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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
RCBPC (01344 890060)12-15 Goal Championship*12 - 1526-Aug07-Sep
BeaufortThe Sidebottom Cup0 - 629-Aug07-Sep
Guards (01784 470009)Autumn Nations - Kerry Packer *10 - 1230-Aug14-Sep
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament2 - 631-Aug01-Sep
EdinburghEdinburgh Autumn Tournament-2 - 231-Aug01-Sep
ArgentinaQualifiers for Hurlingham Open and Argentine OpenOpen01-Sep01-Sep
Cowdray (01730 813257)UBS Silver Jubilee Cup20 - 2404-Sep07-Sep
Polo Club Schleshig-Holstein, GermanyRolex European Championship5 - 804-Sep14-Sep
St. Tropez (Gassin)Silver Cup12 - 1506-Sep07-Sep
St Tropez (Delfosse)20th Polo Masters Riviera8 - 1006-Sep07-Sep
Jockey Club, ArgentinaJockey Club OpenOpen08-Sep20-Sep
St. Tropez (Gassin)Gold Cup12 - 1511-Sep14-Sep
Tortugas, ArgentinaTortugas Country Club OpenOpen23-Sep11-Oct
AmsterdamAmsterdam Polo Trophy4 - 627-Sep27-Sep
Medium Goal    
KirtlingtonBrook House Trophy*4 - 602-Sep07-Sep
KirtlingtonDashwood Trophy*-2 - 202-Sep07-Sep
RLSRoyal Leamington Spa Gold Cup*6 - 1003-Sep07-Sep
BeaufortThe Westonbirt Arboretum Cup7 - 1204-Sep14-Sep
HurtwoodSeptember Cup4 - 604-Sep07-Sep
KneppInstone Air0 - 404-Sep07-Sep
HurtwoodSeptember Cup-2 - 204-Sep07-Sep
RLSThe Argentine Cup*-2 - 204-Sep07-Sep
ChesterSummer Finale4 - 605-Sep06-Sep
CheshireThe Lovatt Claret Jug*2 - 405-Sep07-Sep
GuardsMajor Generals Cup0 - 205-Sep07-Sep
TidworthGrooms Tournament*Open05-Sep05-Sep
Cowdray (01730 813257)Autumn League (Victor Ludorum)8 - 1206-Sep21-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships4 - 806-Sep06-Sep
HertfordshireMWB Business Exchange Polo Challenge0 - 606-Sep07-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships2 - 406-Sep06-Sep
Druids LodgeCodestone Cup3 - 406-Sep07-Sep
EdgeworthHayden-Tovey Trophy0 - 406-Sep07-Sep
EpsomThe NATO Cup0 - 406-Sep07-Sep
IngleshamPolistas Autumn Plate0 - 406-Sep07-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup*0 - 406-Sep07-Sep
BeaufortThe Solitaire Salver*0 - 406-Sep14-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships0 - 206-Sep06-Sep
BrightlingThe East Sussex Trophy-2 - 206-Sep07-Sep
Silver LeysPuckeridge Hunt Trophy*-2 - 206-Sep07-Sep
SuffolkRaging Bull Tournament-4 - 206-Sep07-Sep
Taunton ValeOrchard Portman Trophy-2 - 206-Sep07-Sep
W WycombeLakeside Cup*0 - 206-Sep07-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-2 - 006-Sep06-Sep
FifieldOdosan 1485-4 - 006-Sep07-Sep
HertfordshireMWB Business Exchange Polo Challenge-4 - 006-Sep07-Sep
Silver LeysJackson Bowl*-4 - 006-Sep07-Sep
TidworthCavalry Cup-4 - 006-Sep07-Sep
WaterfordRonan Group-4 - 006-Sep07-Sep
W WycombeLakeside Cup-4 - 006-Sep07-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-4 - -206-Sep06-Sep
Silver LeysJackson Bowl*-6 - -206-Sep07-Sep
SussexChampagne Jaquart Trophy-6 - -206-Sep07-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-6 - -406-Sep06-Sep
AscotPro-Am City Polo Championships-8 - -606-Sep06-Sep
Haggis FarmPorsche Centre Cambridge TrophyInvitation06-Sep06-Sep
Asthall FarmKencott Challenge-6 - -407-Sep07-Sep
RCBPCThe Lambourne Trophy*7 - 1008-Sep14-Sep
RCBPC4 - 6 Goal Trophy*4 - 608-Sep14-Sep
KirtlingtonChairmans Trophy*0 - 409-Sep14-Sep
KirtlingtonAutumn Plate*-4 - 009-Sep14-Sep
RLSThe Warwickshire Gold Cup*4 - 811-Sep14-Sep
BurningfoldChiddingfold Challenge2 - 611-Sep14-Sep
HamBilly Walsh Autumn Tournament0 - 311-Sep21-Sep
HurtwoodStable Challenge0 - 211-Sep14-Sep
KneppMichaelmas Cup0 - 211-Sep14-Sep
RLSThe Silchar Trophy-4 - 011-Sep14-Sep
HamBilly Walsh Autumn Tournament-3 - 011-Sep21-Sep
DundeeRandox International Polo Match6 - 813-Sep13-Sep
FifieldChallenge Cup4-613-Sep14-Sep
HertfordshireThe Bentley Cup0 - 413-Sep14-Sep
BeverleyEnd of Season Tournament-2 - 213-Sep14-Sep
Dedham ValeOthello of Brodie Trophy-2 - 213-Sep14-Sep
EpsomSt Francis Day Cup-2 - 213-Sep14-Sep
FifieldThe Spotty Dog-2 - 213-Sep14-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 22 Goal13-Sep14-Sep
SussexEnd of Season "Handycup"-2 - 213-Sep14-Sep
Taunton ValeMixed Doubles*-4 - 213-Sep14-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-2 - 213-Sep14-Sep
AscotAscot Park Trophy-2 - 013-Sep14-Sep
Binfield HeathFarewell Tournament-4 - 013-Sep14-Sep
Edgeworth-2 - 0 Goal-2 - 013-Sep14-Sep
HertfordshireThe Bentley Cup-4 - 013-Sep14-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 20 Goal13-Sep14-Sep
Dedham ValeOthello of Brodie Trophy-6 - -213-Sep14-Sep
HurtwoodStable Challenge-6 - -213-Sep14-Sep
RugbyThe Winwick 2 plus 2-2 Goal13-Sep14-Sep
SussexEnd of Season "Handycup"-6 - -213-Sep14-Sep
TidworthPolo Captain's Trophy-6 - -213-Sep14-Sep
Vale of YorkAir Ambulance Cup-6 - -213-Sep14-Sep
Druids LodgeClock Tower Trophy*Open13-Sep14-Sep
KneppSmith and Williamson0 - 418-Sep21-Sep
RLSThe Ardencote Trophy*2 - 418-Sep21-Sep
RLSThe Sosiego Cup*-2 - 218-Sep21-Sep
HurtwoodEnd of Season2 - 420-Sep21-Sep
Haggis FarmChairman's Cup-2 - 220-Sep21-Sep
SussexThe Grooms Revenge-2 - 220-Sep21-Sep
Taunton ValeEnd of Season Tournament-2 - 220-Sep21-Sep
BrightlingThe Farewell Tournament-4 - 020-Sep21-Sep
FifieldEnd of Season Challenge*-4 - 020-Sep21-Sep
RutlandWilkinson Sword-4 - 020-Sep21-Sep
AscotRangitiki Trophy-4 - -220-Sep21-Sep
Vale of YorkSancton Cup-6 - -220-Sep21-Sep
FHMFalcon Equine Feeds Tournament-8 - -420-Sep20-Sep
W WycombeFarewell Cup-6 - -420-Sep21-Sep
W WycombeFarewell Cup-8 - -620-Sep21-Sep
EdinburghSUPA Scottish Challenge CupOpen20-Sep21-Sep
FifieldTHIO CupOpen20-Sep21-Sep
SussexGrooms Revenge-Farewell TournamentOpen20-Sep21-Sep
DundeeThe Perth End of Season Tournament-2 - 221-Sep21-Sep
White RoseThe Tiger Trophy-6 - -221-Sep21-Sep
RCBPC0 - 4 Goal Trophy*0 - 423-Sep28-Sep
Vale of YorkStride Electrical Plate Final-6 - -224-Sep24-Sep
KneppFarewell Trophy-2 - 225-Sep28-Sep
RLSThe Farewell Trophy*0 - 626-Sep28-Sep
RLSThe Duggan Trophy*-2 - 226-Sep28-Sep
RLSBascote Bowl-4 - 026-Sep28-Sep
HurtwoodFarewell TournamentOpen26-Sep28-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-2 - 227-Sep28-Sep
Offchurch BuryThe Prancing Ponies Trophy-4 - 027-Sep28-Sep
RugbyThe Rugby 0 Goal0 goal27-Sep28-Sep
FifieldLast Chance Trophy-6 - -227-Sep28-Sep
RugbyThe Rugby -2 Goal-2 Goal27-Sep28-Sep
TidworthValete Cup-6 - -227-Sep28-Sep
Vale of YorkGranger Appleyard Ladies Tournament-6 - -227-Sep27-Sep
W WycombeThe September CupOpen27-Sep28-Sep
WicklowEnd of Season Open TournamentOpen27-Sep28-Sep
Vale of YorkNorth East Construction Bowl-6 - -228-Sep28-Sep
White RoseGeorge Carter Bowl-6 - -228-Sep28-Sep

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