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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
CowdrayThe St. Regis International Cup (England vs USA)Open19-May19-May
Marriners Farm, HampshirePolo at MarrinersOpen27-May27-May
La Aguada, ArgentinaLa Aguada Polo Club Open3024-Apr02-May
Puesto Viejo, ArgentinaCopa Vicky Baker2-601-May13-May
Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, FranceCoupe PGH10-1205-May20-May
Kurri Burri, Australia Jeep Kurri Burri Classic Polo Tournamentopen13-May13-May
Windsor, Australia Windsor Annual 0-817-May20-May
El Rey Polo Club, Puerto Morelos, MexicoCopa del ReyTBC17-May20-May
Puesto Viejo, ArgentinaFarewell Cup0-422-May27-May
Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, FranceCoupe Laversine Challenge Elie de Rostchild10-1226-May10-Jun
Cancun, MexicoCancun Beach Polo CupTBC26-May27-May
Windsor, AustraliaRiverlands Autumn Ladies 0-826-May27-May
High 22 Goal    
Cowdray ParkJaeger-LeCoultre Trippetts Challenge20-2212-May20-May
GuardsThe Cartier Queen's Cup17-2222-May17-Jun
High 18 Goal    
CoworthIndian Empire Shield15 - 1801-May18-May
HurtwoodPolo Masters18 Goal01-May13-May
CowdrayDuke of Sutherland’s Cup15 - 1826-May10-Jun
Other High Goal    
CirencesterCirencester 0 - 40 Goal Tournament0 - 4028-Apr13-May
Medium 15 Goal    
Guards Polo ClubThe La Martina Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Centenary Trophy1505-May20-May
BeaufortThe Arthur Lucas Cup12 - 15 24-May04-Jun
Medium 12 Goal    
Cowdray ParkTyro Cup1206-May13-May
BeaufortWestonbirt Arboretum Tournament8 - 1207-May20-May
CowdrayDollar Cup8 - 1215-May27-May
RCBPCThe John Prestwich Trophy8 - 1229-May10-Jun
Low 8 Goal    
BeaufortThe Badminton Cup4 - 825-Apr07-May
FifieldMann Financial4 - 809-May20-May
GuardsCommittee Cup4 - 810-May27-May
Longdole4 - 8 Goal Tournament4 - 811-May20-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The Jordan Cup4 - 812-May13-May
CirencesterGerald Balding Cup4 - 815-May03-Jun
RCBPC4 - 8 Goal Open Tournament4 - 822-May27-May
AscotInnerwick Challenge Cup4 - 826-May27-May
KirtlingtonKirtlington Tournament2 - 830-May05-Jun
CowdrayEasebourne 8 Goal Cup8 goal30-May10-Jun
Low 6 Goal    
Druids LodgeCoolstance Cup4 - 605-May06-May
BeaufortKernow Cup (formerly Spring Cup)0 - 605-May13-May
KirtlingtonThe Management Cup2 - 615-May20-May
Vaux ParkSponsors Weekend2 - 619-May20-May
Binfield HeathMay Tournament4 - 626-May27-May
Lacey GreenThe Revolution Cup2 - 626-May27-May
HurtwoodBluebell Trophy0 - 628-May04-Jun
Low 4 Goal    
KirtlingtonThe May Cup0 - 401-May07-May
Silver LeysThe May Cup0 - 405-May06-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The Tusk Challenge Trophy0 - 405-May07-May
EpsomSt George's Cup0 - 405-May07-May
KirtlingtonJames Budgett Trophy0 - 409-May13-May
DundeeSpring Tournament0 - 412-May13-May
EdgeworthThe 4 Goal Shield0 - 412-May13-May
RutlandThe Rutland Cup0 - 412-May13-May
Vaux ParkChocolate Cup0 - 412-May13-May
BurningfoldDunsfold Trophy0 - 417-May20-May
CambridgeHenry Cecil0 - 419-May20-May
CheshireChairman's Cup and Plate2 - 419-May20-May
FrolicFrolic May Cup0 - 419-May20-May
Lacey GreenThe Chilterns Cup0 - 419-May20-May
LyntThe Polo Magazine 4 Goal0 - 419-May20-May
RugbyThe Pytchley Trophy0 - 419-May20-May
Silver LeysShannahan Shield0 - 419-May20-May
BeaufortLa Ema Polo Mallet0 - 421-May05-Jun
HurtwoodJubilee Cup0 - 422-May27-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The IXL Cup0 - 426-May27-May
EdinburghEdinburgh Spring Tournament0 - 426-May27-May
SuffolkGraceland Tournament-4 - 426-May27-May
TidworthCholderton Cup0 - 426-May27-May
Low 3 Goal    
KirtlingtonMackenzie Hill Cup-1 - 322-May27-May
Low 2 Goal    
CirencesterTryo Cup-2 - 229-Apr13-May
BurningfoldMay Cup-2 - 203-May06-May
CheshireBoqueron Cup0 - 205-May06-May
LongdoleLongdole Mate Trophy Tournament-2 - 205-May06-May
RugbyThe Early Bird 2-2 - 205-May06-May
TauntonCommittee Cup0 - 205-May06-May
TidworthKingsett Cup-2 - 205-May06-May
Vaux ParkNovice Tournament-2 - 205-May06-May
White RosePresidents Cup-2 - 205-May06-May
EdgeworthField Barn Cup0 - 205-May07-May
BeverleyWalker/Foreman Cup-2 - 212-May13-May
Binfield HeathThe May Cup0 - 212-May13-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The Genesis Trophy-2 - 212-May13-May
FifieldPico Trophy0 - 212-May13-May
Lacey GreenThe May Cup0 - 212-May13-May
LyntSATS Trophy-2 - 212-May13-May
SuffolkMad May Hare Tournament-4 - 212-May13-May
TidworthQueen's Royal Hussars' Cup-2 - 212-May13-May
HamHam House Tournament-2 - 212-May20-May
HurtwoodLola's Trophy0 - 214-May20-May
KirtlingtonRagley Cup-2 - 215-May20-May
GuardsThe Labrador Trophy0 - 218-May27-May
AscotWaterloo Cup-2 - 219-May20-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The Southam Trophy-2 - 219-May20-May
Druids LodgeAspiga Trophy and Polo Art Cup1 - 219-May20-May
EpsomAdmirals Cup-2 - 219-May20-May
LeadenhamStart of Season Tournament-6 - 219-May20-May
SussexPolo Splice Trophy-2 - 219-May20-May
TidworthMaddison Cup0 - 219-May20-May
HamMixed Doubles-2 - 226-May03-Jun
CheshireHenbury Cup0 - 226-May27-May
Haggis FarmWard Howard Rowlett Cup0 - 226-May27-May
Lacey GreenThe Revolution Cup0 - 226-May27-May
LongdoleStroud Farm Services 2 Goal-2 - 226-May27-May
Vaux ParkShrimps Cup-2 - 226-May27-May
KirtlingtonThe Continental Cup-2 - 230-May05-Jun
BurningfoldBurnt Hill Cup0 - 231-May03-Jun
Low 1 Goal    
LyntThe One Goal Weekend-2 - 126-May27-May
TauntonPolo Managers Cup-1 - 126-May27-May
Low 0 Goal & Below    
KirtlingtonSpring Tournament-4 - 001-May07-May
HurtwoodCasey's Cup-2 - 004-May06-May
Binfield HeathThe Coppid Cup-2 - 005-May06-May
Blueys0 Goal Tournament-4 - 005-May06-May
CambridgeTattersalls-4 - 005-May06-May
RugbyThe Patera Cup-4 - 005-May06-May
Silver LeysThe May Cup-2 - 005-May06-May
AscotScott Dunn Trophy-2 - 005-May07-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The May Cup-4 - 005-May07-May
New ForestChaplin Cup-6 - -205-May06-May
RugbyThe Primavera Cup-6 - -205-May06-May
Silver LeysThe May Cup-6 - -205-May06-May
SussexBank Holiday Challenge-6 - -205-May06-May
TidworthKingsett Cup -6 - -205-May06-May
White RosePresidents Cup-6 - -205-May06-May
SussexCounty Polo 3-A-Side-6 - -407-May07-May
Lacey GreenMay Cup-2 - 012-May13-May
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 012-May13-May
New ForestRemnants Cup-4 - 012-May13-May
Offchurch BuryThe Johnson Trophy-4 - 012-May13-May
RutlandTwidale Cup-4 - 012-May13-May
SussexWelcome Cup012-May13-May
TauntonChairman's Cup-4 - 012-May13-May
Wicklow50/50 Tournament (Cosimo Cup)012-May13-May
AscotKitchen Grace Trophy-4 - -212-May13-May
BeverleyWalker/Foreman Cup-6 - -212-May13-May
Offchurch BuryThe Oak Cup-6 - -212-May13-May
TidworthQueen's Royal Hussars Cup-6 - -212-May13-May
Vale of YorkSan Pan Suzi Vase-6 - -212-May13-May
FrolicFrolic May Cup-4 - 019-May20-May
Lacey GreenThe Chilterns Cup-6 - 019-May20-May
RugbyThe Onley Plate-6 - 019-May20-May
Silver LeysShannahan Shield-2 - 019-May20-May
TidworthMaddison Cup-4 - 019-May20-May
W WycombeSpring Shield -2 - 019-May20-May
RugbyThe Churchill Trophy-6 - -219-May20-May
Silver LeysShannahan Shield-6 - -219-May20-May
SussexPolo Splice Trophy-6 - -219-May20-May
W WycombeSpring Shield -4 - -219-May20-May
KirtlingtonClub Cup-4 - 022-May27-May
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)The Summer Cup-4 - 026-May27-May
EdgeworthThe -2 to 0 Tournament-2 - 026-May27-May
FifieldPolo Performance Trophy-2 - 026-May27-May
Lacey GreenThe Revolution Cup-6 - 026-May27-May
SussexMay Cup026-May27-May
WicklowFriends and Family Tournament-4 - 026-May27-May
New ForestDunlop Cup-6 - -226-May27-May
TidworthCholderton Cup-6 - -226-May27-May
Young England    
CowdrayJohn Cowdray TrophyOpen19-May19-May
Combined Services    
TidworthAdm Kumar Cup (RN v Eton)Open05-May05-May
Schools & Universities    
Dallas Burston Polo Club (formerly RLS)SUPA Team Britain Trials (Senior Schools)Open20-May20-May
LongdoleSATS National Junior Schools TournamentOpen20-May20-May
TauntonLadies TournamentOpen20-May21-May
Lacey GreenLadies TournamentOpen26-May27-May
W WycombeWWPPC Friends CupOpen05-May06-May
New ForestMawaz Khan Cup: NFPC Vs Millfield SchoolOpen19-May19-May

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