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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Schloss Ebreichsdorf, Austria FIP European Polo Championships803-Sep12-Sep
Polo Club de Chantilly Castel Cup14-1604-Sep19-Sep
Jockey Club, ArgentinaJockey Club Open3607-Sep25-Sep
ArgentinaHurlingham Qualifiers Tournament29-3426-Sep04-Oct
Tortugas Country ClubTortugas Open34-4028-Sep16-Oct
Medium 12 Goal    
CirencesterCheltenham Cup8 - 1224-Aug05-Sep
GuardsAutumn Nations - Kerry Packer10 - 1228-Aug12-Sep
CowdrayAutumn League8 - 1206-Sep19-Sep
Medium 10 Goal    
RCBPCThe Lambourne Trophy7 - 1013-Sep19-Sep
Low 8 Goal    
RLSThe Warwickshire Gold Cup4 - 810-Sep12-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships8 Goal11-Sep11-Sep
Low 6 Goal    
CirencesterKingscote Cup0 - 617-Aug04-Sep
KirtlingtonHunter Jones4 - 601-Sep05-Sep
RLSRoyal Leamington Spa Gold Cup4 - 603-Sep05-Sep
BeaufortThe Sidebottom Cup0 - 604-Sep12-Sep
RCBPC4 - 6 Goal Trophy4 - 607-Sep12-Sep
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Trophy Centre Cup2 - 611-Sep12-Sep
RLSThe Farewell Trophy2 - 617-Sep19-Sep
Low 4 Goal    
Druids LodgeCodestone Trophy3 - 404-Sep05-Sep
EdgeworthHayden-Tovey Trophy0 - 404-Sep05-Sep
EpsomThe NATO Cup0 - 404-Sep05-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup0 - 404-Sep05-Sep
Vaux ParkEnd of Season Tournament2 - 404-Sep05-Sep
KirtlingtonChairmans Trophy0 - 407-Sep12-Sep
Lynt FarmCash Tournament £1000 Prize0-411-Sep12-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships4 Goal11-Sep11-Sep
BeverleyEnd Of Season Tournament0 - 411-Sep12-Sep
CambridgeSalon De Refuse/Newmarket Challenge0 - 411-Sep12-Sep
FrolicClub Tournament0 - 411-Sep12-Sep
KneppClub Tournament0 - 411-Sep12-Sep
HurtwoodEnd of Season2 - 414-Sep19-Sep
RLSThe Ardencote Trophy2 - 417-Sep19-Sep
DundeeAutumn Tournament0 - 418-Sep19-Sep
FrolicFarewell Tournament0 - 418-Sep19-Sep
EpsomSt Francis Trophy2 - 425-Sep26-Sep
Low 3 Goal    
HamBilly Walsh Tournament0 - 307-Sep19-Sep
Low 2 Goal    
HurtwoodSeptember Cup-2 - 201-Sep05-Sep
KirtlingtonDashwood Trophy-2 - 201-Sep05-Sep
BeverleyJohn Nash Cup-2 - 204-Sep05-Sep
BarcombeThe East Sussex Trophy-2 - 204-Sep05-Sep
CheshireKen Irlam Memorial Cup-2 - 204-Sep05-Sep
Lynt FarmRoxtons Challenge-2-204-Sep05-Sep
Dedham ValeHenleys Cup-2 - 204-Sep05-Sep
KneppClub Tournament0 - 204-Sep05-Sep
Lacey GreenClub Tournament0 - 204-Sep05-Sep
New ForestHolly Hill Cup-2 - 204-Sep05-Sep
RLSThe Argentine Cup-2 - 204-Sep05-Sep
Silver LeysPuckeridge Hunt Cup0 - 204-Sep05-Sep
SuffolkRaging Bull Tournament-4 - 204-Sep05-Sep
W WycombeLakeside Cup0 - 204-Sep05-Sep
HurtwoodStable Challenge0 - 207-Sep12-Sep
BurningfoldChiddingfold Challenge Shield0 - 209-Sep12-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships2 Goal11-Sep11-Sep
CheshireLovatt Claret Jug-2 - 211-Sep12-Sep
EpsomSt Francis Day Cup-2 - 211-Sep12-Sep
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Trophy Centre Cup0 - 211-Sep12-Sep
RugbyThe C Cup-2 - 211-Sep12-Sep
RutlandRanksboro Cup-2 - 211-Sep12-Sep
SussexThe Banking Trophy-2 - 211-Sep12-Sep
Taunton ValeMixed Doubles-4 - 211-Sep12-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-2 - 211-Sep12-Sep
RLSThe Sosiego Cup-2 - 217-Sep19-Sep
Beaufort2 Goal Festival-2 - 218-Sep19-Sep
BarcombeThe Farewell Tournament-2 - 218-Sep19-Sep
DundeeAutumn Tournament-2 - 218-Sep19-Sep
Haggis FarmChairman's Cup-2 - 218-Sep19-Sep
Lacey GreenClub Tournament0 - 218-Sep19-Sep
Silver LeysSurvivors Amateur0 - 218-Sep19-Sep
St. AlbansSir Stanley Odell Trophy-2 - 218-Sep19-Sep
Taunton ValeEnd of Season Tournament-2 - 218-Sep19-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-2 - 225-Sep26-Sep
Low 0 Goal & Below    
Sussex3-A-Side Novices-6 - -230-Aug04-Sep
EdgeworthWednesday Night Intro-2 - 031-Aug01-Sep
Vale of YorkChatsworth Country Fair Tournament-6 - -203-Sep05-Sep
AscotAscot Park Trophy-2 - 004-Sep05-Sep
Lacey GreenClub Tournament-6 - 004-Sep05-Sep
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 004-Sep05-Sep
Silver LeysPuckeridge Hunt Cup-2 - 004-Sep05-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup-4 - 004-Sep05-Sep
WaterfordRonan Group-4 - 004-Sep05-Sep
W WycombeLakeside Cup-4 - 004-Sep05-Sep
Asthall FarmKencott Challenge-6 - -404-Sep05-Sep
BeverleyJohn Nash Cup-6 - -204-Sep05-Sep
Binfield HeathClub Tournament-6 - -204-Sep05-Sep
Silver LeysPuckeridge Hunt Cup-6 - -204-Sep05-Sep
HamBilly Walsh Tournament-3 - 007-Sep19-Sep
RLSThe Silchar Trophy-4 - 010-Sep12-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships0 Goal11-Sep11-Sep
Binfield HeathFarewell Tournament-4 - 011-Sep12-Sep
CambridgeSalon De Refuse/Newmarket Challenge-4 - 011-Sep12-Sep
EdgeworthThe Last Chance-2 - 011-Sep12-Sep
Lacey GreenThe Bucks Trophy Centre Cup-4 - 011-Sep12-Sep
FrolicClub Tournament-4 - 011-Sep12-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 20 Goal11-Sep12-Sep
Vaux ParkCharity Day-4 - 011-Sep12-Sep
DonaghadeeEnd of Season Tournament-5 - -111-Sep12-Sep
BeverleyEnd of Season Tournament-6 - -211-Sep12-Sep
New ForestFarewell Match-6 - -211-Sep12-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 2-6 - -211-Sep12-Sep
RutlandSandicliffe Cup-6 - -211-Sep12-Sep
SussexThe Banking Trophy-6 - -211-Sep12-Sep
Vale of YorkAir Ambulance Cup-6 - -211-Sep12-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-6 - -311-Sep12-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-8 - -611-Sep11-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-6 - -411-Sep11-Sep
Vale of YorkNorthern Racing College Cup-6 - -212-Sep12-Sep
FrolicThe Farewell Tournament-4 - 018-Sep19-Sep
Lacey GreenClub Tournament-6 - 018-Sep19-Sep
Silver LeysSurvivors Amateur-2 - 018-Sep19-Sep
St. AlbansSir Stanley Odell Trophy-6 - 018-Sep19-Sep
WicklowEnd of Season Tournament-4 - 018-Sep19-Sep
AscotRangitiki Trophy-4 - -218-Sep19-Sep
DundeeAutumn Tournament-6 - -218-Sep19-Sep
Silver LeysSurvivors Amateur-6 - -218-Sep19-Sep
Vale of YorkSan Pan Suzi Vase-6 - -218-Sep19-Sep
FHMFalcon Equine Feeds Tournament-8 - -418-Sep18-Sep
Lacey GreenBeginners Cup-8 - -424-Sep25-Sep
Lacey GreenFarewell Cup-4 - 025-Sep26-Sep
RugbyThe Mountbatten Cup0 Goal25-Sep26-Sep
SussexLeague Finals0 Goal25-Sep26-Sep
RugbyThe Otono Cup-2 Goal25-Sep26-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-6 - -325-Sep26-Sep
Lacey GreenBeginners Cup-8 - -425-Sep26-Sep
Vale of YorkNorth East Construction Bowl-6 - -226-Sep26-Sep
Vale of YorkCrown Hotel Mid Week-6 - -229-Sep29-Sep
Combined Services    
GuardsMajor Generals Cup0 - 203-Sep05-Sep
TauntonFaulkner Cup (RN v Taunton)Open04-Sep04-Sep
Schools & Universities    
EdinburghSUPA Scottish Challenge CupOpen01-Sep30-Sep
Vale of YorkGranger Appleyard Ladies Tournament-6 - -225-Sep25-Sep
TidworthGrooms TournamentOpen03-Sep03-Sep
Haggis FarmPorsche Centre Cambridge TrophyInvitation04-Sep04-Sep
Druids LodgeClock Tower TrophyOpen11-Sep12-Sep
KirtlingtonBlind DateOpen14-Sep19-Sep
SussexGrooms Revenge-Farewell TournamentOpen18-Sep19-Sep
W WycombeFarewell to First Season CupOpen18-Sep19-Sep
HurtwoodFarewell TournamentOpen21-Sep26-Sep

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