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All team entries must be in accordance with HPA tournament conditions unless marked *
Tournaments are highlighted in maroon when teams and schedules of play become available
LocationTournamentHandicapStart DateEnd Date
Main Events / Test Matches    
RCBPC (01344 890060)The Eduardo Moore Tournament (Victor Ludorum)12 - 1524-Jun06-Jul
Beaufort (01666 880510)The Duke of Beaufort's Cup (Victor Ludorum)15 - 1827-Jun05-Jul
Guards (01784 470009)Phoenician Cup*6 - 1228-Jun13-Jul
SotograndeMedium Goal - Bronze Cup10 - 1226-Jul03-Aug
SotograndeHigh Goal - Bronze Cup19 - 2026-Jul03-Aug
SotograndeLow Goal - Bronze Cup4 - 626-Jul03-Aug
FifieldChallenge Cup6-829-Jul03-Aug
Medium 12 Goal    
Cowdray (01730 813257)Cowdray Park Gold Cup - British OpenOpen/20-2228-Jun20-Jul
Medium 10 Goal    
BeaufortThe Somerville Livingstone Learmonth Trophy0 - 621-Jun13-Jul
BeaufortThe Novices Cup-2 - 227-Jun06-Jul
Cirencester (01285 653225)The Queen Mother Trophy (Victor Ludorum)8 - 1201-Jul20-Jul
Cheshire (01270 6111 00)National 8 Goal Championships (Victor Ludorum)Open/4-801-Jul06-Jul
KirtlingtonThe Groundsmans Trophy*0 - 401-Jul06-Jul
KirtlingtonKirtlington Fisheries Tournament*-4 - 001-Jul06-Jul
W WycombeSUPA Open ChampionshipsOpen01-Jul06-Jul
RLSThe San Antonio Tournament*2 - 602-Jul06-Jul
KneppLeaver International Challenge6 - 803-Jul06-Jul
BurningfoldPlaistow Plate0 - 403-Jul06-Jul
HurtwoodThe Swallow Cup-2 - 203-Jul06-Jul
RLSThe July Cup*-2 - 203-Jul06-Jul
EdinburghSUPA Scotland Schools TournamentOpen03-Jul04-Jul
RCBPC (01344 890060)The Julian and Howard Hipwood Trophy (Victor Ludorum)4 - 805-Jul19-Jul
Edgeworth6 Goal Championship0 - 605-Jul06-Jul
HertfordshireWoolmers Park Cup0 - 605-Jul06-Jul
Druids LodgeGorgeous Weekend & Calcutt Cup3 - 405-Jul06-Jul
LongdoleArgentine Challenge0 - 405-Jul06-Jul
BrightlingEstancia el Colibri Trophy-2 - 205-Jul06-Jul
CambridgePrestige Cup-2 - 205-Jul06-Jul
FifieldEquestrian World Trophy-2 - 205-Jul06-Jul
TidworthDouglas Nugent Cup-2 - 205-Jul06-Jul
ToulstonSummer Cup-2 - 205-Jul06-Jul
HertfordshireWoolmers Park Cup-4 - 005-Jul06-Jul
IngleshamRoxtons Polo 0 Goal Series-6 - 005-Jul06-Jul
Taunton ValeThe Pollard Cup*-6 - 005-Jul06-Jul
WaterfordJurys Cup & Dawnay Cup-4 - 005-Jul06-Jul
W WycombeBicester Country Club Cup-4 - 005-Jul06-Jul
CambridgeDirectors Cup-6 - -205-Jul06-Jul
Offchurch BuryBob Fenton Memorial Trophy-6 - -205-Jul06-Jul
SussexTaste International Charity Shield-6 - -205-Jul06-Jul
ToulstonSummer Plate-6 - -205-Jul06-Jul
TidworthDouglas Nugent Cup-6 - -205-Jul06-Jul
Vale of YorkYork Against Cancer Cup-6 - -205-Jul06-Jul
AscotCornwell Affiliates CupOpen05-Jul05-Jul
RCBPCHPA v SUPAOpen05-Jul05-Jul
DundeeThe 1894 Dilnogh Cup-2 - 206-Jul06-Jul
Asthall FarmTessa Trophy-6 - -406-Jul06-Jul
KirtlingtonHPA v British Schools (Stephen Towler)Open06-Jul06-Jul
Guards/CirencesterLa Martina SUPA International Polo FestivalOpen07-Jul12-Jul
Cirencester (01285 653225)Cirencester Park 18 Goal Tournament (Victor Ludorum)15 - 1808-Jul13-Jul
Coworth (01344 628042)Coworth Park Challenge (Victor Ludorum)12 - 1508-Jul26-Jul
KirtlingtonSecretarys Cup*4 - 808-Jul13-Jul
RugbyThe Rugby 8 Goal8 Goal08-Jul19-Jul
HurtwoodJay's Trophy0 - 408-Jul13-Jul
HamGodbold Intra-Club Challenge Tournament*-2 - 208-Jul13-Jul
KirtlingtonColqhoun Cup*0 - 208-Jul13-Jul
CheshireCheshire Champion Cup*4 - 610-Jul13-Jul
KirtlingtonBarlow Trophy0 - 610-Jul20-Jul
RLSThe Australian Cup*0 - 410-Jul13-Jul
WicklowBallyhenry International0 - 410-Jul13-Jul
KneppRPI Midsummer Bowl-2 - 210-Jul13-Jul
RLSThe Gentlemens Tournament*-2 - 210-Jul13-Jul
SandhurstRMAS Charity Polo DayOpen10-Jul10-Jul
RutlandThe Assam Cup2 - 612-Jul13-Jul
FifieldChallenge Cup0-412-Jul13-Jul
AscotAsian Art0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
Haggis FarmGranchester Cup0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
IngleshamBaileys Horse Feeds Mid Summer Plate0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
Silver LeysBlue Ribband Trophy*0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
StewartonStewarton Summer Tournament0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
SussexThe Banking Trophy0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
Taunton ValeAden Visit Cup0 - 412-Jul13-Jul
BeaufortThe Henderson Rosebowl*0 - 412-Jul26-Jul
EpsomBastille Day Cup-2 - 212-Jul12-Jul
Haggis FarmGranchester Cup0 - 212-Jul13-Jul
SussexGuy Salmon Land Rover Cup-2 - 212-Jul13-Jul
White RoseThe Summit Cup-2 - 212-Jul13-Jul
FifieldCarlitos Polo Trophy-4 - 012-Jul13-Jul
RugbyThe BB Challenge-4 - 012-Jul13-Jul
RutlandFindlay Trophy-4 - 012-Jul13-Jul
Silver LeysBlue Ribband Bowl*-4 - 012-Jul13-Jul
StewartonStewarton Summer Tournament-6 - 012-Jul13-Jul
SussexBanking Trophy-4- -012-Jul13-Jul
W WycombeMixed Doubles-4 - 012-Jul13-Jul
HurtwoodJay's Trophy-4 - -212-Jul13-Jul
SussexBanking Trophy-6 - -212-Jul13-Jul
Vale of YorkBurton Constable Fair-6 - -212-Jul13-Jul
White RoseCharlie Phillips Trophy-6 - -212-Jul13-Jul
W WycombeMixed Doubles-6 - -412-Jul13-Jul
TidworthRundle Cup (RN v ARMY)Open12-Jul12-Jul
HertfordshireHerts Polo Club Members' TournamentTBC12-Jul13-Jul
CirencesterBritish University v England UniversitesOpen12-Jul12-Jul
CirencesterLadies International HPA v SUPAOpen12-Jul12-Jul
TidworthManlein Cup-4 - 013-Jul13-Jul
GuardsFinals - Inter-RegimentalOpen13-Jul13-Jul
BeaufortThe Beaufort Junior Cup (U21)*0 - 414-Jul18-Jul
Beaufort (01666 880510)The Argentine Club Cup22 - 2815-Jul19-Jul
KirtlingtonKirtlington Summer Cup8 - 1215-Jul26-Jul
KirtlingtonBlenheim Trophy*-4 - 015-Jul20-Jul
FifieldMann Financial4 - 816-Jul20-Jul
RLSThe Ginger Hunt Challenge Trophy*2 - 616-Jul20-Jul
BurningfoldAlfold Bowl-2 - 216-Jul26-Jul
FifieldLa Brava Polo Cup4-617-Jul20-Jul
HurtwoodEwhurst Plate-4 - 017-Jul19-Jul
RLSThe Lord Oxendon Challenge-4 - 017-Jul20-Jul
LongdoleRoxtons 2 Goal0 - 218-Jul19-Jul
SuffolkSuffolk Gold Cup Tournament-4 - 218-Jul20-Jul
Binfield HeathCasablanca 8 Goal Trophy6 - 819-Jul20-Jul
IngleshamPlanet Pursuits Foxcote Cup4 - 819-Jul20-Jul
HertfordshireThe Crystal Cup0 - 619-Jul20-Jul
Druids LodgeAspiga Cup4 - 619-Jul26-Jul
BeverleyBeverley Polo Club Tournament2 - 419-Jul20-Jul
AscotMattinson Memorial Trophy-2 - 219-Jul20-Jul
BeverleyBeverley Polo Club Tournament-2 - 219-Jul20-Jul
EdgeworthMidsummer Plate0 - 219-Jul20-Jul
HertfordshireThe Crystal Cup-2 - 219-Jul20-Jul
Taunton ValeThe Wychanger Barton Cup*-4 - 019-Jul20-Jul
W SomersetChairman's Cup-4 - 019-Jul20-Jul
TidworthCaptains and SubalternsOpen19-Jul20-Jul
Cowdray (01730 813257)John Cowdray TrophyOpen20-Jul20-Jul
Cowdray (01730 813257)Harrison Cup (Victor Ludorum)Open/12-1522-Jul02-Aug
Cowdray (01730 813257)Holden White Challenge Cup (Victor Ludorum)4 - 822-Jul03-Aug
KirtlingtonGibbs Cup*0 - 422-Jul26-Jul
Hurtwood6 Goal Challenge0 - 623-Jul26-Jul
RLSThe Jordan Trophy*-2 - 225-Jul26-Jul
RutlandThe Bronze Horse-2 - 225-Jul26-Jul
Silver LeysColorado Cup*-2 - 225-Jul26-Jul
MoyneJuly Tournament0 - 225-Jul27-Jul
MoyneJuly Tournament-2 - 025-Jul27-Jul
Silver LeysColorado Plate*-6 - -225-Jul26-Jul
MoyneJuly Tournament-4 - -225-Jul27-Jul
Binfield HeathSummer Festival8 Goal26-Jul26-Jul
FifieldChallenge Cup0-226-Jul27-Jul
W WycombeMajorcahouses.com Match-6 - 026-Jul26-Jul
KirtlingtonMid Summer Cup* (Amateur)-4 - 026-Jul03-Aug
Vale of YorkInstitute for Blind Tournament-6 - -226-Jul26-Jul
FHMMid Season Challenge-8 - -426-Jul26-Jul
TidworthDuke of York Cup (RN v RAF)Open26-Jul26-Jul
Guards (01784 470009)Cartier International27-Jul27-Jul
DundeeThe 1991 Whitbread Cup-2 - 227-Jul27-Jul
Cowdray (01730 813257)Cowdray Park Challenge Cup (Victor Ludorum)15 - 1828-Jul03-Aug
RCBPCPolo Festival*-2 - 228-Jul10-Aug
Coworth (01344 628042)BPE British Polo Championships22 - 4029-Jul03-Aug
HamDubai Trophy8 - 1229-Jul03-Aug
KirtlingtonAugust Chukka Cup*0 - 429-Jul03-Aug
RLSThe Arthingworth Cup*2 - 630-Jul03-Aug
KneppShotter and Byers0 - 431-Jul03-Aug
RLSThe Champagne Trophy*-2 - 231-Jul03-Aug
Low 3 Goal    
Binfield HeathCorney & Barrow Cup-4 - 030-May31-Aug
Pony Club    
Binfield HeathSexy Kaftans and Vinyl Records LadiesOpen05-Jul06-Jul
StewartonLadies TournamentOpen05-Jul06-Jul
W SomersetSummersgill Cup (Ladies Tournament)-6 - 005-Jul06-Jul
CambridgeCountryside AllianceOpen05-Jul06-Jul
EpsomPony Club TournamentOpen06-Jul06-Jul
RLSThe Ladies Tournament-4 - 010-Jul13-Jul
BedalePony Club TournamentOpen12-Jul12-Jul
W. SomersetPony Club TournamentOpen15-Jul15-Jul
CambridgeSalon de RefusesOpen18-Jul19-Jul
RutlandPony Club TournamentOpen19-Jul19-Jul
KneppPony Club TournamentOpen19-Jul19-Jul
SussexCash PrizeOpen19-Jul26-Jul
HurtwoodPony Club TournamentOpen22-Jul22-Jul
PytchleyPony Club TournamentOpen22-Jul22-Jul
CambridgePony Club TournamentOpen24-Jul24-Jul
FramptonPony Club TournamentOpen24-Jul24-Jul
RLSDallas Burston Polo Masters*Open25-Jul26-Jul
HertfordshirePony Club TournamentOpen26-Jul26-Jul
RutlandLadies TrophyOpen26-Jul26-Jul
DonaghadeeLadies TournamentOpen26-Jul27-Jul
KirtlingtonQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen29-Jul30-Jul
CirencesterQualifying Pony Club TournamentOpen31-Jul01-Aug

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