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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeMedium Goal - Silver Cup10-1202-Aug15-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeHigh Goal - Silver Cup19-2003-Aug14-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeLow Goal - Silver Cup4-604-Aug14-Aug
Deauville Polo Club, FranceDeauville Gold Cup20 15-Aug29-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeMedium Goal - Gold Cup 11-12 17-Aug29-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeHigh Goal - Gold Cup 19-2017-Aug28-Aug
Santa Maria Polo Club, SotograndeLow Goal - Gold Cup 4-618-Aug29-Aug
GstaadHublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad18-goal19-Aug22-Aug
Santa Barbara, USAPacific Coast OpenOpen15-Aug29-Aug
High 20 Goal    
CirencesterWarwickshire Cup17 - 2020-Jul08-Aug
BeaufortBeaufort 20 Goal - CANCELLED 18 - 2016-Aug21-Aug
Medium 16 Goal    
GuardsDuke of Cornwall12 - 1617-Aug29-Aug
Medium 15 Goal    
CowdrayHarrison CupOpen/12-1519-Jul01-Aug
CirencesterNational 15 Goal Championship (The County Cup)Open/12-1510-Aug22-Aug
RCBPC12-15 Goal Championship12 - 1523-Aug29-Aug
Medium 12 Goal    
HamDubai Trophy8 - 1227-Jul08-Aug
GuardsDuke of Wellington Trophy6 - 1207-Aug15-Aug
CoworthValerie Halford Memorial Trophy8 - 1211-Aug30-Aug
RCBPC8-12 Goal Championship8 - 1216-Aug22-Aug
CirencesterCheltenham Cup8 - 1224-Aug05-Sep
GuardsAutumn Nations - Kerry Packer10 - 1228-Aug12-Sep
Medium 10 Goal    
RCBPCPolo Festival7 - 1026-Jul08-Aug
BeaufortThe Non-Playing Members Cup0 - 1031-Jul08-Aug
Low 8 Goal    
RCBPCPolo Festival4 - 831-Jul08-Aug
GuardsTown & County Championship4 - 801-Aug14-Aug
KirtlingtonBudgett Everett Trophy4 - 803-Aug15-Aug
HamRoehampton Cup6 - 812-Aug22-Aug
RLSThe Wilson Cup4 - 813-Aug15-Aug
Vaux ParkInternational Trophy8 Goal21-Aug22-Aug
Low 6 Goal    
Cirencester Park Polo ClubThe Doug Brown Cup0-620-Jul01-Aug
RLSThe Arthingworth Cup2 - 630-Jul01-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament2 - 631-Jul01-Aug
Vaux ParkChairmans Cup2 - 631-Jul01-Aug
Druids LodgeHarvest Cup4 - 607-Aug08-Aug
CowdrayThe 21 Cup0 - 610-Aug12-Aug
New ForestBlue Jackets Summer Tournament4 - 612-Aug15-Aug
AscotWhaka Cup4 - 614-Aug15-Aug
RugbyThe Towns Trophy-2 - 614-Aug15-Aug
CirencesterKingscote Cup0 - 617-Aug04-Sep
Hurtwood6 Goal Cup0 - 617-Aug22-Aug
Taunton ValeThe Houldsworth Cup0 - 620-Aug22-Aug
KirtlingtonSeeneys Tournament0 - 624-Aug30-Aug
KneppSotheby's, Lycetts and Savills 6 Goal0 - 626-Aug30-Aug
RLSThe Ferring Cup2 - 627-Aug29-Aug
Low 4 Goal    
HamSummer Tournament0 - 424-Jul01-Aug
KirtlingtonAugust Chukka Cup0 - 429-Jul01-Aug
Lynt Ruth Parker Equine Dentist Tournament0 - 431-Jul01-Aug
LongdoleKaimira Wine Challenge Plate0 - 431-Jul01-Aug
RugbyThe Miller Cup0 - 431-Jul01-Aug
BeverleyJohn Nuttall & Lincolnshire Tournament0 - 431-Jul01-Aug
CheshireDemetriadi Cup2 - 431-Jul01-Aug
Druids LodgeAspiga Trophy3 - 431-Jul01-Aug
HurtwoodAugust Challenge0 - 403-Aug08-Aug
KneppShotter and Byers 4 Goal0 - 405-Aug08-Aug
RLSThe Victors Shield0 - 406-Aug08-Aug
Binfield HeathChairman's Cup0 - 407-Aug08-Aug
CambridgeMoorley Horsebox Cup0 - 407-Aug08-Aug
FrolicClub Tournament0 - 407-Aug08-Aug
DundeeHighland Ball Tournament0 - 414-Aug15-Aug
EdgeworthLast Days of the Raj0 - 414-Aug15-Aug
Haggis FarmBaileys Horse Feed Challenge0 - 414-Aug15-Aug
Vaux ParkFarmer's Challenge2 - 414-Aug15-Aug
KirtlingtonThe Lousada Trophy0 - 417-Aug22-Aug
BurningfoldAlfold Bowl0 - 419-Aug22-Aug
BeverleyTribfest Polo Weekend0 - 420-Aug22-Aug
RLSThe Warwickshire Shield0 - 420-Aug22-Aug
CheshireIndart Cup2 - 421-Aug22-Aug
Silver LeysCharity Event0 - 421-Aug22-Aug
St. AlbansThe Charity Plate0 - 421-Aug22-Aug
ChesterChurton & Aldford Challenge0 - 428-Aug29-Aug
FrolicHarvest Hawkie Tournament0 - 428-Aug29-Aug
Lacey GreenSponsor Cup0 - 428-Aug29-Aug
RutlandThe Ruddles Cup0 - 428-Aug30-Aug
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament0 - 429-Aug30-Aug
Low 3 Goal    
TidworthKing's Royal Hussars' Cup0 - 307-Aug08-Aug
Low 2 Goal    
RCBPCPolo Festival-2 - 226-Jul08-Aug
HurtwoodEl Milagro Holiday Challenge-2 - 227-Jul01-Aug
Dedham ValeOthello of Brodie Trophy-2 - 231-Jul01-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament0 - 231-Jul01-Aug
RLSThe Champagne Trophy-2 - 231-Jul01-Aug
Taunton ValeThe Dubai Trophy-2 - 231-Jul01-Aug
WaterfordEduardo Albaraccine Trophy0 - 231-Jul02-Aug
EpsomLadies Tournament-2 - 231-Jul01-Aug
KirtlingtonThe Winwick Cup-2 - 203-Aug08-Aug
BeverleyConeja/Diosa Cup-2 - 207-Aug08-Aug
BarcombeThe Summer Cup-2 - 207-Aug08-Aug
CheshireJean Kewley Trophy-2 - 207-Aug08-Aug
EdgeworthThe Amir Trophy0 - 207-Aug08-Aug
RutlandHartopp Trophy-2 - 207-Aug08-Aug
St. AlbansThe Crystal Cup-2 - 207-Aug08-Aug
HurtwoodClub Friendly Tournament-2 - 210-Aug15-Aug
RLSThe Herbaceutica Bowl-2 - 213-Aug15-Aug
Lynt Baileys Horse Fees Challenge-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
Binfield HeathAlpha Suisse-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
CheshireHenbury Cup-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
DundeeHighland Ball Tournament-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
EpsomGeneral's Cup-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
Lacey GreenClub Tournament0 - 214-Aug15-Aug
SussexTaste International-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
TidworthCanada Cup-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
W WycombeCountryside Cup-2 - 214-Aug15-Aug
Lynt Stroud Farm Services Tournament0 - 221-Aug22-Aug
AscotAugustine Cup-2 - 221-Aug22-Aug
Lacey GreenLa Mariposa Cup0 - 221-Aug22-Aug
LongdoleRoxtons 2 Goal-2 - 221-Aug22-Aug
Taunton ValeThe Hong Kong Tournament-2 - 221-Aug22-Aug
TidworthFrost Cup0 - 221-Aug22-Aug
HurtwoodErin's Plate-2 - 224-Aug30-Aug
RLSThe Lord Chamberlain Cup-2 - 227-Aug29-Aug
BeverleyCarl Swindon Memorial Cup-2 - 228-Aug29-Aug
Druids LodgeEmerson Trophy1 - 228-Aug29-Aug
RugbyThe Rugby 2 Goal-2 - 228-Aug29-Aug
SussexThe Terence Lent Trophy-2 - 228-Aug29-Aug
Taunton ValeOrchard Portman Trophy-2 - 228-Aug29-Aug
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-2 - 228-Aug29-Aug
Vaux ParkSponsors Tournament0 - 228-Aug29-Aug
EdgeworthStroud Farm Services 2 Goal0 - 228-Aug30-Aug
KneppSussex Saddlery Trophy0 - 229-Aug29-Aug
Low 1 Goal    
KneppUnder 25 Cup1 Goal15-Aug15-Aug
Low 0 Goal & Below    
KirtlingtonMid Summer Cup-4 - 029-Jul01-Aug
BeverleyJohn Nuttall & Lincolnshire Tournament-6 - -231-Jul01-Aug
RugbyThe Kangaroo Challenge-6 - -231-Jul01-Aug
Vale of YorkConservative Trophy-6 - -231-Jul01-Aug
Lacey GreenThe Scottish Tournament-4 - 031-Jul01-Aug
New ForestCelebration Cup-4 - 031-Jul01-Aug
SussexMid-Summer Cup-2 - 231-Jul01-Aug
WaterfordCoolfin Cup-4 - 031-Jul02-Aug
RLSThe Susie Challenge Trophy-4 - 005-Aug08-Aug
AscotAscot Park Cup-2 - 007-Aug08-Aug
CambridgeMoorley Horsebox-4 - 007-Aug08-Aug
FrolicClub Tournament-4 - 007-Aug08-Aug
St. AlbansThe Crystal Cup-6 - 007-Aug08-Aug
TidworthKing's Royal Hussars' Cup-4 - 007-Aug08-Aug
BeverleyConeja/Diosa Cup-6 - -207-Aug08-Aug
RutlandBelvoir Trophy-6 - -207-Aug08-Aug
Vale of YorkTribella Trophy-6 - -207-Aug08-Aug
Asthall FarmCinta Cup-6 - -407-Aug08-Aug
SussexHarvest Challenge-6 - -207-Aug15-Aug
New ForestPunch Bowl Trophy-6 - 008-Aug08-Aug
KirtlingtonRousham Trophy-4 - 010-Aug15-Aug
Lacey GreenClub Tournament-6 - 014-Aug15-Aug
LongdoleEmerging Tournament-6 - 014-Aug15-Aug
Taunton ValeWeston-Super-Mare Trophy-6 - 014-Aug15-Aug
White RoseYorkshire Open-4 - 014-Aug15-Aug
DundeeHighland Ball Tournament-6 - -214-Aug15-Aug
RugbyThe No Pro Challenge-6 - -214-Aug15-Aug
SussexTaste International-6 - -214-Aug15-Aug
Vale of YorkYork and Ainsty Hunt Cup-6 - -214-Aug15-Aug
W WycombeCountryside Cup-6 - -214-Aug15-Aug
TidworthCanada Cup-6 - -314-Aug15-Aug
White RoseYorkshire Open-8 - -514-Aug15-Aug
FHMEssinghigh Trophy-8 - -414-Aug14-Aug
KirtlingtonTylor League (Amateur)-8 - 017-Aug22-Aug
KneppClub Tournament0 Goal19-Aug22-Aug
RLSThe Lindy Whiteley Memorial Trophy-4 - 020-Aug22-Aug
Lacey GreenLa Mariposa Cup-6 - 021-Aug22-Aug
MoyneMoyne Plate-2 - 021-Aug22-Aug
Offchurch BuryThe Ed Phillips Cup-4 - 021-Aug22-Aug
Silver LeysCharity Event-2 - 021-Aug22-Aug
St. AlbansThe Charity Plate-6 - 021-Aug22-Aug
TidworthFrost Cup-4 - 021-Aug22-Aug
New ForestStick and Ball Trophy-6 - -221-Aug22-Aug
Silver LeysSilver Leys Cup-6 - -221-Aug22-Aug
SussexBack to School Trophy-6 - -221-Aug22-Aug
KirtlingtonAutumn Plate-4 - 024-Aug30-Aug
Vale of YorkCrown Hotel Mid Week-6 - -225-Aug25-Aug
Lynt Cash Tournament £1000 Prize-2 - 028-Aug30-Aug
Binfield HeathCorney & Barrow Cup-4 - 028-Aug29-Aug
FrolicHarvest Hawkie Tournament-4 - 028-Aug29-Aug
Lacey GreenSponsor Cup-6 - 028-Aug29-Aug
New ForestSiamese Cup-6 - 028-Aug29-Aug
RutlandPreston Lodge Bowl-4 - 028-Aug30-Aug
BeverleyCarl Swindon Memorial Cup-6 - -228-Aug29-Aug
RugbyThe Toft Shield-6 - -228-Aug29-Aug
SussexThe Terence Lent Trophy-6 - -228-Aug29-Aug
Vale of YorkParkinsons Polo in the Park-6 - -228-Aug29-Aug
AscotRobert Burke Trophy-4 - -228-Aug30-Aug
FHMBreast Cancer Campaign Tournament-8 - -428-Aug28-Aug
TidworthLight Infantry Trophy-6 - -328-Aug29-Aug
Sussex3-A-Side Novices-6 - -230-Aug04-Sep
Vale of YorkEpworth Show Tournament-6 - -230-Aug30-Aug
EdgeworthWednesday Night Intro-2 - 031-Aug01-Sep
Young England    
CowdrayUnder 21 CupOpen10-Aug12-Aug
KirtlingtonAlan BudgettOpen14-Aug14-Aug
RutlandWhitbread TrophyOpen14-Aug14-Aug
HamStagshead Trophy/BBVA/KingfisherOpen15-Aug15-Aug
Combined Services    
RMASHeritage Cup0 - 607-Aug08-Aug
TidworthAGC CupOpen30-Aug30-Aug
Pony Club    
TidworthQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen01-Aug02-Aug
HurtwoodJorrocks ChampionshipsOpen04-Aug04-Aug
CowdrayPony Club ChampionshipsOpen06-Aug08-Aug
AscotNational Women's Tournament0 - 231-Jul01-Aug
AscotNational Women's Tournament-2 - -131-Jul01-Aug
AscotNational Women's Tournament-4 - -331-Jul01-Aug
AscotNational Women's Tournament-6 - -531-Jul01-Aug
AscotNational Women's Tournament-8 - -731-Jul01-Aug
White RoseStimpson Ladies TrophyOpen01-Aug01-Aug
KirtlingtonThorneloe Ladies TournamentOpen06-Aug08-Aug
SussexLadies Trophy-6 - -207-Aug08-Aug
BeaufortThe Beaufort Ladies Tournament0 - 407-Aug15-Aug
St. AlbansSAPC Ladies Trophy-8 - -421-Aug22-Aug
St. AlbansSAPC Ladies Trophy-6 - 021-Aug22-Aug
RCBPCThe Ladies Tournament-2 - 221-Aug30-Aug
DundeeLadies Cup0 - 428-Aug29-Aug
DundeeLadies Cup-2 - 228-Aug29-Aug
DundeeLadies Cup-6 - -228-Aug29-Aug
RutlandMasters (Over 40s)Open07-Aug08-Aug
LongdoleLongdole Junior TournamentOpen28-Aug29-Aug
W WycombeSponsor's CupOpen28-Aug29-Aug

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