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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
Watership DownRoyal Day, Watership DownOpen02-Jul02-Jul
Wales, Celtic Manor Resort Celtic ManorOpen02-Jul02-Jul
Gaynes Park Estate, EppingDuke of Essex PoloOpen07-Jul09-Jul
Sandbanks, PooleBritish Beach Polo ChampionshipsOpen08-Jul09-Jul
Wales, CrickhowellWales vs IrelandOpen09-Jul09-Jul
CLA Game Fair, Blenheim PalaceHorserail Polo Challenge12-1422-Jul24-Jul
St.Albans Polo ClubPolo for HeroesOpen23-Jul23-Jul
GuardsCartier International Day2624-Jul24-Jul
Germany, HannoverGerman Medium Goal ChampionshipOpen01-Jul03-Jul
Metropolitan Polo Club, ChinaGoldin Gold CupOpen02-Jul03-Jul
Polo Club du Domaine de ChantyParis Polo Ladies CupOpen06-Jul10-Jul
Germany, DusseldorfBerenberg High Goal CupOpen07-Jul17-Jul
Brittany Polo Club, FranceDerby Polo Tente d'ArgentOpen21-Jul31-Jul
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeSilver Cup - low goal4-627-Jul10-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeBronze Cup - high goal18-2027-Jul31-Jul
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeSilver Cup - medium goal10-1228-Jul12-Aug
Germany, SyltGerman Polo MastersOpen29-Jul31-Jul
Deauville, FranceSilver Cup12-1430-Jul14-Aug
High 22 Goal    
CowdrayVeuve Clicquot Gold Cup - British Open20 - 2221-Jun17-Jul
High 20 Goal    
CirencesterWarwickshire Cup17 - 2026-Jul07-Aug
High 18 Goal    
BeaufortThe Duke of Beaufort's Cup15 - 1828-Jun10-Jul
Medium 15 Goal    
RCBPCThe Eduardo Moore Tournament12 - 1521-Jun02-Jul
CoworthCoworth Park Challenge12 - 1505-Jul23-Jul
CowdrayHarrison Cup12-1518-Jul31-Jul
Medium 12 Goal    
CirencesterThe Queen Mother Trophy (Cirencester 12 Goal Championship)8 - 1214-Jun03-Jul
GuardsPhoenician Cup6 - 1225-Jun10-Jul
BeaufortThe Prince of Wales Cup8 - 1202-Jul16-Jul
KirtlingtonKirtlington Summer Cup6 - 1205-Jul10-Jul
HamDubai Trophy8 - 1226-Jul07-Aug
GuardsDuke of Wellington Trophy6 - 1231-Jul14-Aug
Medium 10 Goal    
Cirencester Park Polo ClubThe Town Cup & Town Plate6-1002-Jul17-Jul
RCBPCPolo Festival7 - 1025-Jul07-Aug
BeaufortThe Non-Playing Members Cup0 - 1030-Jul07-Aug
Low 8 Goal    
CheshireNational 8 Goal Championships4-828-Jun03-Jul
KirtlingtonThe Meyrick Cup4 - 828-Jun03-Jul
FifieldMann Financial4 - 802-Jul03-Jul
FrolicClub Tournament4 - 802-Jul03-Jul
RCBPCThe Julian and Howard Hipwood Trophy4 - 802-Jul16-Jul
Lacey GreenAmbassadors Cup4 - 809-Jul10-Jul
KirtlingtonThe Kirtlington Tournament4 - 812-Jul17-Jul
ChesterThe Roodee Challenge Cup815-Jul16-Jul
CowdrayHolden White Challenge Cup4 - 815-Jul30-Jul
RugbyThe Warwickshire 8 Goal4 - 816-Jul17-Jul
Binfield HeathSummer Festival8 23-Jul23-Jul
RCBPCPolo Festival4 - 830-Jul07-Aug
GuardsTown & County Championship4 - 831-Jul13-Aug
Low 6 Goal    
RutlandThe Assam Cup2 - 606-Jul10-Jul
RLSThe Warwickshire Gold Cup2 - 609-Jul10-Jul
Hurtwood6 Goal Challenge0 - 618-Jul31-Jul
KirtlingtonBarlow Trophy2 - 626-Jul31-Jul
Druids LodgeHarvest Cup4 - 630-Jul07-Aug
FifieldFifield Summer Festival4 - 630-Jul31-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament2 - 630-Jul31-Jul
RLSThe Ladies Day Tournament2 - 630-Jul31-Jul
Vaux ParkChairmans Cup2 - 630-Jul31-Jul
Low 4 Goal    
AscotAsian Art0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
BeverleyMilagro Trophy0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
Cambridge Countryside Alliance0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
Druids LodgeDruids Rose Bowl3 - 402-Jul03-Jul
FrolicClub Tournament0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Shield0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
Vaux ParkSponsors Tournament0 - 402-Jul03-Jul
BeaufortThe Henderson Rosebowl0 - 402-Jul23-Jul
HurtwoodJay's Trophy0 - 405-Jul10-Jul
KirtlingtonGroundsmans Cup0 - 405-Jul10-Jul
WicklowBallyhenry International0 - 407-Jul10-Jul
CheshireCheshire Champion Cup2 - 408-Jul10-Jul
EdgeworthThe 4 Goal Cup0 - 409-Jul10-Jul
Haggis FarmGranchester Cup0 - 409-Jul10-Jul
Offchurch BuryThe Oak Tournament0 - 409-Jul10-Jul
Silver LeysJohn Matthies Memorial0 - 409-Jul10-Jul
St AlbansIndependence Tournament409-Jul10-Jul
TauntonThe Aden Visit Cup0 - 409-Jul10-Jul
BeaufortThe Beaufort Junior Cup (U21)0 - 411-Jul16-Jul
BeverleyBPC Summer Cup0 - 416-Jul17-Jul
FrolicFendown Dustup Tournament0 - 416-Jul17-Jul
SuffolkFeedmark Tournament-4 - 416-Jul17-Jul
KirtlingtonGibbs Cup0 - 419-Jul23-Jul
Vaux ParkSponsors Match0 - 423-Jul23-Jul
DundeeSummer Cup0 - 423-Jul24-Jul
HamSummer Tournament0 - 423-Jul31-Jul
BeverleyJohn Nuttall & Lincolnshire Tournament0 - 430-Jul31-Jul
LongdoleKaimira Wine Challenge Plate0 - 430-Jul31-Jul
RugbyThe Miller Cup0 - 430-Jul31-Jul
Low 2 Goal    
BeaufortThe Novices Cup-2 - 218-Jun03-Jul
KirtlingtonColqhoun Cup-2 - 228-Jun03-Jul
BarcombeWealden Times Plate-2 - 202-Jul03-Jul
RugbyLa Casa Loco Cup-2 - 202-Jul03-Jul
TidworthDouglas Nugent Cup0 - 202-Jul03-Jul
HamGodbold Intra-Club Challenge-2 - 205-Jul10-Jul
BurningfoldPlaistow Plate0 - 207-Jul10-Jul
SussexComtec Challenge Trophy-2 - 209-Jul09-Jul
Haggis FarmGranchester Cup0 - 209-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenSponsor Cup0 - 209-Jul10-Jul
Longdole2 Goal0 - 209-Jul10-Jul
RLSThe San Antonio Tournament-2 - 209-Jul10-Jul
St AlbansIndependence Tournament0 - 209-Jul10-Jul
Vaux ParkMen's Tournament-2 - 209-Jul10-Jul
HurtwoodEwhurst Plate-4 - 011-Jul16-Jul
KirtlingtonOmi Garner-2 - 212-Jul17-Jul
New ForestClitherow Cup: NFPC Vs Tidworth-2 - 216-Jul16-Jul
Vaux ParkCharity Match-2 - 216-Jul16-Jul
AscotMattinson Memorial Trophy-2 - 216-Jul17-Jul
CheshireJaguar Cup & Shield-2 - 216-Jul17-Jul
EdgeworthMidsummer Plate0 - 216-Jul17-Jul
Lacey Green2 Goal Tournament0 - 216-Jul17-Jul
Druids LodgeDruids Polo Week1 - 216-Jul23-Jul
BurningfoldUber Polo Cup-2 - 220-Jul23-Jul
RutlandThe Bronze Horse-2 - 222-Jul23-Jul
Dundee Summer Cup-2 - 223-Jul24-Jul
MoynePatrons Trophy0 - 223-Jul24-Jul
TidworthPolo Vision Cup-2 - 223-Jul30-Jul
RCBPCPolo Festival-2 - 225-Jul07-Aug
KirtlingtonThe Winwick Cup-2 - 226-Jul31-Jul
WaterfordEduardo Albaraccine Trophy0 - 230-Jul01-Aug
CheshireHeaton Bowl-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
FifieldFifield Summer Festival-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament0 - 230-Jul31-Jul
LyntJuly Two Goal-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
RLSThe Dallas Burston Cup-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
SussexBrolley Charity Cup-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
TauntonThe Dubai Trophy-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
Low 0 Goal & Below    
HurtwoodColin's Cup-5 - -128-Jun03-Jul
CheshireHogan Cup-4 - 001-Jul02-Jul
Lacey GreenCountry Style Polo-6 - 002-Jul03-Jul
Cambridge Countryside Alliance-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Shield-6 - 0 02-Jul03-Jul
Lynt0 Goal Tournament-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
New ForestRudkin Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
RugbyThe Ranksborough Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
SussexRupert Thorneloe Memorial -4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
TidworthDouglas Nugent Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
WaterfordJurys Cup & Dawnay Cup-4 - 002-Jul03-Jul
BeverleyHederson Tournament-6 - -202-Jul03-Jul
Vale of YorkGreyhound Trophy-6 - -202-Jul03-Jul
Asthall FarmTessa Trophy-6 - -402-Jul03-Jul
TauntonPollard Cup-6 - -402-Jul03-Jul
RutlandFindlay Trophy-4 - 006-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenCountry Style Polo-6 - 006-Jul07-Jul
RutlandFindlay Plate-6 - -406-Jul10-Jul
AscotBecky James Memorial Cup-2 - 009-Jul10-Jul
Lacey GreenSponsor Cup-6 - 009-Jul10-Jul
New ForestEllisdawe Cup-2 - 009-Jul10-Jul
Silver LeysJohn Matthies Memorial-2 - 009-Jul10-Jul
St AlbansIndependence Tournament-2 - 009-Jul10-Jul
Silver LeysJohn Matthies Memorial-6 - -209-Jul10-Jul
SussexComtec Challenge Trophy-6 - -209-Jul10-Jul
TidworthManlein Cup-2 - 010-Jul10-Jul
TidworthManlein Cup-6 - -210-Jul10-Jul
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 015-Jul16-Jul
Binfield HeathBHPC 0 Goal-4 - 016-Jul17-Jul
FrolicFendown Dustup Tournament-4 - 016-Jul17-Jul
Lacey Green0 Goal Tournament-6 - 016-Jul17-Jul
RugbyThe BB Challenge-4 - 016-Jul17-Jul
TauntonThe Summer Cup-2 - 016-Jul17-Jul
BeverleyBPC Summer Cup-6 - -216-Jul17-Jul
Vale of YorkConservative Trophy-6 - -216-Jul17-Jul
Silver LeysColorado Cup-2 - 022-Jul23-Jul
RutlandHorsefeeds Cup-6 - -222-Jul23-Jul
Silver LeysColorado Cup-6 - -222-Jul23-Jul
New ForestParkinson Cup & Junior Parkinson Cup-4 - 023-Jul23-Jul
MoynePatrons Trophy -2 - 023-Jul24-Jul
DundeeSummer Cup-6 - -223-Jul24-Jul
TidworthPolo Vision Cup-6 - -223-Jul30-Jul
FHMLa Julia Challenge Trophy-8 - -423-Jul23-Jul
WaterfordCoolfin Cup-4 - 030-Jul01-Aug
EdgeworthClinton's Trophy-2 - 030-Jul31-Jul
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament-4 - 030-Jul31-Jul
New ForestCelebration Cup-4 - 030-Jul31-Jul
RLSThe Southam Trophy-4 - 030-Jul31-Jul
BeverleyJohn Nuttall & Lincolnshire Tournament-6 - -230-Jul31-Jul
CheshireInter Hunt Cup-6 - -230-Jul31-Jul
RugbyThe Kangaroo Challenge-6 - -230-Jul31-Jul
SussexBrolley Charity Cup-6 - -230-Jul31-Jul
Vale of YorkCanine Partners Air Ambulance Trophy-6 - -230-Jul31-Jul
Young England    
CowdrayJohn Cowdray TrophyOpen17-Jul17-Jul
Combined Services    
AscotCornwell Affiliates CupOpen02-Jul02-Jul
TidworthRundle Cup (RN v ARMY)Open09-Jul09-Jul
GuardsFinals - Inter-RegimentalOpen10-Jul10-Jul
TidworthMabway Captains and SubalternsOpen16-Jul17-Jul
RMASLeadership & Excellence CupOpen21-Jul21-Jul
TidworthDuke of York Cup (RN v RAF)Open23-Jul23-Jul
TidworthSassoon Cup (Army v RAF)Open30-Jul30-Jul
Schools & Universities    
KirtlingtonKPPC v SUPA Britain (Stephen Towler)Open02-Jul02-Jul
RCBPCRCBPC v SUPA BritainOpen02-Jul02-Jul
Guards/CirencesterPidgley Foundation International Polo FestivalOpen04-Jul10-Jul
GuardsTest Match - SUPA BritainOpen05-Jul05-Jul
CirencesterTest Match - SUPA BritainOpen09-Jul09-Jul
Pony Club    
HurtwoodPony Club TournamentOpen10-Jul10-Jul
Vaux ParkPony Club TournamentOpen12-Jul12-Jul
TauntonPony Club TournamentOpen13-Jul13-Jul
RanksboroPony Club TournamentOpen14-Jul14-Jul
RugbyPony Club TournamentOpen15-Jul15-Jul
RugbyPony Club TournamentOpen15-Jul15-Jul
KneppPony Club TournamentOpen16-Jul16-Jul
HurtwoodPony Club TournamentOpen19-Jul19-Jul
KirtlingtonPony Club TournamentOpen19-Jul19-Jul
Haggis FarmPony Club TournamentOpen21-Jul21-Jul
FramptonPony Club TournamentOpen21-Jul21-Jul
CirencesterQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen25-Jul26-Jul
LongdoleQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen27-Jul28-Jul
TidworthQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen31-Jul01-Aug
Binfield HeathSexy Kaftans and Vinyl Records LadiesOpen02-Jul03-Jul
Vaux ParkLadies Tournament-4 - 009-Jul10-Jul
RLSThe Ladies TournamentOpen16-Jul17-Jul
RutlandEscalina CupOpen23-Jul23-Jul
DonaghadeeLadies TournamentOpen23-Jul24-Jul
AscotNational Women's Tournament0 - 230-Jul31-Jul
AscotNational Women's Tournament-2 - -130-Jul31-Jul
AscotNational Women's Tournament-4 - -330-Jul31-Jul
AscotNational Women's Tournament-6 - -530-Jul31-Jul
AscotNational Women's Tournament-8 - -730-Jul31-Jul
EpsomLadies Tournament-2 - 230-Jul31-Jul
KirtlingtonRupert Thorneloe Memorial TrophyOpen02-Jul02-Jul
FifieldAiden Charity EventInvitation09-Jul10-Jul
W WycombeLadies & GentlemenOpen09-Jul10-Jul
SuffolkNewmarket Festival Polo MatchOpen10-Jul10-Jul
RLSThe Gentlemans TournamentOpen16-Jul17-Jul
LyntThe Families Challenge OpenOpen16-Jul23-Jul
DonaghadeeDonaghadee Open SeasonOpen18-Jul19-Jul
W WycombeQuatro Amigos FamilyOpen31-Jul01-Aug

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