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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeHigh-goal Bronze Cup20-2226-Jul01-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeLow-goal Silver Cup4-602-Aug14-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeHigh-goal Silver Cup20-2202-Aug15-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeMedium-goal Silver Cup10-1202-Aug14-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeHigh-goal Gold Cup20-2216-Aug30-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeLow-goal Gold Cup4-616-Aug29-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeMedium-goal Gold Cup10-1216-Aug29-Aug
High 18 Goal    
CowdrayCowdray Challenge15 - 1821-Jul03-Aug
GuardsDuke of Cornwall12 - 1629-Jul10-Aug
Medium 15 Goal    
CowdrayHarrison Cup12 - 1521-Jul02-Aug
CirencesterNational 15 Goal Championship (County Cup)12 - 1504-Aug17-Aug
Medium 12 Goal    
HamDubai Trophy8 - 1229-Jul08-Aug
GuardsDuke of Wellington Trophy8 - 1229-Jul16-Aug
CowdrayMid Summer 12 Goal8 - 1204-Aug25-Aug
CirencesterCheltenham Cup8 - 1226-Aug07-Sep
RCBPC8 - 12 Goal Championship8 - 1226-Aug31-Aug
GuardsAutumn Nations10 - 1227-Aug13-Sep
Medium 10 Goal    
RCBPCPolo Festival7 - 1028-Jul09-Aug
BeaufortThe Non-Playing Members Cup0 - 1001-Aug10-Aug
CirencesterChairmans Cup6 - 1013-Aug23-Aug
RCBPC7 - 10 Goal Open Tournament7 - 1018-Aug24-Aug
Low 8 Goal    
CowdrayHolden White Challenge Cup4 - 818-Jul03-Aug
Druids LodgeBalaclava Trophy6 - 829-Jul10-Aug
GuardsTown & County Championship4 - 829-Jul17-Aug
CowdrayBrecknock Cup4 - 804-Aug24-Aug
BeaufortWichenford Bowl4 - 816-Aug25-Aug
KirtlingtonThe Oxfordshire Bowl4 - 819-Aug25-Aug
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships8 Goal31-Aug31-Aug
Low 6 Goal    
GuardsThe Flemish Farm Trophy2 - 615-Jul03-Aug
Hurtwood6 Goal Challenge0 - 629-Jul03-Aug
KirtlingtonSeeneys Tournament2 - 629-Jul03-Aug
TauntonHouldsworth Cup2 - 631-Jul03-Aug
DBPCThe Burma Bowl2 - 602-Aug03-Aug
FifieldBarsito Trophy2 - 602-Aug03-Aug
BeaufortSomerville Livingstone-Learmonth 0 - 602-Aug16-Aug
KirtlingtonBudgett Everett Trophy2 - 605-Aug17-Aug
AscotWhaka Cup4 - 609-Aug10-Aug
ChesterChester Summer Salver6 Goal09-Aug10-Aug
HamRoehampton Cup2 - 612-Aug24-Aug
CowdrayWest Sussex Cup6 Goal12-Aug30-Aug
New ForestBlue Jackets Summer Tournament4 - 614-Aug17-Aug
CirencesterKingscote Cup2 - 618-Aug06-Sep
RCBPC4-6 Goal Open Tournament4 - 6 20-Aug25-Aug
KneppSotheby's, Lycetts and Savills 6 Goal0 - 623-Aug25-Aug
Binfield HeathPolo Manager's Trophy4 - 630-Aug31-Aug
Low 4 Goal    
CambridgeCambridge Polo Club League0 - 424-May24-Aug
CowdrayLodsworth Cup4 Goal28-Jul10-Aug
Vaux ParkSomerset Tournament2 - 429-Jul03-Aug
CheshireJean Kewley Trophy0 - 402-Aug03-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament0 - 402-Aug03-Aug
LongdoleKaimira Plate0 - 402-Aug03-Aug
Cambridge CountyFen Tiger Tournament0 - 409-Aug10-Aug
FifieldJo Hamed Memorial Trophy0 - 409-Aug10-Aug
Lacey GreenIcarus Cup2 - 409-Aug10-Aug
Offchurch BuryThe Collett Cup0 - 409-Aug10-Aug
TidworthKing's Royal Hussars' Cup0 - 409-Aug10-Aug
White WalthamAdamas Tournament2 - 409-Aug10-Aug
Cheshire Indart Cup0 - 415-Aug16-Aug
Binfield HeathChairman's Trophy0 - 416-Aug17-Aug
DundeeHighland Ball Tournament0 - 416-Aug17-Aug
EdgeworthLast Days of the Raj0 - 416-Aug17-Aug
RanelaghCopa Argentina2 - 416-Aug17-Aug
RugbyThe Miller Cup0 - 416-Aug17-Aug
KirtlingtonThe Lousada Trophy0 - 419-Aug30-Aug
BurningfoldAlfold Bowl0 - 421-Aug24-Aug
DBPCThe Tusk Trophy0 - 423-Aug24-Aug
Lacey GreenBank Holiday Cup0 - 423-Aug24-Aug
Vaux ParkMixed Tournament0 - 423-Aug24-Aug
GuardsThe Smith's Lawn Bowl0 - 423-Aug25-Aug
BeaufortSolitaire Salver0 - 426-Aug07-Sep
CowdrayPark House Cup4 Goal26-Aug07-Sep
Druids LodgeSalisbury Cup3 - 426-Aug07-Sep
CheshireNewhall Cup0 - 429-Aug30-Aug
Cambridge CountyHarvest Hawkie Tournament0 - 430-Aug31-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Trophy Centre Cup0 - 430-Aug31-Aug
TidworthFrost Cup0 - 430-Aug31-Aug
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament 0 - 431-Aug01-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships4 Goal31-Aug31-Aug
Low 3 Goal    
KirtlingtonAugust Chukka Cup-1 - 312-Aug17-Aug
Low 2 Goal    
RCBPCPolo Festival-2 - 228-Jul09-Aug
Binfield HeathAugust Tournament-2 - 202-Aug03-Aug
RanelaghCopa De Agosto0 - 202-Aug03-Aug
SussexTerence Lent Trophy-2 - 202-Aug03-Aug
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy0 - 202-Aug03-Aug
W WycombeCountryside Cup-2 - 202-Aug03-Aug
WaterfordEduardo Albaraccine Trophy0 - 202-Aug04-Aug
HurtwoodErin's Plate-2 - 205-Aug10-Aug
KirtlingtonDashwood Trophy-2 - 205-Aug10-Aug
GuardsThe Crawford Cup0 - 208-Aug10-Aug
CheshireKnight's of Anvil Bowl0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
EdgeworthThe Amir Trophy0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
Lacey GreenIcarus Cup0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
RanksboroRanksboro 2 Goal0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
TauntonClaque Cup0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
Vaux ParkChallenge Cup-2 - 209-Aug10-Aug
White RoseYorkshire Open0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
Druids LodgeEmerson Trophy1 - 212-Aug24-Aug
BeverleyBPC 11 Anniversary-1 - 215-Aug16-Aug
AscotAugustine Cup-2 - 216-Aug17-Aug
CheshireFarewell Cup0 - 216-Aug17-Aug
EpsomGeneral's Cup-2 - 216-Aug17-Aug
SussexAugust Cup-2 - 216-Aug17-Aug
TidworthCanada Cup0 - 216-Aug17-Aug
HurtwoodClub Friendly Tournament-2 - 221-Aug24-Aug
Binfield HeathAlpha Suisse0 - 223-Aug24-Aug
EastwoodEastwood Challenge Shield-2 - 223-Aug24-Aug
Longdole2 Goal Tournament-2 - 223-Aug24-Aug
TauntonOrchard Portman Trophy0 - 223-Aug24-Aug
CheshireThe Harlequins Trophy0 - 223-Aug25-Aug
FifieldLa Alameda Trophy0 - 223-Aug25-Aug
RanelaghCopa Corona0 - 223-Aug25-Aug
White WalthamCarlitos Polo Bronze 3 day Tournament0 - 223-Aug25-Aug
EdgeworthStroud Farm Services 2 Goal0 - 223-Aug31-Aug
GuardsMajor Generals Trophy0 - 229-Aug31-Aug
CheshireThe New Hall Cup0 - 230-Aug31-Aug
LongdoleFarewell Tournament-2 - 230-Aug31-Aug
RugbyThe Rose Cup-2 - 230-Aug31-Aug
SussexLingfield Equine Vets Cup-2 - 230-Aug31-Aug
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships2 Goal31-Aug31-Aug
BurningfoldBurningfold 2 Goal0 - 204-Sep07-Aug
Low 1 Goal    
RutlandThe Ruddles Cup-3 - 123-Aug25-Aug
Low 0 Goal & Below    
CambridgeCambridge Polo Club League-6 - 024-May24-Aug
CheshireJean Kewley Trophy-1 - 001-Aug02-Aug
DBPCThe Middleton Cup-4 - 001-Aug02-Aug
CheshireCauseway Racing Cup-6 - -201-Aug02-Aug
AscotAscot Park Cup-2 - 002-Aug03-Aug
DBPCThe Red Square Cup-4 - 002-Aug03-Aug
EdgeworthClinton's Trophy-2 - 002-Aug03-Aug
KirtlingtonBlind Date-6 - 002-Aug03-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament-2 - 002-Aug03-Aug
New ForestCelebration Cup-4 - 002-Aug03-Aug
RutlandThe Bronze Horse-4 - 002-Aug03-Aug
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-4 - 002-Aug03-Aug
White WalthamBelmont Vets Cup-2 - 002-Aug03-Aug
WaterfordCoolfin Cup-4 - 002-Aug04-Aug
CheshireCauseway Racing Cup-4 - -102-Aug03-Aug
SussexTerence Lent Trophy-6 - -202-Aug03-Aug
W WycombeCountryside Cup-6 - -202-Aug03-Aug
RutlandThe Wilkinson Sword-8 - -402-Aug03-Aug
SussexTestosterone Trophy -4 - 006-Aug10-Aug
BurningfoldLoxwood Cup0 Goal07-Aug10-Aug
Cambridge CountyFen Tiger Tournament-4 - 009-Aug10-Aug
HurtwoodAugust Challenge0 Goal09-Aug10-Aug
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 009-Aug10-Aug
Offchurch BuryThe Collett Cup-4 - 009-Aug10-Aug
RanelaghChairman's Trophy-2 - 009-Aug10-Aug
Silver LeysJ Mathies & Memorial-2 - 009-Aug10-Aug
CheshireCPC Trophy-4 - -109-Aug10-Aug
Silver LeysJ Mathies & Memorial-6 - -209-Aug10-Aug
RanksboroRanksboro -2 Goal-6 - -209-Aug10-Aug
TauntonThe Lo Wu Cup-4 - -209-Aug10-Aug
TidworthKing's Royal Hussars' Cup-6 - -209-Aug10-Aug
White RoseYorkshire Open-1 - -409-Aug10-Aug
White RoseYorkshire Open-6 - -809-Aug10-Aug
New ForestPunch Bowl Trophy-6 - 010-Aug10-Aug
BeverleySpanky Bowl-6 - -215-Aug16-Aug
RugbyThe WPPG Cup-2 - 016-Aug17-Aug
TidworthCanada Cup-4 - 016-Aug17-Aug
White WalthamCarugh Cup-4 - 016-Aug17-Aug
CheshireCPC Barbados Cup-4 - -116-Aug17-Aug
RugbyThe C Cup-6 - -216-Aug17-Aug
SussexAugust Cup-6 - -216-Aug17-Aug
FHMEssinghigh Trophy-8 - -416-Aug16-Aug
CheshireThe Harlequins Trophy-1 - 022-Aug23-Aug
CheshireCPC Trophy-6 - -222-Aug23-Aug
DBPCThe Summer Cup-2 - 023-Aug24-Aug
Lacey GreenBank Holiday Cup-2 - 023-Aug24-Aug
MoyneMoyne Plate-2 - 023-Aug24-Aug
SussexBack to School Trophy-4 - 023-Aug24-Aug
Silver LeysPrint On Demand-2 - 023-Aug24-Aug
TidworthDruids Sickle Gentlemen's Tournament-4 - 023-Aug24-Aug
AscotRobert Burke Trophy-2 - 023-Aug25-Aug
KirtlingtonRousham Trophy-4 - 023-Aug25-Aug
CheshireHollies Farm Shop Trophy-4 - -123-Aug25-Aug
New ForestStick and Ball Trophy-6 - -223-Aug24-Aug
Silver LeysPrint on Demand-6 - -223-Aug24-Aug
RutlandSandicliffe Cup-6 - -323-Aug25-Aug
Asthall FarmPapago Cup-4 - 030-Aug31-Aug
Binfield HeathPolo Manager's Trophy-2 - 030-Aug31-Aug
Cambridge CountyHarvest Hawkie Tournament-4 - 030-Aug31-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Trophy Centre Cup-2 - 030-Aug31-Aug
New ForestSiamese Cup-6 - 030-Aug31-Aug
RanelaghSeptember Cup-2 - 030-Aug31-Aug
RugbyThe BB Challenge-4 - 030-Aug31-Aug
TauntonSilverwood Trophy-2 - 030-Aug31-Aug
White WalthamArena Tournament-2 - 030-Aug31-Aug
W WycombeLakeside Cup-4 - 030-Aug31-Aug
CheshireHeywood Trophy-4 - -130-Aug31-Aug
RugbyThe No Pro Challenge-6 - -230-Aug31-Aug
SussexLingfield Equine Vets Cup-6 - -230-Aug31-Aug
TidworthFrost Cup-6 - -230-Aug31-Aug
FHMFSW Charity Day-8 - -430-Aug30-Aug
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships0 Goal31-Aug31-Aug
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-6 - -431-Aug31-Aug
W WycombeLakeside Cup-8 - -431-Aug31-Aug
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-8 - -631-Aug31-Aug
Young England    
CowdrayThe Colts CupOpen12-Aug14-Aug
HamStagshead Trophy/BBVA/KingfisherOpen17-Aug17-Aug
RutlandEngland Colts v Scotland ColtsOpen20-Aug20-Aug
KirtlingtonAlan BudgettOpen23-Aug23-Aug
Combined Services    
TidworthSassoon Cup (Army v RAF)Open02-Aug02-Aug
RMASEFG Bicentennial TrophyOpen03-Aug03-Aug
TidworthAGC CupOpen25-Aug25-Aug
Schools and Universities    
CheshireSUPA Home Nations CupInvitation23-Aug24-Aug
Pony Club    
TidworthQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen03-Aug04-Aug
HurtwoodJorrocks ChampionshipsOpen06-Aug06-Aug
CowdrayPony Club ChampionshipsOpen08-Aug10-Aug
BeaufortThe Beaufort Ladies Tournament0 - 425-Jul03-Aug
RCBPCPolo Festival LadiesOpen28-Jul09-Aug
EpsomLadies Tournament-2 - 202-Aug03-Aug
White RoseLadies TournamentOpen03-Aug03-Aug
KirtlingtonThorneloe Ladies TournamentOpen09-Aug09-Aug
RanelaghRanelagh Farm Ladies0 - 209-Aug10-Aug
SussexLadies Trophy-6 - -209-Aug10-Aug
HeathfieldTie Polo (Ladies Tournament)Open16-Aug17-Aug
WicklowInternational Ladies Invitational Tournament-4 - 016-Aug17-Aug
TidworthLa Chamiza Ladies TournamentOpen23-Aug24-Aug
DundeeLadies Cup0 - 430-Aug31-Aug
Vale of YorkCrown Hotel PlateOpen30-Apr24-Sep
BlueysCharity WeekendOpen02-Aug03-Aug
Vale of YorkFreed Beeches MatchOpen02-Aug02-Aug
Vale of YorkDickinson Wood/Canine PartnersOpen10-Aug10-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Ridgeway CupOpen16-Aug17-Aug
TauntonPolo Managers ChoiceOpen16-Aug17-Aug
Vaux ParkSponsors WeekendOpen16-Aug17-Aug
W WycombeQuatro Amigos FamilyOpen16-Aug17-Aug
Vale of YorkBawtry Cup/Aurora Cancer CentreOpen17-Aug17-Aug
Vale of YorkChurch CupOpen22-Aug22-Aug
Vale of YorkEpworth Show CupOpen25-Aug25-Aug
LongdoleLongdole Junior TournamentOpen28-Aug29-Aug
Vale of YorkChurch CupOpen30-Aug30-Aug
Druids LodgeHarvest Cup (Summer League Finals)Open30-Aug31-Aug
Vaux ParkAutumn ChallengeOpen30-Aug31-Aug
KirtlingtonPeagram CupOpen31-Aug31-Aug

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