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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
Chester RacecourseAudi International (Eng v The Rest of the World)Open07-Sep07-Sep
St Brelades Bay, JerseyJersey Beach PoloTBC20-Sep20-Sep
Santa Maria, SotograndeMedium-goal Gold Cup10-1219-Aug01-Sep
Santa Maria, SotograndeLow-goal Gold Cup4-620-Aug01-Sep
Saint Tropez Polo ClubGold Cup8-1205-Sep15-Sep
Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, FranceFrench Open14-1606-Sep21-Sep
Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, FranceCoupe Giuliana 6-807-Sep22-Sep
Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, FranceLadies' French Open8-1210-Sep21-Sep
Jockey Club, ArgentinaJockey Club Open34-4010-Sep22-Sep
Tang Polo Club, BeijingRoyal Salute China Open1219-Sep21-Sep
Tortugas, ArgentinaTortugas Open 34-4024-Sep12-Oct
Various clubs, ArgentinaHurlingham and Argentine Open qualifiers Open26-Sep10-Oct
Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, FranceChampionnat de France6-828-Sep06-Oct
Kurri Burri Polo Club, AustraliaK.H. Marshall Cup1628-Sep29-Sep
Medium 12 Goal    
RCBPC8 - 12 Goal Championship8 - 1227-Aug01-Sep
Cirencester ParkCheltenham Cup8 - 1227-Aug08-Sep
GuardsAutumn Nations - Kerry Packer 10 - 1201-Sep15-Sep
Cowdray ParkAutumn League8 - 1209-Sep22-Sep
Medium 10 Goal    
RCBPCThe Lambourne Trophy7 - 1014-Sep21-Sep
Low 8 Goal    
Ascot ParkPro-Am City Polo Championships8 Goal01-Sep01-Sep
RCBPC4 - 8 Goal Open Tournament4 - 802-Sep08-Sep
DBPCThe September Cup4 - 807-Sep08-Sep
Low 6 Goal    
Cowdray ParkWest Sussex Cup6 Goal12-Aug01-Sep
Cirencester ParkKingscote Cup2 - 620-Aug07-Sep
Binfield HeathPolo Manager's Trophy4 - 631-Aug01-Sep
Kirtlington ParkHunter Jones4 - 603-Sep08-Sep
FifieldSeptember Autumn Cup0 - 607-Sep08-Sep
Vaux ParkFarewell Match-2 - 607-Sep08-Sep
BeaufortThe Sidebottom Cup0 - 607-Sep15-Sep
RCBPC4-6 Goal Open Tournament4 - 611-Sep15-Sep
DBPCThe Clare Challenge2 - 614-Sep15-Sep
DBPCThe Farewell Trophy6 Goal21-Sep22-Sep
Low 4 Goal    
BeaufortSolitaire Salver0 - 427-Aug08-Sep
Kirtlington ParkThe Lousada Trophy0 - 429-Aug01-Sep
Cambridge CountyHarvest Hawkie Tournament0 - 431-Aug01-Sep
DBPCThe Arthingworth Cup0 - 431-Aug01-Sep
TidworthFrost Cup0 - 431-Aug01-Sep
Lacey GreenIcarus Cup0 - 431-Aug02-Sep
Ascot ParkPro-Am City Polo Championships4 Goal01-Sep01-Sep
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament 0 - 401-Sep02-Sep
Cowdray ParkLodsworth Cup4 Goal05-Sep08-Sep
Druids LodgeSalisbury Cup3 - 407-Sep08-Sep
EdgeworthHayden-Tovey Trophy0 - 407-Sep08-Sep
EpsomThe NATO Cup0 - 407-Sep08-Sep
RanelaghCopa Familiar2 - 407-Sep08-Sep
Kirtlington ParkGroundsmans Cup0 - 410-Sep15-Sep
CheshireLovatt Claret Jug2 - 414-Sep15-Sep
DBPCMidland's 4 Goal Championship0 - 414-Sep15-Sep
DBPCThe Dallas Burston Gold Cup0 - 414-Sep15-Sep
DundeeAutumn Tournament0 - 421-Sep22-Sep
EpsomSt Francis Trophy2 - 421-Sep22-Sep
RCBPC0 - 4 Goal Trophy0 - 424-Sep29-Sep
Low 3 Goal    
HamBilly Walsh Tournament0 - 317-Sep22-Sep
Low 2 Goal    
EdgeworthStroud Farm Services 2 Goal0 - 224-Aug01-Sep
CheshireKen Irlam Memorial Cup0 - 231-Aug01-Sep
LongdoleFarewell Tournament-2 - 231-Aug01-Sep
RanksboroRanksboro 2 Goal0 - 231-Aug01-Sep
White WalthamArena Tournament0 - 231-Aug01-Sep
Ascot ParkPro-Am City Polo Championships2 Goal01-Sep01-Sep
HurtwoodSeptember Cup-2 - 204-Sep08-Sep
BurningfoldBurningfold 2 goal0 - 205-Sep08-Aug
CheshirePolo Player Trophy0 - 207-Sep08-Sep
Lacey GreenSponsors Cup0 - 207-Sep08-Sep
New ForestHolly Hill Cup-2 - 207-Sep08-Sep
RugbyThe BGD Cup-2 - 207-Sep08-Sep
Silver LeysHarvest Cup-2 - 207-Sep08-Sep
SuffolkRaging Bull Tournament-4 - 207-Sep08-Sep
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy0 - 207-Sep08-Sep
BeverleyEnd of Season Tournament-1 - 214-Sep15-Sep
Binfield HeathCorney & Barrow Cup0 - 214-Sep15-Sep
Cambridge CountyFarewell Tournament-2 - 214-Sep15-Sep
EastwoodAutumn Trophy-2 - 214-Sep15-Sep
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Trophy Centre Cup0 - 214-Sep15-Sep
LeadenhamEnd of Season Tournament-2 - 214-Sep15-Sep
RanelaghCopa De Oto?o0 - 214-Sep15-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-2 - 214-Sep15-Sep
White WalthamHelp for Heroes Combined Forces Trophy (RMA Sandhurst)0 - 214-Sep15-Sep
Hurtwood ParkEnd of Season0 - 217-Sep22-Sep
BurningfoldCombe Cup0 - 219-Sep22-Sep
Beaufort2 Goal Festival-2 - 221-Sep22-Sep
Lacey GreenSponsors Cup0 - 221-Sep22-Sep
Silver LeysSurvivors Challenge-2 - 221-Sep22-Sep
TauntonEnd of Season Tournament-2 - 221-Sep22-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup0 - 221-Sep22-Sep
HeathfieldThe Asker Summer Cup2 Goal28-Sep29-Sep
Lacey GreenFarewell Cup0 - 228-Sep29-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-2 - 228-Sep29-Sep
Low 0 Goal & Below    
Asthall FarmPapago Cup-4 - 031-Aug01-Sep
Binfield HeathPolo Manager's Trophy-2 - 031-Aug01-Sep
Cambridge CountyHarvest Hawkie Tournament-4 - 031-Aug01-Sep
DBPCThe Player's Cup-4 - 031-Aug01-Sep
New ForestSiamese Cup-6 - 031-Aug01-Sep
RanelaghSeptember Cup-2 - 031-Aug01-Sep
RanksboroRanksboro 0 Goal-4 - 031-Aug01-Sep
SussexLingfield Equine Vets Cup-4 - 031-Aug01-Sep
Lacey GreenIcarus Cup-6 - 031-Aug02-Sep
CheshireHeywood Trophy-3 - -131-Aug01-Sep
TidworthFrost Cup-6 - -231-Aug01-Sep
Vale of YorkParkinsons Polo in the Park-6 - -231-Aug01-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships0 Goal01-Sep01-Sep
Ascot ParkPro-Am City Polo Championships-6 - -401-Sep01-Sep
SussexCounty Polo 3-A-Side-6 - -401-Sep01-Sep
Ascot ParkPro-Am City Polo Championships-8 - -601-Sep01-Sep
Vale of YorkEpworth Show Tournament-6 - -202-Sep02-Sep
Kirtlington ParkAutumn Plate -4 - 003-Sep08-Sep
Vale of YorkChatsworth Country Fair Tournament-6 - -206-Sep08-Sep
Ascot ParkAscot Park Trophy-2 - 007-Sep08-Sep
Blueys0 Goal Tournament-4 - 007-Sep08-Sep
Lacey GreenSponsors Cup-6 - 007-Sep08-Sep
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 007-Sep08-Sep
RugbyThe Manyatta Cup-4 - 007-Sep08-Sep
RutlandSeavill Bowl-4 - 007-Sep08-Sep
TauntonSarafand Cup-3 - 007-Sep08-Sep
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-4 - 007-Sep08-Sep
WaterfordRonan Group-4 - 007-Sep08-Sep
West WycombeLakeside Cup-2 - 007-Sep08-Sep
White WalthamLuff Cup-2 - 007-Sep08-Sep
Silver LeysHarvest Cup-6 - -207-Sep08-Sep
SussexLast Chance Novices-6 - -207-Sep08-Sep
West WycombeLakeside Cup-8 - -207-Sep08-Sep
TauntonStick 'n Ball Trophy-8 - -407-Sep08-Sep
Hurtwood ParkStable Challenge0 Goal10-Sep15-Sep
CheshireLovatt Cup-4 - 014-Sep15-Sep
DBPCThe Tusk Trophy-2 - 014-Sep15-Sep
EdgeworthThe Last Chance-2 - 014-Sep15-Sep
FifieldAdrenalina Trophy and Challenges-4 - 014-Sep15-Sep
Lacey GreenCountry Style Polo-6 - 014-Sep15-Sep
SussexHarvest Challenge-4 - 014-Sep15-Sep
TauntonHatchmoor Vets Cup-4 - 014-Sep15-Sep
WicklowEnd of Season Tournament-4 - 014-Sep15-Sep
Ascot ParkRangitiki Trophy-4 - -214-Sep15-Sep
BeverleyConej and Diosa Cup-6 - -214-Sep15-Sep
Cambridge CountyFarewell Tournament-6 - -214-Sep15-Sep
LeadenhamThe Autumn Cup-6 - -214-Sep15-Sep
New ForestFarewell Match-6 - -214-Sep15-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-6 - -214-Sep15-Sep
EpsomSt Francis Day Cup-6 - -414-Sep15-Sep
LeadenhamPapita Trophy-8 - -614-Sep15-Sep
Vale of YorkNorthern Racing College Cup-6 - -215-Sep15-Sep
SussexCounty Polo 3-A-Side-6 - -415-Sep15-Sep
Binfield HeathBHPC Tournament-4 - 021-Sep22-Sep
HeathfieldThe Baileys Horse Feed Cup0 Goal21-Sep22-Sep
Lacey GreenSponsors Cup-6 - 021-Sep22-Sep
RanelaghCopa Ranelagh Farm-2 - 021-Sep22-Sep
RugbyThe Lagrima Trophy-4 - 021-Sep22-Sep
SussexFarewell Tounament-4 - 021-Sep22-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup-4 - 021-Sep22-Sep
White WalthamEsperanza Trophy-2 - 021-Sep22-Sep
CheshireEnd of Season Trophy-6 - -121-Sep22-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 2-6 - -221-Sep22-Sep
Silver LeysSurvivors Challenge-6 - -221-Sep22-Sep
Vale of YorkPrestige Plate - Doncaster Cancer Detection-6 - -221-Sep22-Sep
FHMFalcon Equine Feeds Tournament-8 - -421-Sep21-Sep
Hurtwood ParkFarewell Cup0 Goal23-Sep29-Sep
Binfield HeathFarewell Tournament-4 - 028-Sep29-Sep
Lacey GreenFarewell Cup-4 - 0 28-Sep29-Sep
Lacey GreenCountry Style Polo-6 - 0 28-Sep29-Sep
Offchurch BuryThe Prancing Ponies 0 Goal Championships-4 - 0 28-Sep29-Sep
White WalthamMar del Plata Shield-2 - 028-Sep29-Sep
Vale of YorkNo 1 Law Ladies Bowl-6 - -228-Sep28-Sep
HeathfieldThe Atrium Cup-2 Goal28-Sep29-Sep
Offchurch BuryThe Warwick Cup-6 - -228-Sep29-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-6 - -228-Sep29-Sep
FHMFHM Rose Bowl-8 - -428-Sep28-Sep
SussexCounty Polo 3-A-Side-6 - -428-Sep29-Sep
Vale of YorkNorth East Construction Bowl-6 - -229-Sep29-Sep
Lacey GreenBeginners Cup-8 - -429-Sep30-Sep
Combined Services    
TauntonFaulkner Cup (RN v Taunton)Open01-Sep01-Sep
GuardsMajor Generals Cup0 - 206-Sep08-Sep
Schools & Universities    
TidworthUniversity Officer Training Corps TournamentOpen04-Sep04-Sep
DundeeLadies Cup0 - 431-Aug01-Sep
Vale of YorkGranger Appleyard Ladies Tournament-6 - -228-Sep28-Sep
TauntonEthiopian ShieldOpen31-Aug01-Sep
Vaux ParkAutumn ChallengeOpen31-Aug01-Sep
White RoseYeo 2x2 Open31-Aug01-Sep
TidworthGrooms TournamentOpen06-Sep06-Sep
CambridgeExhibition Polo Match and BallOpen07-Sep07-Sep
White RoseAmigo TournamentOpen07-Sep08-Sep
Druids LodgeClock Tower TrophyOpen14-Sep15-Sep
West WycombeThe Indian Summer TrophyOpen21-Sep22-Sep
White RoseJunior TournamentOpen22-Sep22-Sep
Lacey GreenBeginners CupOpen28-Sep29-Sep
RanelaghCopa Fin De TemporadaOpen28-Sep29-Sep
Dates for the diary    
RussiaBritish Polo DayOpen07-Sep07-Sep
SingaporeBritish Polo DayOpen28-Sep28-Sep

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