grayshurst
Round Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final
Sunday 20 July, 3.00pmLoro Piana11vs10Ellerston
Round John Cowdray Trophy
Sunday 20 July, 5.00pm8vs3.5Zacara

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