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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
BeaufortInternational - Beaufort Polo ClubOpen13-Jun13-Jun
High 22 Goal    
Guards Polo Club, WindsorThe Cartier Queens Cup17-22 Goal (WPT Championship Cup)19-May14-Jun
RCBPCThe Prince of Wales Trophy17 - 2206-Jun13-Jun
Cirencester Park Polo ClubThe Warwickshire Cup17-22 Goal (WPT Challenge Cup)16-Jun21-Jun
CowdrayJaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup - British OpenOpen/20-2223-Jun19-Jul
High 18 Goal    
CowdrayDuke of Sutherland’s Cup15 - 1817-May07-Jun
CirencesterThe Apsley Cup15 - 1810-Jun28-Jun
Coworth Park Polo Club/ Guards Polo ClubIndian Empire Shield15-18 Goal30-Jun18-Jul
Medium 15 Goal    
CowdrayCicero Cup12 - 1519-May06-Jun
Guards Polo Club, WindsorThe Bentley Royal Windsor Cup12-15 Goal (WPT - Challenge Cup)27-May21-Jun
GuardsMountbatten Cup12 - 1527-May21-Jun
PangbourneThe Caballus Challenge Cup12 - 1521-Jun10-Jul
RCBPCThe Eduardo Moore Tournament12 - 1524-Jun11-Jul
Medium 12 Goal    
BeaufortThe Prince of Wales’ Cup8 - 1226-May06-Jun
RCBPCThe John Prestwich Trophy8 - 1211-Jun27-Jun
GuardsPhoenician Cup6 - 1222-Jun05-Jul
RanelaghLifeBook 12 Goal Trophy10 - 1230-Jun05-Jul
CirencesterThe Queen Mother Trophy (Cirencester 12 Goal Ch'ship)8 - 1230-Jun12-Jul
Medium 10 Goal    
RCBPCThe Simon Holley 10 Goal Open Tournament 7 - 1002-Jun07-Jun
BeaufortThe Bat Cup0 - 1023-Jun05-Jul
Low 9 Goal    
Offchurch BuryNational Universities TournamentOpen05-Jun07-Jun
GuardsOxford v Cambridge Old Blues MatchOpen06-Jun06-Jun
GuardsOld Etonians v Old HarroviansOpen06-Jun06-Jun
GuardsEton v HarrowOpen06-Jun06-Jun
GuardsJack Wills Varsity TournamentOpen06-Jun06-Jun
LongdoleNational Girls' Schools TournamentOpen07-Jun07-Jun
KirtlingtonKPPC v SUPA Britian (Stephen Towler)Open13-Jun13-Jun
KirtlingtonSUPA National Schools Intermediate TournamentOpen21-Jun21-Jun
KirtlingtonSUPA National Senior Schools Combined TournamentOpen21-Jun21-Jun
KirtlingtonSUPA National Schools Under 16Open21-Jun21-Jun
KirtlingtonSUPA National Senior Schools ChampionshipOpen22-Jun22-Jun
RCBPCRCBPC v SUPA BritainOpen28-Jun28-Jun
Low 8 Goal    
CirencesterHumphrey Guiness Plate4 - 802-Jun14-Jun
GuardsThe Archie David Cup4 - 804-Jun28-Jun
GuardsCaterham Cup4 - 804-Jun28-Jun
EdgeworthIsa Trophy4 - 806-Jun07-Jun
CirencesterJunior Cavalary Cup4 - 809-Jun21-Jun
KirtlingtonSecretary's Cup4 - 816-Jun21-Jun
BurningfoldBurningfold 8 goal 4 - 818-Jun21-Jun
KirtlingtonThe Meyrick Cup4 - 830-Jun05-Jul
RCBPCThe Julian and Howard Hipwood Trophy4 - 830-Jun18-Jul
Low 6 Goal    
CirencesterCommittee Cup0 - 626-May07-Jun
KirtlingtonArlington Cup2 - 602-Jun07-Jun
FifieldPolo Performance Trophy2 - 606-Jun07-Jun
KirtlingtonDent Cup2 - 609-Jun14-Jun
RutlandThe Assam Cup2 - 611-Jun21-Jun
DBPCThe Chairman's Cup2 - 613-Jun14-Jun
White RoseThe Summit Cup2 - 613-Jun14-Jun
CirencesterMeadow Cup0 - 616-Jun28-Jun
RCBPCHenryk de Kawiatkowski 6 Goal Open Tournament4 - 6 18-Jun21-Jun
EastwoodMidsummer Charity Cup6 Goal20-Jun21-Jun
DBPCThe Stoneythorpe Cup2 - 623-Jun28-Jun
KirtlingtonBarlow Cup2 - 623-Jun28-Jun
Edgeworth6 Goal Championship0 - 627-Jun28-Jun
CheshireJunior County Cup2 - 629-Jun05-Jul
CirencesterNon-Playing Members Trophy0 - 630-Jun12-Jul
Low 4 Goal    
CambridgeCambridge Polo Club League0 - 423-May23-Aug
RanelaghCopa Don Beni2 - 406-Jun07-Jun
TidworthQueen's Royal Irish Hussars' Cup0 - 406-Jun07-Jun
CirencesterRJ Polo 4 Goal0 - 406-Jun14-Jun
WicklowStolen Spurs2 - 411-Jun14-Jun
Cambridge CountyGreenheath Tournament0 - 413-Jun14-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Gemini International Trophy2 - 413-Jun14-Jun
BeaufortThe Richard Underwood Cup0 - 413-Jun27-Jun
Druids LodgeThe India Trophy3 - 420-Jun21-Jun
HurtwoodCodys Challenge2 - 420-Jun21-Jun
LongdoleJohn Lucas Trophy0 - 420-Jun21-Jun
Offchurch BuryThe Offa Rex Trophy0 - 420-Jun21-Jun
TauntonRoyal Aden Cup0 - 420-Jun21-Jun
TidworthStrategic Shipping 10th Hussars' Cup0 - 424-Jun28-Jun
AscotAsian Art0 - 427-Jun28-Jun
Binfield HeathBorough Marsh Farm0 - 427-Jun28-Jun
RanelaghCopa De La Estancia2 - 427-Jun28-Jun
HamSummer Tournament0 - 430-Jun05-Jul
Low 3 Goal    
Vaux ParkSponsors Tournament0 - 327-Jun28-Jun
Low 2 Goal    
BeaufortThe Novices Cup-2 - 202-Jun13-Jun
BurningfoldBurnt Hill Cup0 - 204-Jun07-Jun
KirtlingtonThe Chukka Cup-2 - 204-Jun07-Jun
Binfield HeathJune Tournament0 - 206-Jun07-Jun
Druids LodgeThe June Trophy1 - 206-Jun07-Jun
HurtwoodBremont Watch Trophy-2 - 206-Jun07-Jun
RanksboroRanksboro 2 Goal0 - 206-Jun07-Jun
SussexHamptons International Polo Challenge-2 - 206-Jun07-Jun
TauntonJellalabad Cup0 - 206-Jun07-Jun
Vaux ParkChocolate Challenge-2 - 206-Jun07-Jun
Binfield HeathAnniversary Tournament0 - 213-Jun14-Jun
EpsomFathers Day Cup-2 - 213-Jun14-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Gemini International Trophy0 - 213-Jun14-Jun
New ForestKuseyo Memorial Trophy0 - 213-Jun14-Jun
RanelaghCommittee Cup0 - 213-Jun14-Jun
TidworthMixed Doubles-2 - 213-Jun14-Jun
KirtlingtonOmi Garner-2 - 216-Jun20-Jun
EastwoodMidsummer Charity Cup-2 - 220-Jun21-Jun
EdgeworthPolo Magazine Cup-2 - 220-Jun21-Jun
FifieldHarum Scarum Trophy0 - 220-Jun21-Jun
HamPetersham Bowl Intra-Club Challenge-2 - 220-Jun21-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Shield0 - 220-Jun21-Jun
SuffolkMansfield Tournament-4 - 220-Jun21-Jun
SussexSt James Wealth-2 - 220-Jun21-Jun
TidworthGrenadier Cup0 - 220-Jun21-Jun
Vaux ParkSponsors Tournament-2 - 220-Jun21-Jun
KirtlingtonBlack Sheep Trophy-2 - 223-Jun28-Jun
BurningfoldBlackdown Equine Clinic 2 goal0 - 225-Jun28-Jun
CheshireFox & Barrel Cup0 - 227-Jun28-Jun
White WalthamCanadian Bear Challenge Trophy (Canada Day)0 - 227-Jun28-Jun
Low 0 Goal & Below    
CambridgeCambridge Polo Club League-6 - 023-May23-Aug
White WalthamAmateur League Cup-2 - 003-Jun29-Jul
AscotThe Muriel Trophy-2 - 006-Jun07-Jun
New ForestRemnants Cup-4 - 006-Jun07-Jun
Silver LeysThe SG Cup-2 - 006-Jun07-Jun
TidworthQueen's Royal Irish Hussars' Cup-4 - 006-Jun07-Jun
White WalthamSummer Cup-2 - 006-Jun07-Jun
RanksboroRanksboro -2 Goal-6 - -206-Jun07-Jun
RugbyThe Toft Shield-6 - -206-Jun07-Jun
Silver LeysThe SG Cup-6 - -206-Jun07-Jun
SussexHamptons International Polo Challenge-6 - -206-Jun07-Jun
White WalthamVeteran's Match HAC v Grenadier Guards  -4 - 013-Jun13-Jun
Cambridge CountyGreenheath Tournament-4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
DBPCThe Player's Cup-4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
KirtlingtonSonara Classic-4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
New ForestFellowship Cup-2 - 013-Jun14-Jun
SussexSummer Shield-4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
TauntonFriendship Cup-4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
West WycombeChairmans Cup-2 - 013-Jun14-Jun
White RoseCharlie Phillips Cup-4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
White WalthamHelp for Heroes Combined Forces Trophy-2 - 013-Jun14-Jun
CheshireVladivar Cup-4 - -113-Jun14-Jun
TidworthMixed Doubles-6 - -213-Jun14-Jun
West WycombeChairmans Cup-6 - -213-Jun14-Jun
RutlandFindlay Trophy-4 - 016-Jun21-Jun
All IrelandAll Ireland Polo Challenge0 Goal20-Jun21-Jun
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Shield-2 - 020-Jun21-Jun
Offchurch BuryThe Offa Rex Trophy-4 - 020-Jun21-Jun
RanelaghCopa La Brava-2 - 020-Jun21-Jun
Silver LeysPresidents Cup-2 - 020-Jun21-Jun
TidworthGrenadier Cup-4 - 020-Jun21-Jun
White WalthamChallenger Lighting Tournament-2 - 020-Jun21-Jun
AscotRichmond Horse Cup-4 - -220-Jun21-Jun
Silver LeysPresidents Cup-6 - -220-Jun21-Jun
SussexSt James Wealth-6 - -220-Jun21-Jun
EpsomVictory Day Cup-6 - -420-Jun21-Jun
MoyneMoyne Polo Midsummer Invitational-2 - 021-Jun21-Jun
TidworthQueens Royal Lancers Cup-4 - 024-Jun28-Jun
TidworthPresidents Cup-6 - -224-Jun28-Jun
Binfield HeathBorough Marsh Farm-4 - 027-Jun28-Jun
DBPCThe Champagne Cup-4 - 027-Jun28-Jun
EpsomThe Armed Forces Day-4 - 027-Jun28-Jun
HurtwoodThe Gaucho Cup-4 - 027-Jun28-Jun
New ForestKing Garns Cup: Mixed Doubles-2 - 027-Jun28-Jun
SussexThimble Cup-4 - 027-Jun28-Jun
TauntonThe Summer Tournament-2 - 027-Jun28-Jun
West WycombeAmateur Cup-2 - 027-Jun28-Jun
CheshireVicarage & White Lion Cup-4 - -127-Jun28-Jun
West WycombeAmateur Cup-6 - -227-Jun28-Jun
FHMStickhedz Trophy-8 - -427-Jun27-Jun
Combined Services    
RMASRMAS Heritage Open DayOpen14-Jun14-Jun
Billingbear Park/ Aningsley Park/ Highfield FarmThe UK 2015 Kids Polo Tour20-Jun21-Jun
Ranksboro2nd Annual Midlands Ladies Polo Championship 0 - 213-Jun14-Jun
Ranksboro2nd Annual Midlands Ladies Polo Championship -4 - 013-Jun14-Jun
Ranksboro2nd Annual Midlands Ladies Polo Championship -8 - -413-Jun14-Jun
Vaux ParkLadies TournamentOpen13-Jun14-Jun
BlueysLadies Sugar Bowl Tournament-4 - 020-Jun21-Jun
Vale of YorkCrown Hotel PlateOpen29-Apr23-Sep
Druids LodgeSpring Trophy (Spring League Finals)Open02-May28-Jun
HeathfieldThe Asker CupOpen06-Jun07-Jun
Lacey GreenSponsored Challenge MatchesOpen06-Jun07-Jun
Vale of YorkKRS Cup Open14-Jun14-Jun
KirtlingtonRupert Thorneloe Memorial TrophyOpen21-Jun21-Jun
St AlbansPolo for HeroesOpen27-Jun27-Jun
SuffolkSuffolk v NorfolkOpen27-Jun27-Jun
SuffolkNewmarket Festival Polo MatchOpen27-Jun27-Jun
Lacey GreenLondon Business ChampionshipOpen27-Jun28-Jun
Vale of YorkConservative CupOpen28-Jun28-Jun

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